Denton ISD Portal Login

Denton ISD Portal

The Denton ISD portal is a one-stop source for all the schools in the Denton district. Enter this portal using the credentials given to you by Denton ISD to log in to the Denton ISD Portal. This login page provides the information that students, parents, guardians, and teachers might need about students’ school requirements. It contains information about courses, academics, co-curricular, career counseling, and information about extracurriculars. What else are you are looking for? Chances are you might find it here.

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How to login to the Denton SSO portal?

Denton ISD portal uses Single Sign-in (SSO) which allows students, teachers, parents, or guardians to access Denton ISD.

Follow the steps to sign in to the Denton SSO portal:

  • Visit Launchpad ClassLink login : This is the link you will have to use to log in to the Denton ISD portal.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • You can also use a Quick card to log in. The Quick card has a QR code that automatically logs you in and saves you time and is very easy to use.
  • Go to ‘MyProfile’ in the top right corner.
  • Here you can opt for password recovery options.

Forgot Password or Password reset 

  • Visit Launchpad ClassLink Login :
  • Click on ‘Help, I forgot my password’ at the bottom.
  • Enter your username to go further.
  • Then follow the steps as instructed on the screen as per your password recovery setup.

Update password or Change password on Denton ISD

  • Go to the App screen at the bottom of the screen.
  • All the online resources are located on App Screen
  • Right-click on any app and click on update password.
  • This is used to change or update your password on your applications.
  • The above steps can only be used if you have changed or updated your password previously or if you have entered your username or password inaccurately.

Denton SSO portal features and how to access them

My profile:

  • My profile is located in the top right corner of the screen after you login to the Denton ISD portal.
  • Here, you can change your profile pictures, themes, and colors.
  • Also, you can access your password locker, password recovery options, and ‘My Analytics’.
  • You can alter your sign-in options here.

My Apps:

  • The Apps Screen is a screen that appears when you click on ‘My Apps’ that is available at the bottom of the screen.
  • All your online resources are available on the My App screen.
  • You have to enter the username and password only once and theClassLink portal will remember it.
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign in the top left corner.
  • It will lead you to an ‘App Library’ then you will find a various number of online educational resource
  • Click on ‘ADD’ which is mentioned below every app to place it on the My Apps Screen.

Cloud Services:

  • Click on the ‘My files’ which is located at the bottom of the screen beside ‘My apps’.
  • You can see two options: ‘Favorites’ and ‘Manage Services’ 
  • Click on ‘Manage services’.
  • That leads to several options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office365, and Box.
  • Click on ‘connect’ that is mentioned at the bottom of every option mentioned above.
  • It allows you to access all your files at a single locale by connecting your cloud to ClassLink.

Edit mode:

  • Click on the ‘Edit’ option that is available in the top right corner, near My profile’
  • You can create new folders here by clicking on the ‘New Folder’ option on the screen.
  • You can also customize your ‘My App’ screen by clicking on the options given beside ‘Create’.
  • Furthermore, you can change the Icon style, Icon size, Font size, Themes, and Wallpaper.


  • Notification: Click on the Bell icon in the top right corner near ‘My profile’ to access the notification.
  • Help: Click on the question mark symbol in the top right corner which is located next to ‘My profile option’ to get help if you’re facing some common problems that are faced by other users.
  • Search: You can search your required application by clicking on the search option on the top. You can put filters on your search as well.
Denton ISD Login Portal

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What is Denton ISD?

The Denton Independent school district consists of various schools and institutions. It is responsible for the operation of all the schools under it. Located in North Dallas, Texas, It consists of 24 elementary schools, eight middle schools, and four high schools. It also has two early education centers, an alternative high school, an advanced technology complex, and special education centers. There is one community college named Northcentral Texas college and are two major colleges named Texas woman’s university and the University of North Texas within its boundary. The Denton ISD login portal is a way for the communities of these colleges to talk to each other and share ideas. 

Resources For students

Home Access Center:

Home access center is licensed or owned by PowerSchool LLC and/or its affiliates. It is a website that allows students, parents, guardians, and teachers to view students’ information. PowerSchool provides a k-12 education program. It provides education from kindergarten to 12th-grade students and at the same time, it allows parents and teachers to monitor and track their progress, attendance, grading, and many more.

Home Access Center login
School Café:

School Café is a portal for students to receive free or reduced-price meals. It helps parents to check eligibility as well as to apply easily and view or print the history of benefit notification letters. It is used to deal with all the prerequisites required for enrolling for any school meal programs, making payments, setting up a meal plan, setting up restrictions, and setting up autopay. 

Likewise, it also helps you to view low-balance alerts, menus, notification letters, and purchases.

There are a lot of things that the internet provides that you might not find right here. Take a look. 

High School Course catalogs:

  • High school Curriculum: In this section, you can find the general information, course descriptions which include core academics, physical education and health, fine arts, high school 101, Air force junior ROTC, International Baccalaureate, and career and technical education. You can find detailed information here for recent courses –
  • Staff information: It also provides staff information by simply going to the search bar at the top and entering their names, titles, and setting the location.
  • Advanced academics: Denton ISD provides advanced placement programs called AP courses and stimulates students to take AP tests. There are various types of AP courses available in every field, such as AP Biology, AP English Literature, AP microeconomics, AP psychology, AP music theory, and many more.
  • For general information about AP courses, click on this –
  • In case of credit information about AP courses, click on this –
  • For college search based on interested majors, college names, use this link –

Library Services:

Denton ISD provides library services consisting of an extensive range of books, that can be categorized as elementary school level, middle school level, and high school level. This allows you to search for books using OPAC. It also lets you search for books that are specific to your particular school.

Project Share:

Project Share is an online learning site that allows you to work in groups and investigate, and learn in an online homeroom. It is a spot for you to store and share your accomplishments, help out your fellow students, and speak with your teachers. 

How to log in to Project share on the Denton ISD Portal?

  • Go to the official Denton ISD website –
  • Click on the ‘Student’ tab on the bottom and then click on ‘Project Share’.
  • Log in using student ID as your username and ‘disd123’ as your password.

How to change password?

  • Go to your Project share portal after logging in to the Denton ISD Portal. Click on ‘Utilities’ in the top left corner.
  • Click on the ‘Change password’ option.
  • Then you can see three sections. Enter your current password, that is, ‘disd123’. Then enter the password that you’d remember. Re-enter your password. 

How to join a course?

  • Click on the search box and type ‘Denton ISD’ in it and the initials of your school.
  • Change the ‘IN’ box to ‘Courses’ using the drop-down and click on ‘search.
  • Find your desired course from the list that appears in your search.
  • Click on the ‘Registration’ Icon after you have located your course.
  • To join the course, enter your first name and last name. 
  • To join the member profile, type in your information that is asked on the screen and click on ‘Join’.
  • You will be taken into the course after you’ve joined. 
  • To exit, click on the ‘exit course’ option in the top right corner, under the search option.

How to access the help form the site?

Learn more with articles like these, trouble finding them? Don’t worry, explore by clicking here. 

Denton ISD School Distric

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Now that we have a clearer image of what the Denton ISD Portal is and what it does, the information provided for you above will help you deal with some mundanely annoying issues when dealing with the login page on the Denton ISD Portal. For the many people who use this site, the Denton ISD portal can be a boon when it comes to the tasks that they need to accomplish, so we hope we have provided some clarification.

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