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Advent Health Portal

The Advent Health Portal or the Advent Health Employee Portal can only be accessed by the employees of this company. Advent Health Employee Login is very simple to access, all you need to do is click on the links provided below. There is another portal that is used by patients. This is the Advent health Patient portal. Advent health is one of the largest health care centers in the United States. They are Faith-based, and they provide healthcare services to a large collection of illnesses. This healthcare center has been successful for 150 years. To log in to the Advent Health Portal, visit the Advent Health employee email portal by clicking on this link.

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How to Login to the Advent Health Portal

 To log in to the Advent Health Employee Email portal, follow the steps shared below:

  • Visit the Advent Health Portal by tapping on this link.
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your password in the field.
  • Click on ‘private’ if you are using a personal device.
  • Choose ‘public’ if you are using a public device.
  • Click on sign-in.

Forgot/ Reset password:

 If you forgot your password:

Advent Health Login Portal and Employee benefits

Using the Advent Health Employee portal is a no-brainer. The benefits provided by Advent Health for the employees are as follows:

  • Health and Wellness: The company offers eligible employees with Medical, Dental, FSA’s, HSA’s, Health screenings, and more benefits such as health or saving programs, campaigns, discounts on health benefits, they offer health care support for the employees including their spouse or domestic partners. The employees have webinars, seminars, and more for health screening which includes biometric screenings and more.
  • Financial tools and Plans: The employees are offered Retirement plans, Financial Plan Resources, and more, provided with counseling sessions for financial and budget plans, and they also have an opportunity to invest in stocks. 
  • The company provides educational assistance, tuition reimbursements with discounts, and educational expenses. The employees have an opportunity to attend educational sessions in other institutions and have a benefits advisor Alex who helps the employee to understand the benefits, schemes, programs provided by Advent Health.
  • Spiritual support: The company conducts devotionals and invites Spiritual ambassadors to provide the patients and the employee with more than just physical care.
  • Devotionals: They conduct spiritual gatherings and meetings for spiritual growth and peace.
  • Spiritual Ambassadors: They have spiritual speakers visiting from various countries to give talks and sermons.

How to apply for Advent Health Jobs:

To apply for jobs you can

  • Visit the link to the Advent Health Careers Portal which is different from the Advent Health Portal
  • Click on the jobs option 
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Input your mobile/ phone number
  • Enter your email address
  • Select the areas you are preferred to work, 
  • Enter your Current/ Last/ previous position 
  • Upload your resume
  • Click on continue

You can also sign up for job alerts:

  • Visit the Advent Health Login Portal first, do this by click right here.
  • Click on sign up for job alerts on the top right
  • Enter your email address
  • Type in your country
  • Enter your location(city/ state)
  • Enter  your desired job title
  • Upload your resume
  • Click to sign up. Now you can use the Advent health portal for all you updates.
Advent Health Login Page

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The Culture of Advent Health

They believe that each human being is made in God’s image and has a connection with mind, body, and spirit, so they carry a friendly nature with Christian culture focusing not just on treating the patients but also on caring for their well-being so that they have a happier and healthier life. The same care and concern are shown even for the team members and the employees including personal interactions like team lunches, huddles, and prayers, and provide resources for educational benefits with employee well-being programs to provide the best possible care for patients and the team. Using the Advent Health Employee Email Portal is one of the ways this company encourages interaction between its employees.

Events in Advent Health

Advent Health conducts different events like:

  • Virtual Question and Answers/ Chat
  • Virtual Hiring Events
  • Live Workshops and Events
  • Virtual Conferences + Fairs
  • Continuing Education

The Advent Health Portal is often used to create or schedule these activities for the employees.

Nursing in Advent Health

Nurses are the ‘Life Savers’ of the foundation because they take care of the patients’ whole bodies and deliver health and hope for every person who requires care. These Nurses are experts in the Science of Health care. Using the Advent Health portal plays fulfills a need that cannot be accomplished by any other means.

  • Nursing: Nursing plays a crucial role in the organization with quality care for the patients. Experienced nurses are given an award and are also provided with certificates with educational assistance in BSN and MSN.
  • Nursing Residency: The Nursing Residency Program provides the nurses with Education and skills which helps them in the future. Nursing Graduates have an opportunity to be assigned an RN role.
  • Student Nurses: The Organization is also partnered with some universities to provide a safe and healing environment for real nursing experience.
  • Nurse Supporting Roles: The nurses have an opportunity for supporting roles.
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: Advanced Practice Registered Nurses play an important role in training inexperienced nurses on how to care for the person as a whole and make them feel secured and comfortable. APRN’s are partnered with physicians and nurses for advanced clinical training which allows them to supply primary acute with special health care services.
  • Nursing Leadership:  Advent Health has Nursing Leaderships, who are the experts in various professional ways such as clinical operations, care management, quality, safety, patient experience, performance improvement, and workforce planning. They are eligible to provide you with the nursing teams with leadership, management and the vision.

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Advent health Team and Branches:

  • The Advent Health team includes 80,000 team members.
  • They provide facilities in up to 300+ Locations.
  • Over 100+ team members work for them.
  • There are 9 branches throughout the United States.


We hope to have provided enough information for you to use the Advent Health Portal to maximum effect. Use the links shared here for any additional information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Visit the career site for Advent Health with this link, click on the job option, upload your resume, click on continue. How to login to the employee portal?

Visit the official site by clicking on this link, enter your username and password, choose a public device or private device, and click to sign in.

How to reset my account for forgot password?

Visit the official Advent Health site with this link,  select public or private device, click on forgot, or reset the password.

How can I apply for jobs at Advent health?

Visit the career site for Advent Health with this link, click on the job option, upload your resume, click on continue. 

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