Are you an employee of Air Canada Airlines? Then the Acaeronet web portal is the ideal place for you to find all information regarding work, salary, & the company. The portal in general helps you to stay in the loop with your work & company from wherever you are. With a good internet connection, secured web browser, and a compatible device. Moreover, the portal displays all the company’s latest updates and public announcements for the employees. In addition, accessing their payslips, work schedules, personal information, employee benefits and applying for health claims, etc. It is possible here on this portal.

Acaeronet User Login Guides

Acaeronet Login Page
Login Page

Requirements to log in to your account on the acaeronet aircanada ca web portal.

The users who visit the acaeronet aircanada ca log portal need to have certain requirements or else access to the web portal in question is not permitted. For instance,

  • Employment opportunity at the Air Canada Airlines.
  • Employee ID card.
  • Username and Password provided by the company.
  • Also, Employee Number(6 digits) and Employee Pin
  • A compatible device like Laptop, PC or Mobile Phone.
  • An installed and update web browser with High-speed internet access.

Steps to Login to your account on the air Canada portal.

Follow the steps given below thoroughly to successfully log in to your account on the air Canada portal. Such as,

  • Firstly, connect to the acaeronet login website through web address given here –
  • An Ac Aeronet Login Page is shown, requesting your login credentials.
  • Here on this page, fill in your company given username and password.
  • And lastly, click on the “Login” button below the fields.
Acaeronet Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

Registration Procedure for the employee login web portal.

To register your account on the employee login portal without any difficulties, follow the detailed instructions provided here.

  • Visit the AIR CANADA web address shown here on your web browser installed in your device –
  • On the page, look for the “first time user” menu under the sections.
  • Click on the mentioned option, and type your Employee Number and PIN into their respective fields on this page.
  • Then press the “Enter” option.
  • Now, type your personal, career and other info into the fields as requested.
  • After that, click continue.
  • Here set up your username and password.
  • And finally press ‘Submit’ menu.
Acaeronet Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

What to do if you lost your password for the acaeronet aircanada ca account?

Many employees often forget their username and password, set up for their accounts on the portal. So the company has provided an option to recover the account and change the password. The below tutorial shares the steps of recovering the account using the mentioned option.

  • Click on the acaeronet login weblink shown here –
  • Once the login page is loaded, search for the “forgot or change password” icon below the login fields.
  • Press the above suggested option, and fill in your Ac Aeronet User ID.
  • After that, hit the “submit” option.
  • On the next page, follow the given instructions.
  • After completing them, click continue.
  • Now, enter your new password and re-enter to confirm the password.
  • Lastly, click the “submit” option.
  • The method shown here is useful for changing the password for your account on the said portal.

What are the features of the air Canada login employee login portal?

The Air Canada login employee provides multiple features for the employees to help them reduce the wasting of time and improve their work performance.

  • Firstly, the employee can receive updates regarding the company and also the public announcements made by the company through this portal.
  • The employees can view their employee benefits here on this portal and appeal for them whenever required directly through the web portal.
  • Most importantly, they can apply for their health claims here on the portal to get access to their healthcare funds provided by the company.
  • The pay stubs of present and past displayed on the portal in listings which provided additional stats about the salary checks.
  • The users of this portal can view all their information listed on the personal info page along with career details. This information can be updated if required.
  • They can also view their employee work schedules on the portal, and apply for trading of the current schedule.

How to avoid the common web issues while accessing the Air Canada employee travel site portal?

Usually, the website users face common web issues like Login errors, Website Down issues, Accessibility errors, connection problems, and troubleshooting errors indifferent of the type of web portal. And so the AC Aeronet portal users also suffer from these web issues. However, a set of precautions can be followed to avoid the occurrence of the mentioned issues. For instance,

  • Use a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Inspect your login details for any mistakes before typing them on the login page.
  • Use the latest version of the secured web browser.
  • And delete the cache & search history on the browser regularly.
  • Accept the Cache and Cookies option.
  • Inspect your web address to check whether it is fraud or original by finding any spelling mistakes in the lettering.
  • Refresh your page, or close and open your browser again if it is taking a lot of time to get the page loading.
  • If any protective system like Antivirus software is downloaded on your device. Visit the system’s block list to verify the said website is blocked or not(if website is inaccessible).

Air Canada

Air Canada Logo
Air Canada logo

Air Canada, an official flag carrier airlines company of Canada working worldwide. The airline commenced its operations on 1 Jan 1965 as Trans Canada Airlines. The company has steadily increased its fleet and attracted more passengers with its best flight services over the years. Currently, becoming the largest airline in the country. The company has put a lot of effort into advancing the airline industry by becoming the first company in the world to employ computerized reservation systems.

The airline currently has 6 hubs located in Canada. Such as Montreal-Trudeau, Vancouver, Toronto-Pearson, and Calgary, while Halifax and Ottawa are the focus cities. With the help of these airline hubs, the airlines offer more than 220 destinations for passengers across the world. And it is also a member of the Star Airlines Alliance. Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Jetz, Aeroplan, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Foundation, and Air Canada Vacations are the popular subsidiaries under the wing of Air Canada Airlines. Combining all the fleet under its subsidiaries and the company’s own, the airline currently has a fleet strength of 159 aircraft. While most of these aircraft are either Boeing or Airbus.

More About Air Canada

The headquarters of Air Canada is located in the Saint-Lawrence City of Quebec Province, Canada. And its also employs a frequent flyer program known as “Aeroplan” for its loyal customers with access to discounts, benefits, and mile points. Vagn Sorenson is the Chairman of the airlines, while Michael Rousseau holds the President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) positions.

However, the company has been suffering due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, causing the whole country to shut down. Which in turn caused the drop of annual revenue to $5.838 Canadian Billion dollars, while the operating income exceeded $3.776 Canadian Billion dollars. Moreover, the company’s total assets value is worth over 28.923 Billion dollars.

AC Life Application

An exclusive designed for only the eligible employees and retirees who are working or have worked for Air Canada Airlines. This software application is available for free for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone people in their respective stores. On this app, firstly, the employees can check their scheduled flights and access availability details in real-time. Secondly, they can view the flight calendar along with price predictions and also special event details. Thirdly, one can employ the application to locate the baggage. Fourthly, accessing the special discounts & offers and using MyIDTravel to check the flight status.

In addition, the Lucile Travel Bot helps you to follow and learn the Dress Code and Travel Policies. While the Check-in feature allows you to electronically complete your checking process.

Employee Benefits Offered by the Air Canada Airlines

The company provides multiple benefits for their employees, which are described below in further detail. Such as,

  • The company generous healthcare plan includes coverage for various purposes. Like Medical Insurance, Massage Therapy, Prescription Drugs, Nutrition Planning, Medical Equipment and Supplies, etc. Along with the Dental Coverage for you and your family members.
  • The company has special amenities for commuters like free parking spaces, free bike parking facility, coverage for daily transit, and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
  • Special health awareness programs conducted twice a year to promote employees to maintain good, health, mind and fitness.
  • Maternity Program offers 17 weeks paid time off period(75% salary) and also unpaid leaves for a period of up to 12 months.
  • Paid Vacation Plans and also discounted vacation plans for all the eligible employees working for the company.
  • Apart from this, the employees can access discounts while visiting restaurants, stores, theaters and other popular places.
  • While to promote fitness, the company has on-site gyms and also offers discounted gym memberships across the country.
  • Special training programs like Language and Flight training to boost employees skills and to improve their work performance.
  • Profit sharing plans allows the employees to receive additional bonuses when company makes profits.

Steps to apply for Jobs at Air Canada Airlines

The interested candidates can apply for jobs at Canada Airlines, by following the detailed steps cited below.

  • First connect to the Airlines Careers web address given here from your device –
  • Then on the careers page, enter the Job Position you are looking for, Area where you want to work and Job ID if available.
  • After that, hit the search option.
  • All the available job listings are shown here on this page.
  • Scroll through the given job listings.
  • Once you find the job position you are looking for.
  • Click on the listings and read all the requirements, skills and qualifications needed to apply to this job position.
  • If you meet all the requirements described in the job listings, press the “apply now” button in the top-right corner of the page.
  • A pop-up screen is shown, requesting you to accept the “Terms and Conditions”.
  • After that, attach your resume/CV to the application and all your personal info like name, address, etc.
  • Along with educational qualification and career details and press “apply now” option.
  • If you are selected for the job position, the company will contact you within a period of two weeks to set up your further selection procedure.


Here in this article, you can access all the different user guides for the Login Procedure, Account Recovery Process, and Change Password process on the Acaeronet web portal. In addition, we have shared the login requirements, common web issues, precautions to avoid issues, features offered by the portal here. The comprehensive info about the airline, its history, Fleet Size, Airline hubs, Service Areas, Customer Loyalty Programs, and Employee benefits are shared here in this article. We have also given a brief description of the AC Life Mobile Application and its many features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Acaeronet web portal?

Acaeronet is a web application created for employees so that can access their payslips, company announcements, employee benefits, and many more. To access this web portal, visit the AIR CANADA web address given here –

What are the issues faced by the users of the acaeronet Air Canada ca portal?

Technical issues like Login errors, Website Down issues, Accessibility errors, connection problems, and troubleshooting errors are the general issues faced by the users while accessing the Air Canada employee portal.

Where to apply for jobs at Air Canada Airlines?

To apply for jobs at Air Canada Airlines, visit the Air Canada Airlines Careers – Scroll through the available listings and choose the right one for you.

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