CVS Learnet

CVS Learnet

CVS Learnet is a web portal set up by one of the biggest pharmacy giants in the United States of America – The CVS Health & Pharmacy. The web portal has been specifically designed for the employees working in this company. The CVS Learnet, true to its name, offers the employees a chance to progress in their work, improve their skills, growing their knowledge, learn information tracking skills for free. The portal in question is indeed a type of learning management system that provides training services and modules for employees. 

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CVS Learnet Login Portal

Requirements to Log in to CVS Learnet

The CVS Learnet login portal for signing in and registration needs certain requirements to set up your account and to offer various services and benefits for you. There are some requirements mentioned below –

  • Job Position at the CVS Pharmacy or Health Corporation.
  • Unique IDs like ZID, Client ID, Employer ID, Contractor ID given by the Management. (After selection process)
  • Email ID mentioned on your file.
  • LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Password or Self Service Password provided by the management.
  • Challenge or Security Questions must be answered to identify and recover your account when you forget your password.

Registration Process on CVS Learnet Web Portal

After making sure you have all the requirements mentioned above, follow the tutorial thoroughly to register on the CVS Learnet Web Portal.

  • Click on the New Registration link mentioned here.
  • A new web page is opened, with multiple options such as Unlock Account, Reset Forgot Password, Change Password, and Change Security Questions.
  • Under these mentioned sections a “New User” or “First Time User’ menu is seen.
  • Submit this menu option which redirects you to another page.
  • Fill in the Unique IDs and LDAP Password into the Username & Password Sections on this page.
  • Select the security questions you want to answer and fill in your answers.
  • Press the save button and your registration process is complete.

Log in Procedure on CVS Learnet Portal

CVS Learnet Login Page

Once you completed the registration process, log in to your CVS Learnet account to access the various features and benefits. Follow the steps given below for Log in Procedure in detail.

  • Visit the CVS Learnet portal through secured browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • The login page is opens requesting your Username & Password.
  • Fill in your Unique ID or 7 Digit Employee ID and usernames into them.
  • Now click Submit and your login process is over.

Recover Password on Learnet CVS Login Portal

Sometimes passwords can be a bit complicated, easy to forget, and hard to remember. So forgetting the password for your CVS Learnet portal may be quite normal, and the account can be positively recovered by following the tutorial provided below. 

  • Connect to the Recover Forgot Password link mentioned here through a secured browser.
  • A new window will be pop up with multiple options as mentioned in the registration process.
  • Submit the “Reset Forgot Password” menu on this window.
  • Another new page will be opened asking for your username.
  • Fill in your employee ID given by the Company and click next.
  • Security Questions will be showcased, answer them accurately and click the next option.
  • Now on this new page, enter and confirm your new password and press submit option on the bottom right, and your password recovery is completed.

The Web Link mentioned in this section also allows users or employees to unlock their account(if the account is blocked), change passwords, change security questions if needed.

Features of CVS Learnet Login Portal(CVS Employee Login)

The CVS Learnet Web Portal offers multiple features for the employees of CVS Health and Pharmacy. All the features are given below.

  • The website offers training services and programs for the employees.
  • Offers detailed information about the Company’s Operating Guidelines, Ambitions and Goals, and CVS HR Policies.
  • Keep track of company-paid benefits from home or anywhere.
  • To develop their information tracking skills.
  • Free Services and Programs. 
  • Monitor your allowances.
  • Connect and exchange info with your colleagues.

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CVS Health

CVS Health Logo

Consumer Value Stores(CVS) Health Organization or CVS Corporation is a popular healthcare and retail company in the United States of America. The company was established by Stanley, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland in 1963, who were interested in venturing out in Health, Beauty Product Sectors from their parent organization Mark Steven Inc. To further increase their reach the CVS Company joined Melville Corporation, this decision allowed the company to advance into the retail industry. Later in 1996, the company become a Standalone Company after years of Growth and entered the New York Stock Exchange in the very same year. 

The CVS Corporation revenue increased further along the years and also their assets as they bought multiple small-scale industries and startups. Currently, CVS Health has multiple assets like CVS, Minute Clinic, CVS Caremark, CVS Specialty, Aetna, Dragoria Onofre, Coram, and Omni Care. The company’s drives to be the front-runner has given the ability for CVS Health to achieve  $268.70 billion of revenue in the year 2020. Moreover, the Covid-19 Pandemic has allowed the company to reach these record heights due to the severe dependence on medicines and drugs. 

The CVS Health corporation operates multiple login web portals or software applications like CVS Learnet, MyLifePortal Login, CVS Health Alight, MyHRCVS Login, ESS Login, and RX Connect. All the detailed information of the given web portals is given below.

CVS MyLifePortal

The CVS MyLifePortal is specifically designed for the employees of CVS Pharmacy. This web portal gives access to Store Workers, Minute Clinic, Distribution Center, Non-store, and PBM employees to multiple features like Retirement Benefits, Work Day Schedules, Health and Other Benefits, Access Paystubs, Contact CVS HR Department, Your Profile, Personal Info, and a lot more. 

CVS MyHR Portal

The CVS MyHR Portal acts as a medium for the employees of CVS Health to contact the CVS HR Department directly. They can gain access to many features like to Check Careers and Job Opportunities, Employment, and Business Information, CVS Employee Handbook, Contact Help Desk for your issues, and queries, etc. The portal allows users to access the portal from the comfort of their homes or anywhere. 

RX Connect 

Unlike the web portal, the RX Connect is Pharmacy-based software that allows customers or in-patients to book orders for various medicines and drugs online. The RX Connect application or software can be downloaded through PlayStore and iStore for Android and iPhones Respectively. The Software has many features such as User-Friendly Interface, Easy-To-Use Pharmacy Solution, Intuitive Pull-Down Menus, Alerts for Delivery and Pending Orders minimizes the use of Paper thus improves communication with the Pharmacist, Supports Multiple Pharmacy Paradigms and a lot more.

CVS Health Alight 

This web portal is used by the CVS Caremark employees. The link redirects you to the CVS MyLifePortal and so it has similar features and benefits to the MyLifePortal.

ESS Login

This is an optional colleague login web portal and is accessible only to the Pharmacy Techs and CVS Health Retail Store Front Crew. The Website can be accessed by PCs, Laptops, and Smartphones through web links and PlayStore or iStore. The web portal’s sole purpose is to help the employees mentioned above view and request changes in their daily schedules. 

Benefits of Working for CVS Health Corporation

The CVS Health Corporation takes great interest in providing their employees with the best benefits and features as there is the reason the company was able to reach great heights. The different types of Benefits you can access here are –

Health Benefits

  • Discounts for Medical Prescriptions for employees.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage
  • Health Savings Account(HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA)
  • Also, Medical Prescriptions Coverage
  • Accident and Disability Insurance or Coverage
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Life Insurance Coverage

Financial Benefits

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Colleague Discount Program
  • Educational Support
  • Skill Development Programs
  • 401K Retirement Pension Plan

Other Benefits

  • Personal Holidays or Leaves
  • Sick Leaves
  • Paid Parental Leaves
  • Paid Vacations

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We have provided you detailed information about the CVS Learnet Web Portal. We have also covered the CVS Health Corporation, Other CVS Login Portals, and many more in this article. There are detailed tutorials given in this article for CVS Employees to Register. The Requirements to log in, Login Procedure, Recovery Account Process on the CVS Learnet Web Portal. We have also provided the features of this portal and the multiple benefits you can enjoy working as a CVS Corporation or Health Employee.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are there are any other Login Portals for CVS Employees?

Yes, apart from the, the CVS Health corporation offers multiple web portals and also application software for employees and customers like CVS MyLifePortal, ESS Portal, CSS Health Alight, RX Connect(Application), and CVS MyHRPortal

What to do if your CVS Learnet account is locked?

If your CVS Learnet account is locked visit the CVS Unlock Option where you can unlock your account by entering your username, password and answering security questions. If the problem persists contact 855-280-4872(If you are in the store), 866-528-7272(not in the store).

What are the Features offered by the CVS Learnet Website?

The CVS Learnet Website as mentioned above offers multiple features like Training Programs, modules, Company Profile & Information, Monitor Paid Benefits, Free Services, and Programs, Monitor bonuses and Allowances, and Communicate with your Colleagues.

How to recover your account if you forget your password?

To recover the password for your CVS Learnet Web Portal, you need to follow the detailed steps given above for Recover Password Section.

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