Change Text Size Windows 10

Change Text Size Windows 10

Windows 10 brought with it some amazing new options and features for users. Those options were otherwise left out in the previous versions. These options were added for better security, customization, and an overall better user experience. One such option that we are going to discuss is the Change text size Windows 10.

I know, this option was also available in Windows 7, but it had only 2 options. One was the recommended 100% and the other 125%. This is good enough to read all kinds of text and view images for a normal user. Though people with bad vision had to suffer. With Windows 10, you get two more text sizes to increase the font and image size. You have 150% and 175% scaling settings, and with the slider, up to 225%.

While the highest font size may make some apps and text look a little blurry for a few, for some, it’s perfect. With the change text size Windows 10, users now have a better vision for their devices. For some, the crystal Windows Vista logo was the perfect design Microsoft had made for Windows. Also, some argue that the Windows 10 logo is more clear and has a better design.

Regardless, we can all agree that Windows 10 has abundant options for customizations that its predecessors didn’t have. All those options can now be easily accessed from the various settings menu.

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Change Text Size Windows 10

This is one of the most useful customization options, and a pretty simple one to use. Windows 10 has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate. As I have mentioned earlier, the previous version of the OS like Windows 8, 7, or Vista didn’t have many options when it comes to personalization. Fortunately, Windows 10 build upon the existing features and adds even more.

Previously, you had to go to the control panel, and next to appearance and personalization to make any kind of changes to display settings. Well, now, not so much. Just right-click on the desktop and click the display setting option to make desired changes to your PC/Laptop display. When it comes to other new options in Windows 10, the resolution is way better than it was in the previous OS.

Now you have the option to have a resolution of 1920×1080, which is also the recommended one for most devices. Though not every device works best with this resolution. It all depends on the screen size. Earlier devices had 1280×800 as recommended resolution. One of the best features that Windows 10 has added is the Dark mode and is my personal favorite when it comes to customization.

Every customization option can be tweaked to better suit your taste and requirement. From simple changes to the desktop display to color and theme changes to your taskbar, and many others. So without further delay, let us see how to change text size Windows 10.

Steps to Change Text Size Windows 10

Steps to Change Text Size Windows 10

Coming back to the question, how to change text size Windows 10? The steps listed below should be helpful.

  1. Settings is the menu where you will find all sort of options. So go to Settings.
  2. To do that, just search for Settings from the Start menu.
  3. Now you see so many options, but we need to choose the Ease of Access.
  4. In there, you see a slider with a sample text.
  5. Now use the slider to change the text size to the desired amount. This can go up to 225%.
  6. When you find the right size, hit the Apply button to save the changes.
  7. Remember, this is only for text size adjustment. Meaning that only text size is changed, and it doesn’t affect the text size on apps.
  8. Well, that was it for the change text size Windows 10. If you still have any doubt, then check this Microsoft guide on text size.

How to Change Font Size in Windows 10?

While a proper text size is really important, you cannot leave out the Windows 10 font size. If you cannot understand the font, then how can you understand which app or tool it is, or even the file. So it is necessary to have a readable font size. Now to make font size adjustments, take a look below.

  1. Just like text setting, you can find the font settings in the same menu.
  2. So go to Ease of Access from Settings.
  3. Here, under the text size slider do you see the “Make Everything bigger” option.
  4. That’s the one to change the Windows 10 font size. Choose size from the recommended 100% to 175%.
  5. Even though the maximum font size isn’t similar to the text size, it is good enough for any kind of person to understand the font.
  6. There are many kinds of awesome fonts available in Windows 10 from the Font settings.

This covers the, “How to increase font size” question.

Important Note

There is one crucial piece of information that every user should know. If your Windows 10 is not activated, meaning if it doesn’t have an activation key then most of the customization options wouldn’t work. Things like changing fonts size, themes, and many other options aren’t gonna suffice if the OS isn’t activated.

Personalization Options in Windows 10

If you start customizing every aspect of Windows 10 then hours are going to be lost. That’s because there are so many options for almost every aspect of PC/Laptop. So to make it a little easier for everyone, we compiled a list of some of the most used personalization options for Windows 10. We shall also explain, briefly, how to use those options for the desired view in a way that even new users can understand.



This is something that everyone is going to use all the time. One of the things that some users don’t like about the taskbar is that it feels clustered when you open too many applications. Well, that can be taken care of, at least to some extent.

  1. First thing you can do is hide the Cortana app pin from the taskbar. Simply right-click on the taskbar and you see “show Cortana button”. Unselect that. That’s it, no more Cortana on taskbar.
  2. Similarly, if you do not want to see the Task view option, right-click on taskbar. Then unselect it the same way you did to Cortana.
  3. There is an option to replace the search bar with just the search icon. Replace it from the search option found on the taskbar when you right-click.
  4. For more options, search Taskbar setting in Start menu or right-click on taskbar to see the same option.
  5. The Taskbar settings has options like auto hiding the taskbar, changing its location, changing the icon size on taskbar, and a few other settings are available.

Start Menu

Start Menu

There are so many things that you can do with the Start menu. For example, you can choose the Start menu size, see any newly added apps, see tiles on Start, the most popular app, et cetera. All these options can be accessed from Start settings. To go there, search for “Start Settings” in the Start menu.

Other than that, the app tiles one can see in the Start menu can be personalized as well. Right-click on a tile to unpin it from Start, resize, open the file location, or run with the administrator privileges. If it’s a live tile then one can also turn it off by right-clicking and selecting the “Turn Live Tile Off” from the More option.

There’s also the option to uninstall apps from the Start menu.

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Change Text Size Windows 10

Themes are something that makes your device either look good or weird. Even though there aren’t many themes available in Windows 10, you can get them from the Store. To do that

  1. Go to Themes by searching for the same from the Start menu.
  2. There, you can find some default themes. Select the desired theme.
  3. Apart from those default themes, you can get others by clicking the “Get more themes in Microsoft Store” option.
  4. The same settings page also has options to change the Mouse cursor, default sounds, colors, and background.


Change Text Size Windows 10

The first impression should always look good, and I’m not talking about a date or meeting, but your Windows lock screen. I like to put a dope wallpaper for a lock screen, something from a badass anime or game. In case, you too want to customize it, then the next few steps could be of help.

  1. Search “Personalization” or just “Lockscreen” from the Start menu.
  2. In that menu, choose the desired background from the drop down menu.
  3. You can also choose a custom background by browsing from your device.
  4. The lock screen also shows app status when you select them from the settings.


Change Text Size Windows 10

Without a good picture on the desktop, your PC ain’t going to look that good. Well, don’t worry because this can be customized from the Background settings.

  1. In the Personalization settings, select the Background option.
  2. There, you can see the background option to select any available picture on your device.
  3. If you don’t like the inbuilt pictures then browse from your device.
  4. There is also an option to add multiple picture and run it as a slideshow.
  5. When a certain picture doesn’t fit your screen, use the “choose a fit” option to adjust it according to your screen resolution.
  6. Apart from settings, you can directly change a background from your device. This is done by right-clicking on an image and selecting the “set as desktop background”.


Change Text Size Windows 10

From the same personalization menu, users can select from a wide range of hues for their Windows. There are options like adding transparency, showing accent colors of different surfaces like the Taskbar, action center, and Start menu. If you are bored with bright white look for Windows, then go with the Dark theme.

These are all the personalization options available in Windows 10 for all users, though the OS should be activated for using these options.

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Everyone who needed help to change text size Windows 10 or wanted to know how to alter the font size should be satisfied with this article. We have provided all kinds of info on how you can do what you need to do and many other personalization options. Do check them all out for a better Windows 10 experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you decrease the text size in Windows 10?

If your text size is greater than the recommended one then yes, you can reduce the text size. Usually, the text size cannot be decreased to less than 100%.

Is it possible to change font size in Windows 10?

Yes, changing font and text size are possible in Windows 10 from the Display settings in Ease of Access.

Do personalization options work even if the Windows isn’t activated?

No, without having a genuine Windows or at least an activation key for one, you cannot use the personalization options.

Can you change the Themes and colors in Windows 10?

Yes, users can change themes and colors in Windows 10. Users can also get more themes from the Microsoft store.

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