Century 21 online(C21Online) is a web portal designed for the employees of the Century 21 Real estate LLC Company so that the real estate agents and other employees working in these companies can access certain features and benefits. This online platform is a complete package that allows the employees to work strategically, reducing waste of time and increasing work efficiency. The employees can perform several tasks such as publicizing, handling and promoting real estate listing online directly through the web portal from anywhere. This feature was very helpful for the Century 21 employees, as they were able to work freely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accessing Plans, Accessing FB for reports and reviews, Work Schedules, Contact clients through FB, Activity Path Builder Feature, Company Paid Retirement Funds, To partake in Award Ceremonies and receive awards & cash prizes for good work performance, acts as a medium between employer and the employee, and a lot more are some features of the C21Online Login portal.

Login Access For C21Online

Requirements to Log in to the C21Online Login Portal

This how C21Online Login Portal looks like.

For the purpose of successfully logging in to the Century 21 online intranet portal, we need to have certain simple requirements, which are stated below.

  • Web Address of the C21Online Login Web Portal.
  • Secure Browser with updated the latest versions.
  • A good and consistent Internet Connection.
  • The C21 Company provided Username and Password.
  • Registered on the C21 Company Platform.
  • Compatible Devices like Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, Tab.

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How to Log in to the C21Online Login Web Portal?

The login process of the C21Online Web Portal can be easily accomplished by following the detailed steps cited below.

  • Visit the Century 21 Dashboard Login portal through the web address provided here.
  • The C21 Login page is showcased, requesting the username and password.
  • Fill in the credentials and select the “Remember Me” option(If you want the website to automatically log in when you access it from this device).
  • Once the process is over, click the submit option.
  • Now you are successfully logged in to the portal and can access various features.

How to Access Your C21online Portal Account if You Forget Your Password?

The C21Online Portal can be easily recovered by following the necessary steps given below.

  • Connect to the Century 21 Login Web Address through a secured browser namely Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari – https://login.century21.com/.
  • Once the login page is loaded, look for the “Forgot Password” option under the section.
  • Another menu is showcased, “Click here to reset password”.
  • Click on this menu, you will be redirected to another page.
  • On this page, enter your username and click next.
  • A set of new instructions are showcased.
  • Follow these instructions thoroughly.
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive an email with a change password link.
  • Click on this link, and enter your New password and confirm the password.
  • Now visit the login page and enter the username and new password to access your C21Online account.

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Features of the C21Online Web Portal

As said above the Century 21 Online portal has multiple features which are explained below in detail.

  • An efficient Work from Home Platform especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic for the agents and real estate brokers registered on the website.
  • Gives Access to Facebook Application where you can monitor reviews, chat with clients, etc.
  • Activity Path Builder Feature offers suggestions and assistance while performing various activities on the C21Online Web Portal.
  • Access retirement funds and benefits directly from the portal.
  • Receive cash prizes, bonuses, and promotions for employees with better performance through the online portal.
  • Contact Administration Department for queries and issues.
  • Employers can directly communicate with their agents and brokers.
  • Access work schedules or timetables from the comfort of home.
  • Access your personal and professional info. 
  • Receive regular updates and news on the trends of the Real Estate Industry.
  • Access company information and policies.
  • Idea place to publicize, handle and monitor real estate listings.

Employee Reviews for Century21 Real Estate Firm

The Century21 Real Estate Company has received high ratings across multiple platforms from its workers. The positive responses the employees have shared of this real estate firm are mainly due to the reasons such as Flexible Schedules, Good Work-Life Balance, Good Monthly Wages, Career Growth, Long term Jobs, Work Culture, Friendly Management and Superiors, C21Online Portal with multiple features, Work Performance Bonus, Easy to get jobs, etc. While some negative responses are solely based on reasons such as Poor Job Security, Tough for Beginners, etc. So, we conclude that the Century21 Real Estate Firm is an ideal place to flourish if you are working in Real Estate Industry, however, for new employees, it may take some time to adjust, but it is worthwhile.

Pros & Cons


  • Work Culture
  • Performance Bonus
  • Easy Job
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Free Time
  • Friendly Superiors
  • Long Term Suited Job
  • Good Monthly Wages
  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Various Employee Benefits.
  • Century 21 Online Login Portal with many features.


  • Hustle for Beginners
  • Not Good Job Security
  • Stress Full Job

Century 21

Century 21 Logo

Century 21 Real Estate Firm is a subsidiary of Realogy (American Owned) Company, which is highly known for its Real Estate and Relocation Services. The company was founded by Marsh Fisher and Art Bartlett in 1971 in the United States of America. The company currently has its headquarters in Madison City, New Jersey, the USA, and it has more than 147,000 sales agents and 14,000 popular real estate brokers across 86 countries of the world. The Company’s current owner is Apollo Global Management and some parent companies are Trans World Corporation, Hospitality Franchise Systems, and MetLife Corporations. 

Michael Miedler is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and President of the Century 21 Real Estate Company, while Greg Saxton and Cara Whitley are the Chief Operating Officer(COO) and Chief Marketing Officer respectively. The Century 21 brand ventured into Canada in February 1976, which gained popularity and resulted in the company expanding further across multiple countries of the world.

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The C21Online Article provided all the necessary information about the C21Online Portal, Century 21 Real Estate Company, its History, Current Owners, and other details. We have given detailed tutorials for Login Process, Requirements to log in, Issues faced by the Users and How to solve them, Password Recovery, etc. We have also given the employee reviews of the Century 21 company and most importantly the many features you can access from the C21Online Web Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to access the Century 21 online web portal?

Firstly, to access the century 21 online web portal, you must have a good internet connection, a secured browser, and a compatible device. Visit the link through your browser through your device directly. And fill in the login procedure as mentioned in the above section, and now you can access the web portal.

What are the features of the C21 Online Portal?

The C21 online portal has many features like Direct Access to FB Applications, Path Builder option, Retirement Plans, and Various Benefits, Cash Prizes, and Awards to Monitor your work performance, Both the management and employee can contact each other, Daily Work Schedules, Company Information & Policies and Receive Regular Real Estate Updates.

What are the compatible devices for the Century 21 Online Portal?

The Century 21 online portal is compatible with all devices like Android Phones, Apple Phones, MacBook, Windows laptops, Apple and Windows PCs, by connecting to the web address directly through the installed web browser.

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