BELK Associate Portal

BELK Associate Portal

What is Belk Associate Portal?

As Belk has expanded to different locations, it has also increased its area of services and the employment rate. To help its employees, Belk has developed the Belk Associate Portal, an online web portal including options to view the assigned workflow, maintain direct communication with HR, check w2, and review the paychecks, and other logistical necessities that a company has to face.

Benefits of the Belk Associate Portal

Except for the Employee Assistance program, all the benefits have certain requirements for becoming eligible to claim the benefits. In the light of pandemics, Belk has also included certain new additions to its benefits hub and a specific section for news and informative Listicles. The design of the site is minimal and anyone can easily navigate through the website and find the required information.

How To Enroll To Belk Associate Portal

To avail all the health and welfare benefits, the employees need to enroll in the listed programs. There are different ways to enroll in the programs. However, in the case of new employment, the candidates need to sign in and enroll in these programs within 31 days from the date of hire. If you fail to do so, the next opportunity is when there is Open enrollment or proof of qualifying life events such as Birth or Marriage. 

BELK Associate Portal login page

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Steps to follow when enrolling

Belk Associate Portal: For New Employees:
  1. Open the browser, log-in to the official Schwab web address after crediting the paycheck. The enrollment into the benefits can be done at your own convenience –
  2. To directly register, you can reach out to the provided helpline at 1-800-724-7526 within the listed working days.
My Belk Associate Portal: For Registered Employees:
  1. Log in to the Belk or Workday account –
  2. Open the work let inbox to enroll in the benefits program or change from the existing one.
  3. Complete all the seven listed options and submit the application.
  4. Analyze and print the confirmed copy and maintain the record for proof

How To Login To Belk Associate Portal

It is simple to access the provided information. The process is-

  1. Start the web browser and open the Outlook account and enter your login details –
  2. Log in with your Belk mail ID
    If you have enabled a security key, you can Enter the security key and log in
    If you registered a personal account, you can log in through GitHub

The employees can register their accounts with Belk simply by creating accounts with Belk ID or the employee code. To receive any assistance, you can always reach out to an HR representative.

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Belk Benefits

Through the employee portal, the associates can unlock exclusive benefits, which are

  • Vision Treatments 
  • Blue Cross NC
  • Health Savings Account
  • Dental Health Checkups
  • Paid Time-off
  • Managing the Saving Plan

Benefits Programs for Full-time Associates

The site also lists the different programs and program schedules with detailed information on the various benefits granted to full-time associates.  To check the plans, the employee needs to access the portal through the provided ID and password. New employees may contact HR for the provision.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

To ensure overall wellness, the brand also offers an Employee Assistance Program to benefit full-time associates. Through this, the employees and their dependents or acquaintances can reap the benefits. The program constitutes different plans like-

  • Rehabilitation for Alcohol or Substance Misuse
  • Stress Management
  • Financial Counselling
  • Legal Counselling

These services can be used with a direct appointment up to 4 times per year and unlimited telephone assistance without any enrollment.

Benefit programs for Part-Time Associates

As the company also hires seasonally, Belk also focuses on catering to these part-time associates with reasonable benefits. The benefits that can be claimed are based on the number of hours worked, overtime done by the employee, etc.

The benefits include – 

  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Home and Pet Insurance
  • Financial Counselling 

Belk offers different benefits programs to its associates. Furthermore, the accessibility of these programs varies depending on the tenure of the work or the type of association. Full-time associates can avail of the benefits from the date of hiring and the part-time associates need to apply for the programs within 31 working days of their joining. The different types of benefits available are:

BenefitsFull-time Associates Part-time Associates
Medical PlanApplicableNot Applicable
Dental PlanApplicableApplicable
Vision PlanApplicableApplicable
401(k) Savings planApplicableApplicable
Dependent Care ApplicableApplicable
Paid Time OffApplicableApplicable
Employee AssistanceApplicableApplicable
Legal AssistanceApplicableNot Applicable
Disability PlanApplicableApplicable

How to check in?

The brand does believe in physical fitness and prioritizes the overall well-being of its employees. Hence, it also offers a Supplement Health Program and Wellbeing plans. To access all the above-mentioned plans, the employees can certainly access the Information Booth and Virtual Benefits Assistant to help them in choosing an appropriate plan.

Belk Store

All About Belk

Belk started as a small convenience store in Monroe, North Carolina, and rapidly evolved as one of the largest private departmental stores. They opened their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC soon after. The brand has also expanded its retail with over 300 new department stores that are spread across 16 southern states. Offering affordable and sustainable fashion in addition to their environmentally friendly message has allowed the brand to establish multiple distribution centers to meet the demand. 

How To Apply For Belk Careers

The site offers different job opportunities on its dedicated Belk Careers page. The steps to follow are-

Seasonal Jobs

  1. To find part-time or seasonal jobs the candidates are required to head to Belk careers page
  2. Then, click  on the banner with a title called seasonal job openings 
  3. This redirects the candidates to the holiday and part-time jobs that are available at the moment and lists the information regarding them.

Full-Time Jobs

  1. To find full-time jobs, candidates can either visit the Belk store careers option or corporate careers option at the end of the page to filter through the available jobs.
  2. Once applied, the candidates can review the status of the application by visiting this site –

The site has partnered with Belk Reflexis to gain insights into its workflow and the employing criteria is not too rigid as it mainly focuses its plans around hospitality. Therefore, Belk has been inclusive and promoted community relations through Project Hometown and gained loyal communities.

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With the rising concerns around the environment and sustainability, Fashion Giants and Major companies had relooked their business strategies and adopted feasible business models. Many fast fashion brands have introduced new repurposed clothing and vegan accessories, also promoting environmentally friendly alternatives. With the growing craze, the locally sourced and sustainable brands rose in popularity and gained a huge consumer base. One such popular brand in the fashion industry is Belk. It is one of the largest private department stores that was founded in Monroe, North Carolina in 1888, and with the Belk Associate Portal, employees of the Belk Company have access to a wide variety of benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Belk secure?

Belk is a very secure platform that offers reasonable plans to its employees. Supported with the Belk Reflexis the site does not share data with anyone, minimizing the risk to the user.

How to view your paycheck at Belk ESS?

Belk has dedicated my Belk associate portal to check and review the paycheck. The employees can also update the tax filing information, manage the deposits through the portal –

When can I avail my Belk benefits?

The full-time associates can avail of the benefits through- my Belk associate portal. From the very first day that you join and full-time and part-time associates may enroll at Belk associate portal. For the benefits, an employee can avail of these within 31 days of hire.

When can I avail my Belk benefits?

The full-time associates can avail of the benefits through- my Belk associate portal. From the very first day that you join and full-time and part-time associates may enroll at Belk associate portal. For the benefits, an employee can avail of these within 31 days of hiring.

How to enroll for the benefits?

 Start by logging in to your workday account through Belk workday login. Open your mailbox and download the work let confirmation. Fill in the details and submit the form for enrollment

How to enroll for the benefits?

 Start by logging in to your workday account through Belk workday login. Open your mailbox and download the work let confirmation. Fill in the details and submit the form for enrollment.

How do troubleshoot the problems while signing in?

To troubleshoot the problems faced through Belk workday login, contact 1-800-588-3700 or email HR Shared Services.

Why have an account on the Belk Associate portal?

The regular benefits along with the annual open enrollment for additional and seasonal benefits are only accessible after the registration of the employees in the portal. Therefore, it is important to have an account to not miss out on the offers.

Does Belk include any specific criteria for hiring its employees?

Belk is an inclusive platform that is built around promoting community relations. Hence, there is no certain criteria or bias involved in the process of hiring.

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