BenefitSolver is an Online Employee Benefits Management services software that is available as a web application. It provides employees of the companies who are using this software, unrestricted access to the benefits. This in turn allows the users to monitor their benefits from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Especially with a secured web browser, and a compatible device. The multiple benefits the registered users can access through the “Benefits Solver” web portal such as MyChoice Mobile Application for mobile users. Another one is my choice market feature showcases benefit boutiques and comparisons. Especially to help pick the right one. My Choice accounts which help take care of the benefits, spending, and savings accounts, Employee Benefits Engagement, 24/7 Customer Service, Sofia (AI) feature assists you while accessing the benefits. 

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Requirements for Registration on the BenefitSolver web portal.

For the process of registering your accounts on the BenefitSolver web portal, the individuals must possess a set of requirements that are listed below.

  • Your company must be a registered client for the BenefitSolver program.
  • Compatible Devices like Laptop, PCs, Tablet and Mobile Phones.
  • A High-speed Internet Connection on a secured web browser preferably, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. 
  • PIN Number provided by the company.
  • Employee Identity that is given by the company.
  • Your Social Security Number(SSN) and personal details.

Registration Process for the Cognizant Benefits Online Login Portal.

The registration process for the benefitsolver employee login portal is a bit complex. So follow the detailed tutorial given here to avoid any discrepancies.

  • Connect to the Benefit Solver web address from your device.
  • A login page is displayed, requesting the Login Credentials.
  • On the right side of the page, the “First Time Here” option is shown.’
  • Click on this option, and you will be redirected to a new page. 
  • Here enter your Social Security Number(SSN), Date of Birth(D.O.B), and Zip Code and press continue.
  • Now enter your company PIN, and add any personal details if requested.
  • Press next, and fill in your new username, confirm username, new password, and confirm password.
  • Click submit and the registration process is complete.

Login Procedure for the Benefitsolver Company Key Web Portal.

To log in to your account on the benefitsolver company key online portal, go through the comprehensive instructions provided below.

  • Visit the Benefit Solver web address given here.
  • Once the login page is opened, fill in your new username and password into their respective sections.
  • Now press the “Login” option below the sections.
  • And you can access and monitor all the employee benefits offered by your company here.

How to Recover Your Account on the Benefitsolver Login if You Forgot Your Password?

To recover your benefitsolver login account successfully and change your password, follow the elaborate steps showcased below.

  • Click on the Benefit Solver web address mentioned here.
  • On the login page, look for the “Forgot Your User name or Password” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Press this option, and another page is loaded.
  • Here, fill in your ZIP Code, Date Of Birth, and Social Security Number(SSN) and click next.
  • Now enter your Company PIN and follow the instructions as given on the page.
  • After completing the instructions press next, and fill in your new password, and confirm the password.
  • This new password and your username can be used to log in to your account.

Features of the Benefitsolver Enrollment System Web Portal.

There are numerous features offered by the benefitsolver enrollment system online portal to its registered users, that are discussed in detail here in this section.

  • The online secured platform offers benefits management services for small-scale and large-scale companies for fewer rates.
  • The employees of this company can access their health, financial and other benefits here on this web portal.
  • They also can view the multiple benefit boutiques and compare the benefits offered by different network providers and choose the perfect plan for you. 
  • With the choice of account options, the registered users can monitor and manage their Benefits, Savings, and Spending accounts. 
  • Sofia is an Artificial Intelligence designed by the Business Solver company for the Benefitsolver web portal. It assists employees in accessing their benefits provided by their respective companies, and also performs tasks through direct message feature.

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Business Solver Company

Business Solver is a Benefits Management software company, which is popularly known for its Benefits Solver software. The company has its headquarters in West Des Moines, Iowa, the United States of America, and its current President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) is John Shanahan. The company offers a Cloud-based, SaaS, Web-based platform which offers the Benefits Management services for all companies whether there are small-scale or large-scale. The company’s robust administration tools and defined support model are suitable for companies in different fields. Apart from this, the company offers services like Training programs through Webinars, Documentation, Live Online, and In-person with a 24/7 Customer support system to answer your issues and queries. 

Just Works, Paypro Workforce Management, ADP Mobile Solutions, Zenefits, Paychex Flex, Gusto are some of the popular competitors of the Business Solver Company. The company in question is currently operating in more than seven cities across the country, namely, Louisville, Dallas, Charlotte, Iowa City, Chicago, Seattle, Des Monies, and Denver.

Business Solver Company also has other benefits such as Enrollment and Eligibility Services, Consumer Accounts Administration, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act(COBRA) & Direct Bill Administration, and ACA Management & Compliance Services. The contact details for the Business Solver company are +1 888-460-9625, and for more information visit the Businessolver: Employee Benefits Administration Technology Company website.

Benefits Offered by the Business Solver Company to Their Employees

The company offers the best benefits for their employees which are listed here under this category.

  • An On-site gym in the office premises for the employees to maintain their wellness, health, and fitness.
  • Many Health Insurance Plans to choose from offering various benefits.
  • Insurance coverage for the employee’s pets.
  • Exclusive wellness programs for employees who are interested.
  • Vision and Dental Coverage and Insurance benefits.
  • Flexible work schedule with tradable daily schedules offering in between resting times.
  • 401k retirement plan and as well as Pension plans for employees.
  • Generous Paid Time off periods for various reasons such as Vacations, Sick leaves, personal and Maternity/paternity leaves.
  • Stress-Free working environment with Happy Hours, Stocked Kitchen, and Daily Meal Plans.
  • Casual dress-friendly office environment.

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Here in this article, we have given you the necessary details regarding the Benefitsolver software, its registration requirements, its features, and most importantly complete tutorials for the registration process, login procedure, recovery of your account with password process, etc. This article also provides an insight on the Business Solver Company, its products and services, operating locations, current top management, benefits offered to the employees, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the common issues faced by the users of the Benefitsolver web portal?

The general issues of the Benefitsolver web portal are troubleshooting problems, Login errors, website maintenance, connections issues, and slow loading servers, etc.

How to access the Benefitsolver web portal?

The employees of registered companies can access this web portal by visiting their official Benefit Solver web address on their installed web browser on the device with a good high-speed internet connection.

What are the features of the Benefitsolver login portal?

As stated above in the article, the web portal has numerous features for example, safe and secured cloud-based service, multiple benefit boutiques, compare benefits provided by varied networks, maintain and manage spending, savings, and benefits account, available also as My choice Mobile Application, 24/7 customer service centers, Sofia AI program to assist the users, and, etc.

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