Conduent Connect

Conduent Connect

Conduent Connect, an online business service web portal that is highly known for its HR Management Services and many other business services. It offers to different types of organizations located worldwide such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Government, etc. The registered organizations of this platform can also access the other services offered by the company, like End User Engagement, Accounting, Payroll, Enrollment services through the said web portal.

However, the regular users or employees of the registered organizations can get various benefits by accessing this web portal. For instance, Verifying current CTC, Accessing Paystubs, Payslip forms, and W2 Tax and Wage Forms. In addition, the web portal allows employees to submit leave applications online and also monitor their progress.

Above all, unlike other online service portals, Conduent Connect offers Job Referrals features for its users. This includes sharing the job listings posted by your organization on the web portal. Also, the current employees can apply for better job openings listed by the company. Apart from this, the web portal offers many other features, which are explained in much more detail in the article below.

Conduent Connect Application

As we have discussed, the said web portal and its features and functions are above. The same portal is also available as a mobile application platform for users with smartphones. This application promotes the engagement between the users and their work & company. Being a mobile application, means now the users can access all the Conduent Connect features from anywhere with a stable internet connection and a compatible device.

Moreover, the application does not charge any fees for installation. To download the above-mentioned application on your respective mobile devices, use the weblinks cited below.

For Apple Phone Users – ‎Conduent Inc. Apps on the App Store

For Android Device Users – Android Apps by Conduent, Inc on Google Play

Conduent Connect Login Page
Conduent Connect Login Page

Functions of the Conduent Connect Login Portal.

Here, in this section, we will discuss in more depth the various functions of the Conduentconnect login web portal. Such as,

  • The users can stay in the loop with the news related to their respective organizations with the help of the regular company updates and official announcements made through the web portal in question.
  • The web portal allows the users to submit other service requests using the feature known as ticket. Which helps the submission of users requests at faster rates. They also can view the progress of the submitted requests.
  • As stated above, if the users are looking for career change, they can use the web portal to apply for new job listings published by their respective organizations shown on the page. In addition, they can even share the job listings through the job referrals feature with their family members, friends and colleagues.
  • The login portal also offers Payroll Management Services. Meaning, the users can receive their paystubs through the portal, view the previous payment slips listings and downloading the payslip forms for applying bank loans.
  • They can also submit their leave applications online here on this web portal. And also monitor the leave application’s progress.
  • They can also submit transfer as well as new asset requests here on this web portal. Which, if approved, you will receive an alert or notification.
  • The web portals shares all the necessary information of the organization here on the portal. Such as its policies, guidelines, achievements, history, and strategies employed, etc.
  • Through the available links on the portal, the employees of registered companies can also book their travel tickets and reservations in hotels for business trips.

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Login Requirements for the Conduent Email Login Portal.

Similar to the other online HR Management portals, the conduent email web portal also requires certain necessities. To provide access to the web portal in question and its multiple features. For instance,

  • The valid web address of the conduentconnect feps login online portal.
  • A compatible device, like smartphone, laptop, PC or Tablet.
  • Updated and secured web browsers such as, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Username (WIN/CID) and Password provided by your organization after selection process.
  • And also a High-Speed Internet access which is stable, preferably a Wi-Fi Router Connection.

Login Procedure for the Feps Conduent Web Portal.

To log in successfully to your account on the feps conduent web portal without any issues. Follow the necessary step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • First, connect to the Access Manager Conduent Connect web address given here from the installed web browser on your device –
  • Now, on the sign-in page, fill in the accurate username and password onto their requested sections.
  • Then, hit the “sign-in” icon below the sections on the same page.
  • Now you can perform all the functions listed above on the said web portal.
Conduent Connect Forgot Password Page
Conduent Connect Forgot Password Page

Steps to Recover Your Conduent Connect Login Account Without Password.

To recover your original account on the conduent email web portal easily, follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Visit the Access Manager Conduent Connect web address shown here –
  • On the login page, search for the “Reset Password” or “Change Password” options.
  • Hit any one of the two above-mentioned options.
  • Now, on the next page, click the “forgotten password” icon below the password reset fields.
  • After that, enter user last name and User ID and press the “search” option.
  • Now, if your account found, click on it.
  • And follow the necessary instructions, then answer security questions(if enabled) or else add the requested info about your company, job or yourself.
  • Then, press “next” and type your new password.
  • Confirm the password by re-entering the new password.
  • And finally, press the “submit” option.
Conduent Connect Password Reset Page
Conduent Connect Password Reset Page

How to Change Your Password for the Conduent Connect Employee Portal?

If you want to change your default password for your account on the conduentconnect employee portal. Then use the instructions mentioned below.

  • Click on the Access Manager Conduent Connect web address given here –
  • Now, look for the “Reset Password” or “Change Password” options on the right side of the login page.
  • Choose one of the mentioned options.
  • After that, enter your WIN/CID username and current password.
  • Then, click the login option.
  • On the home page, click on the settings options.
  • Now choose the login details menu.
  • And lastly, select the “change password” option.
  • Once again, type your username and default password and click “continue” option.
  • Fill in the new password and confirm the password, re-entering once more on the next field or section.
  • Lastly, hit the “submit” option.
  • Now, you can use your username and the new password to log in to your account onto the web portal under discussion.

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Common Issues of the Conduent Employee Portal.

The users visiting the feps conduent come across various technical issues. These issues, often, can be avoided by following the solutions provided below for each issue.

DNS Errors

As some of us know, that the employee portals or online service portals register the user IP addresses for providing easier access and protection against hackers and data theft. So it is advised to the users to use the same device or else install VPN apps to use the specific IP address from across the world to get access to the web portal.

Screen Freeze

Sometimes the users accessing the website may face screen freeze issues which can be caused due to multiple issues. Such as poor connectivity, low browser performance, device compatibility issues, etc. Hence, it is best suited to use updated web browsers with high-speed internet access and a compatible device.

Loading Problems

These issues are caused in the aftermath of slow browser performance. Caused as a result of bad web browser performance. Therefore, to maintain the best performance of the web browser. Clear Cache & Search History, Update Browser regularly, and refresh the website often.

Login Errors

It is advised for the users to remember that their account on the web portal in question will be locked if the users enter inaccurate login credentials 2 or more times. For this reason, it is advised to store your login credentials safely on your device to access them later, and also inspect the login details for spelling mistakes before entering onto the login page.

Conduent Inc

Conduent Inc Logo
Conduent Inc Logo

A Business Service Provider company offering various services for different types of organizations located across more than 22 countries where the company is operating at. The company was recently established in the year 2017 to spearhead the online provide sector in the United States. However, within 5 years the company has spread to other countries due to its immediate success. The organization originally is a divestment venture of the Xerox Holdings Corporation. And over the years it became one of the best profitable ventures for the said corporation.

Electronic Toll Collection, Medical Billing, HR Management, Payroll Management, Debit & Credit card processing, Benefits Management, Medicaid Screening, and Patient Support are some of the services offered by the company to business organizations. Whereas for the Government Agencies or Departments, the company offers Food stamps, Social security, and Welfare services. Apart from this, the company officially trades its company stocks on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.

According to the official report published by the company in the year 2021, the company employs more than 60,000 people across 22 countries in the world. The annual revenue achieved by the organization is $4.163 US Billion dollars.

Other Applications Offered by the Conduent Company.

Other than the products and services listed above, the company also operates multiple applications that are available on the play store as well as the app store for free.

Conduent AR

As the name suggests, the applications employ advanced technological tools to display the objects on the scanned pictures in 3D. The applications can be useful for scanning transactional documents, enhancing customer engagement, and printing marketing collateral documents.


An online parking ticket payment app is only available for users residing in the United States. The application enables motorists to pay for their tickets easily by scanning the parking spots located in the selected cities. The application also maintains the listings of all the previous parking ticket transactions.

[email protected]

A personal application for the user’s mainly designed to help them in managing personal, wealth, health, and career documents. Through this app, the users can access the documents whenever required, anywhere. Get custom personalizations, and push notifications & alerts.

Go Program Way2Go Card

The online application or platform to monitor all your Mastercard transactions, and the account balance. However, we need to keep in mind that only the selected MasterCard users can access this web portal. To check whether you can access the application or not. Inspect your MasterCard for the lettering “” on the bottom of the backside of the card.


Only EBT cardholders can access this application. Mainly to check their balance, change PIN, view transactions, on the EBT account or card. The application is accessible only to users from selective states. And it does not charge any fees.

Conduent Employee Benefits

The company offers various benefits for its employees located across more than 22 countries. Such as,

  • Dental and Vision Insurance Plans and Coverage.
  • Multiple Life and Health Insurance Plans to choose from.
  • Work From Home Policy for interested employees due to the rising Covid-19 cases and lock down periods.
  • Stress-Free Office Environment and Free Meal Plans.
  • Bonus programs for best performing employees.
  • Paid Holidays, Vacations and also Maternity/Paternity Leaves.
  • 401k Retirement plan for employees to save some amount from their salaries into their retirement funds or pension schemes offered by the company.
  • Moreover, the company conducts exclusive programs or events for engagement between employees.

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This article provides a detailed description of the “Conduent Connect” web portal, its many features, functions, login requirements, technical issues, and solutions. Moreover, the article shares user login guides for various producers such as Login, Password Change, Account Recovery on the said web portal. The article also provides a comprehensive description of the company, its products and services, history, current offices, and other mobile applications maintained by the company. It also consists of the listings of various employee benefits the company offers for its workforce across multiple countries in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Conduent Connect” web portal, and who can access it?

The “conduent email login” portal is an online business service management portal developed to offer various services to the different types of organizations in the country. The portal in question can only be accessed by the employees of the registered company on the platform.

What are the technical issues faced by the users?

DNS Errors, Login Issues, Screen Freeze, Loading Issues, Login errors, and Trouble Shooting problems are the common technical issues faced by the employees accessing the “conduent connect login” portal.

Name some of the popular mobile applications developed by the Conduent Company?

Go Program Way2Go card, [email protected], Connect EBT, ExpertPay, PayTrix, Benefit Wallet+, Conduent AR are some of the popular applications developed by Conduent Inc company.

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