People love to hate HRs, and this isn’t just from one or a few companies. There is a consensus that almost everyone hates the HR department of their company because they are only good at their department. Now, why is that bad? Because they should also possess an understanding of the company they work for and have a proper vision. Probably that’s the reason companies are hiring private HR services. Here we are gonna discuss one such organization that offers HR services through their portal which is Coad360.

Have you ever heard about Coad360? Well, you probably might not have if you are just a normal employee, but if you own a business, startup, or a company then there is a chance that you did. Every organization, no matter the scale, needs a skilled person to work in their HR department. Why? It’s obvious, isn’t it? To hire other people. The Coad360 is a client portal of CoAdvantage firm, which is a PEO. Confused?

Professional Employer organizations (PEO) are service providers to startups and medium to small-sized companies. They specialize in deploying various HR services to other firms that need human resource services. CoAdvantage is one such firm that offers its HR services to other firms for better management. They possess trained professionals who excel at the services they offer. All their services are personalized depending on the firm’s requirements.

The Coad360 is their secure login portal which is only accessible by their clients with the right login info. Now let us see what are all the services offered by them.

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Services Offered by Coadvantage Through Their Co Ad360 Portal

As I mentioned previously, they offer various HR services catering to the needs of all kinds of firms. Below you can find a list of their services and what they entail.


One of the important tasks of HR is to maintain an up-to-date flow of the payroll procedure for their employees. Cause hey, no employee is gonna be happy with delayed pay. They handle everything when it comes to payroll, tax filings, W-2, and any other required task. Every process here is accurate as they use the CoAdQuantum technology to precisely check their login/work hours, leaves and other time offs.

Apart from that their payroll services also include employee deductions and employee processing.


Every organization offers employee benefits, and to do that they need to plan all the intricacies of this procedure. The Coad 360 HR services also cover the employee benefits aspect of it to help you make a great package that caters to the needs of all your employees. They assist in Medical Benefit plans, Vision, Dental, Health Advocate, Employee Assistance programs, etc.

The Risk & Compliance Aspect

This is a perplexing and difficult part of an HRs job. Under this, a client can take advantage of services like

  • Safety Reviews, Safety Programs, and consultations.
  • Employment law posters
  • Claims Administration
  • Title VII
  • Certificates of Insurance Administration

These are just some of their services under risk & compliance.

HR Technology

Remember we mentioned the CoAdQuantum technology, this is their new HR technology. This is another portal of CoAdvantage, which is a little similar to the Coad360 portal. It is used by managers and employees to take care of all their work and manage all their tasks. Some of the features of this portal are Data Management, Analytics, Reporting, time and labor management, applicant tracking, etc.

There is a lot more to know out about their service. Since we are here to talk about their other login portal, we are gonna skip this, but you can check out their coadvantage website. Now, let us talk about the client login portal.

Coadvantage Login Portal


They have two different login portals for clients which allows them to access all their HR information. first, we shall talk about the Coad360 portal and all things related. Below you can find the instruction that will help you to log in to this portal.

  • To open their web portal using this coadvantage login link. Now when you open this link, you see two options.
  • One is the CoAd360 and the other is the CoAdQuantum. Fist, let us see the CoAd360 login procedure.
  • Hit the CoAd360 option, and you shall then be taken to the login page.
  • The login requires certain credentials in the form of username and password.
  • Enter those two credentials and when you are done, hit the “Sign in” button.
  • In case you do not want to enter the username every time you log in, then check the “Remember me” box.
  • With that, you are now logged in to the Coadvantage’s Coad360 portal.

Now, when it comes to the CoAdQuantum portal, the procedure is exactly the same. Hell, even the portal looks the same. So you just have to follow the above steps to the point to log in to the CoAdQuantum portal. This covers the login procedure for both the portal. “Two birds with one stone”.

Did You Forget the Password? Again?


There are always some people in this world that cannot hold on to their password for an account. So it isn’t surprising that you are here to get help after forgetting the password for this portal. Well, the whole point of this article is to help you with the login process and provide appropriate information. So here we go again, with the password reset procedure instructions.

  • You can go back to the same page for the coadvantage portal using this CoAd360 link.
  • On the Sign-in page do you notice the “forgot password” option? It’s right under the password field.
  • Click that option and head over to the password reset page.
  • There are two option to choose here, one is to retrieve the password using the email address. The other option is to use the legal name.
  • If you select the email address options, then provide your email address and enter the last 4 digits of your SSN or security code. When done, click get password.
  • You will then receive a mail with a password recovery/reset link.
  • Now, about the other method using legal name. Enter your first name, last name along with your SSN last four digits. Click get password to get your forgotten password.

Pretty easy right? Similarly, you can use the same steps to recover the password for the CoAdQuantum account as well. While the portal may look a little different the process is the same.

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Recover Account Username for CoAdQuantum Portal

Recover Account Username for CoAdQuantum Portal

In the above section, we have discussed the procedure to recover passwords for both portals. Now, let us see the username recovery process for CoAdQuantum.

  • Open the client Sign in for CoAd Quantum portal and click the “Forgot username” option.
  • Then on the next page, enter your email address along with the SSN last 4 digits.
  • Hit the Submit button. Check your email to see if you got a mail with the lost username.
  • That’s all it takes to recover the username.

How to Register for the CoAdQuantum Portal Account?


Creating or registering for an account is pretty simple, all you have to do is fill in a bunch of info, and you are done. In any case, here are the steps to exactly that.

  • Use the registration link for the said portal and check the info on the page.
  • As I said earlier, you have to fill some details to register. Before you do that, the page has an option between users who received an invitation email with the registration code and ones who didn’t
  • Choose the appropriate options to register.
  • Then fill in all those details including your employee number or registration code, depending on the option you chose.
  • Click the Register button to create a client account in this portal.

This is all you need to know about their login portal for clients, employees, and managers. In case you have any difficulty login in(which I doubt you will), get help using this (888) 925-2990 number.

About CoAdvantage

We have already talked about what this firm is all about and the kind of service they offer. Now let’s talk a little more about them to get a better idea of their vision and goals. Their service is spread over 50 states with a client list of more than 90,000 employees. This makes them an impressive force in their field. If you already have HR in your office, you can still consult them, and they will work with your HR to generate fruitful results.

Their main branch is located in Bradenton in Florida, but that’s the only office they have. You can find them in Texas, New York, Georgia, California, Colorado, and New Jersey. When you get into a partnership with them, their services help you focus on growth, protect your business from any liabilities, contain your cost by assigning a budget to the plans, improve your employee packages and get unlimited expert support.

One of the best things about them is that they help employees of growing companies get good benefits. While that’s good there are a few other things that this firm misses on. Like the insurance consulting, health reimbursement account, and digital pay stubs. While their competitors like Paychex and Alpha Staff do offer these services.

CoAdvantage App

The firm also has an app for Android and iOS uses to provide ease of access to their features and services. Their app provides safe and secure access to all clients and employees to use the same features that are available in their portal. Things payroll, employee benefits, employer details, etc are all available in this app.

Some of the other features of this app include

  • Check and manage paid time off
  • View insurance cards online
  • Check for any deduction in your payroll and track all kinds of activity of your payroll.
  • Option to view reports and make changes to them.
  • Personalization option available for dashboard.
  • Option manage employees and onboard them

While all these options seem impressive, many users don’t seem very happy with the app. This is because the app has so many bugs and many users are having difficulty using it. Many users have to report facing common issues when logging into the app. The problem is that the app doesn’t detect users’ accounts, which is frustrating since user/client data is saved in individual accounts.

Some iOS users face constant crashes and a bad display, but the developer is constantly working to fix them and improve the user experience. I recommend you to try this app and find out for yourself as some users do not face any issues.

Customer Support

Since there are many technicalities with the portal and the services they offer, some users may certain issues. Now to fix these issues you are gonna some serious expert assistance, which is also available from their support centers. So use this customer support link and get your problem sorted. The support page provides a contact number(888-925-2990 or 800-868-1016) along with a mail ID to send your queries. Apart from that, there is also a message section where you can send them a message regarding your issue after adding your contact info.

You can also request a free consultation from their other support page. Fill in the necessary details to get a free assessment of your human resources requirements.

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Being an HR is not fun as it brings in a lot of responsibilities, and the worst thing is that people will hate you no matter what. So you need individuals who can handle the pressure and bring out the results to find employees and manage them. That’s why you should hire an outsourced firm like CoAdvantage to help your business or company in human resources. Check out their services and solution that will help an employee and business prosper.

If you are a client or an employee then you will need instruction on how to log in to their web portal, or in case you have trouble with the process. The tutorials in this article will help you in that area, and make check out their app as well. Any trouble you have can be sorted by their experts who can be contacted using the above-mentioned support info.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is CoAd360Pulse?

The CoAd 360 Pulse is a web portal for clients and employees to access all their human resource data and manage it. At least that’s what it was, till they changed it to CoAdQuantum. The latter is the new and improved web portal which has an improved user interface.

What do you need to log in to the CoAdvantage login portal?

An employee or a client with the right username(email address) and password can log in to their accounts in this portal.

Are there two portals for employees in CoAdvantage?

yes, there are two portals for clients and employees of CoAdvantage. One is the CoAd360 and the other one is the CoAdQuantum. Both look the same, but the latter has advanced technology and is more user-friendly.

Does the Coad 360 app support Andriod devices?

Yes, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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