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The most important aspect of the internet in today’s world is the facility to send emails. Emails play a major role in our lives ever since it was brought into the market. Although text messages are a lot more convenient than sending emails, text messages cannot be an alternative for sending official messages. With the introduction of the internet in 1991, emails took up more credibility to send official messages to universities, corporates, and businesses. One such electronic mailing service is AOL Mail.

AOL Mail – What is It?

It is an online service provider, formerly powered by AOL Inc, which was based in New York. It is currently a free platform that provides mail services, domain features, and also threat protection services to its users. In 1993, AOL launched its email service that stood as the largest mailing service of its time.

What made AOL mailing service so popular, you might ask. Well, AOL provided mail services to its paid customers for sending and receiving important mails and messages. AOL gained popularity among the people as the charges imposed were less when compared to other platforms.

In the next few years, AOL introduced its very own free mail called AOL Mail in 2005. This was the time when Gmail was at its peak with more than 9 million customers, whereas this mailing service was making a slow start with only a handful 0f 3-4 million customers.

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 AOL Logo


Just like any other email service, this mail is designed with the following features:

  • Sending Emails: With the attachment capacity of 25 MB, it has the feature of sending unlimited emails. The mail services let the user write, reply, forward, and move the mail to trash/spam.
  • Protocols: AOL mail caters to the electronic mail transfer protocols such as POP3 and SMTP.
  • Linking: The users can send email to other mailing service providers such as Gmail
  • Protection: This service also includes protection against virus, spam protection and other forms of threat protection
  • Grammar Check: AOL Mail also provides grammar checking, which is similar to the popular grammar tool we use today.
  • Domain Support: was the extension that was used by the traditional AOL email service. It also supported other domains such as and You’ve got Mail was also the most popular

AOL Mail Login

How to Register an Account?

 AOL Mail Login

If you wish to use AOL Mail for your emails, here’s a detailed procedure to follow:

  • Visit the that is given here
  • Click on the Create an Account button
  • On the new page, enter all the required information in the empty fields
  • Enter all the basic information such as name, email address, DOB and other details
  • Based on your name, you are given suggestions to create an email ID. Eg: [email protected]
  • The next step is to create a strong password for your device
  • Finally, click on Continue and the process is complete. Sign In

  • To sign in, simply go to –
  • Type in the Username and Click Next
  • On the next page, enter the Password
  • Click on Continue and you are signed in

How to Reset Your Password?

Passwords are very intricate and we often forget them. Here’s a way to recover the password if you have no idea what your password was.

  • Visit the AOL Mail homepage
  • Enter the username in the space provided
  • On the next page, click on Forgot Password
  • You will see a few instructions on the next page which guide you on how to reset the password for your account.
  • In most cases, you will receive a verification code that’s sent to your email. Or you might receive guidelines to create a new password
  • Reset the password by following all the steps that are given, and it’s done.
 AOL Mail

AOL Mail Setup

Before using AOL mail to send and receive messages, you need to set up the mail on an email client. This step is necessary as you cannot gain access to the facilities if the setup isn’t done. The download and setup procedure is not as hard as it seems, but doable if you understand the basics. To access the mail, you need to set up the IMAP and SMTP protocols, which allow you to access the mailing service provided by AOL.

You can set up the AOL email on any email client such as Windows 10, MAC, or Outlook. Using any email client, you can set up the AOL email. It’s important to note that the IMAP protocol is preferred over the POP protocol as IMAP stores the emails on the AOL mail whereas the POP downloads the emails to the computer hard drive.

To set up an account on any email client of your choice, you need the AOL email address that you’ve already created during the AOL account registration process. It is an easy-to-understand process and does not take enough time to complete.

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Create AOL Mail With Outlook Using IMAP

  • First, you need to create the AOL mail account in the Outlook email client by entering your registered AOL email address.
  • Open the Outlook software and go to Accounts
  • You can see the Add button.
  • Now click on Mail under the Add option
  • Enter the name and email address that you created on the AOL Mail
  • On the next page, click on My Incoming Mail
  • Then select the email protocol, i.e., IMAP is preferred
  • Inside the server box, type in <> or you can also type <>
  • In the SMTP server box, click on <> or <>
  • Now click the Next button
  • Now type your name and password in the space provided
  • The page prompts you to choose a network connection. Choose LAN network
  • Click the Next button and then click Finish

Configure AOL Mail in Outlook With IMAP

After the mail is created with Outlook, you should configure the changes before using AOL. After the configuration, you can connect the AOL Mail to your device. The steps that deal with the configuration of the AOL with IMAP are given below:

  • Open the Outlook app and go to Accounts
  • Go to the Mail Tab where you can see the <> or <>
  • Highlight this and right click to go to Properties
  • Now go to the Servers Tab
  • Click on Incoming Mail Server and verify your name and password
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server, check the box for My Server Requires Authentication
  • Apply the settings and then move to the Advanced Tab
  • Now, go to the Outgoing Mail box and type in 587
  • Apply the changes and close down the Properties tab
  • Close the window and refresh the page

You should now be able to use the AOL mail services as the configuration and setup procedure is complete. The guidelines mentioned here are just briefly mentioned. For detailed information to set up your AOL on the email client(Outlook), check out the link given here.

Mobile Apps

If you are using AOL Mail on the web, you would also want the application downloaded to the phone. Here’s a link to download the AOL mail for Android. After registering the mail with the email client, the services are accessible. After the configuration is done, just enter the login details, and sign in.

How Does It Work?

The working of AOL is similar to any other mail service. Once the user logs in, they can view their inbox. Inbox includes all the emails that the user receives. The list includes all the emails from beginning till end in a sorted manner.

With Compose, the users can write an email along with attaching files or folders. An additional advantage is the use of a spell checker tool that comes with the mail service. The AOL Mail also provides access to change fonts and background colors. Text alignment and text formatting are also possible. These mails can also be saved as Drafts.

Along with this, the Contacts and Calendar feature is also available. The users can add new addresses to their contact list and update certain events with the Calendar. Use the reminder for upcoming events. Event descriptions and locations are also accessible.

Common Issues

The AOL Mail users have reported many issues while using the email platform. Issues in terms of service, such as screen freezing, very slow response rate, cannot send emails or receive emails. Other issues include login issues such as inability to sign in or wrong password detail. Others include connection issues or problems in the network.

Steps to Solve These Problems

Connection Issues

Most of the connection issues can be solved by checking if the device is properly connected to the internet and the network. Make sure that all the connections are secure. A Wi-Fi connection is a preferred internet connection to use these mailing services.

Buffering/Loading or Screen freezing

  • Update your browser on a regular basis and keep checking for updates. Frequently updating the browser reduces the chances of constant buffering.
  • Also, try to restart your browser and clear all the cache and cookies.
  • In most systems, the antivirus systems stop the websites from loading. Try to disable the antivirus and try to open the AOL mail.
  • If the low response rate and excessive loading pertains, try to uninstall and reinstall the browser that you use. You can also try using a different browser.

Login Issues

Login issues occur because of forgotten passwords/usernames. In most cases, you do not remember the password for your account. Login issues get resolved easily as you just need to keep up with the updated credentials for your account.

How to Improve AOL Mail Use?

Along with the general features, AOL also has a few advanced features that are worth taking a look at:

Adding Reminders

Reminders are a feature that keeps you notified about all those lost mails that you haven’t replied to yet. You can send follow-up reminders to your contacts. To send reminders, you can use the Mailspring email service, as AOL mail does not have that feature in their web interface. The steps are easy to follow:

  • Download Mailspring from the link given here –
  • Set up the IMAP and SMTP setting. The detailed procedure to do so is given above
  • Now start setting up reminders

AOL Easy Transfer

Import all the email addresses from various email services by using the AOL Easy transfer settings. Just create an account and sign in to AOL Mail. Within a day, all the necessary email addresses will be uploaded to the AOL contact list.

History of AOL

 AOL Mail

AOL was brought to life in the 1990s as a web service provider in the United States. It provided internet services such as mail, web portal services, and also a web browser. AOL in the later years purchased Time Warner, which created history. Later on, AOL split off from Time Warner due to the rise in broadband connection and reduction in dial-up services. In 2015, AOL was sold to Verizon for $4 billion. Recently, Verizon announced that Yahoo and AOL will be sold to Apollo for $5 billion.

AOL Failure and the Latest News

AOL services reached their peak following the release of their traditional electronic mailing services. The company acquired a capital of nearly $200 billion with the services it provided to the Americans. News, online web portals, mailing, and internet connections were a few of the services it provided.

With the rise of broadband connections, AOL’s market worth diminished following the split with Time Warner. The company also failed to buy Facebook and YouTube and was sold to Verizon for a bare minimum of 4 billion dollars.

As far as the latest news goes, in March 2021, Verizon announced that AOL and Yahoo will be sold to Apollo.

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Despite all the failed acquisitions, AOL Mail still managed to live. Today, AOL provides free mailing services to anyone who uses it and also provides a dial-up connection. You can still visit the AOL desktop site, which is similar to the Yahoo homepage. The number of users in this face-paced world is very low as most people switch to popular mailing service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What are the common issues that users face while using this mail?

Many users who use AOL mail face issues like login issues, connection or network issues, and problems related to the mailing services(slow loading, new message not showing up), etc.

Does the mail include the spell checker feature?

Yes, the AOL mail includes many features apart from the spell checker, such as protection against viruses, linking to other mail clients, and supports many mail transfer protocols.

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