Instructions for Round 2 Submissions

 The following provides detailed instructions for 3 distinct types of submissions: 1. First Round Submissions invited for REVISION – Some of the first round submissions were not yet ready for acceptance, but were on the borderline and were thus invited to revise and resubmit, much like would be done with a journal.  These papers required a modest or even major revisions, but it was anticipated that they could become candidates for acceptance with modifications/improvements in the time between round 1 notification and the round 2 submission deadline. Papers that are submitted as a revision will be handled by the same Area Chair and will receive the same set of reviewers.  They will also keep the same Paper ID. Please DO NOT create a new paper submission for a paper that you will be submitting a revision for. If authors that have been invited to submit a revision wish instead to have a different AC and set of reviewers, the mechanism for that is to create a “new” paper for round two (with a different Paper ID).  However, you MUST contact the program chairs (PCs) to let us know, otherwise your “new” paper is likely to be matched with exactly the same set of reviewers as in round one. Revisions will be allowed to submit the following:
  • A revised version of the original paper
  • A 1-page response (similar to a rebuttal) addressing the reviewers concerns and highlighting what changes were made since the original submission.  Use the same format/latex template as in the original paper.
  • Revised supplementary material, if desired.
The first two files are required (the revised paper and the 1-page response).  Revised supplementary material may optionally be uploaded.
Here are instructions for the logistics of how to upload your revision files.
  1. When you log in (and have Role set to “Author” at the top), click on the “Upload Revision” option for the paper you want to submit the revision for (see the image below).
  2. Next you will need to upload at least two files, (1) the revised paper and (2) the response document.
  3. Once you have uploaded them, you will see the revised documents in the summary row for the paper (see image below).  These documents, together with all of the initial reviews will be considered by the reviewers in the second round.
2. First Round Submissions that were ACCEPTED – You will have until the camera-ready deadline (January 15, 2020) to upload a final version of your accepted paper.  PLEASE take into consideration all feedback that you received from the reviewers and area chair, incorporating them to the extent possible.  Note that the option to upload the final camera-ready version will not be available until the second round reviewing cycle starts (October 11th).
3. Second Round Submissions – Other submissions to the second round (distinct from the round one revisions outlined above)  are either: (1) new papers not submitted in round one, (2) papers that were invited for revision but the authors want a fresh set of reviewers (REMEMBER to contact the PCs!!!) or (3) papers that were rejected in the first round and authors have made major revisions in order to submit a substantially improved paper.  Authors can create a New Paper in the “Second Round Submission” track in CMT, and will be assigned a new Paper ID.

Please contact the program chairs ( if you have any questions about 2nd Round Submissions.