As a person who is constantly traveling, you understand the huge hassles that are associated with this activity. Making plans, thinking of the best and the most reliable means of transportation, making bookings for not just flights but also hotels and lodges takes a lot of effort. At one point in time, this process was nearly impossible due to the lack of online services. But now, with the emerging technology, many businesses have made such tasks achievable. For the past few decades, we have been relying on the internet to make our vacations possible.

When major business corporations came to realize that every day more and more people were scavenging through the internet for the best deals and travel resources, they made progress in fulfilling these needs and crafted their business models. These businesses are now referred to as travel agencies. In this article, we will take a look at one of the most popular travel agencies called Expedia, its resources and what can you gain by using the resources it provides.


Expedia Logo

As you may already know, looking for the best places online within a budget-friendly range is not child’s play. Even if you are using a travel guide, you need to navigate your way through different online agencies to find the right flights, hotels, accommodations, etc. The issues arise when you scroll through all the possible listings and sort them down to find the right match, as this process is time-consuming. Keeping these issues in check, the Expedia Group of companies launched its online travel shopping agency that advertises the best travel deals from its travel partners and subsidiaries.

The most popular and the most widely used travel agency in the United States, Expedia.com is a travel resource guide that helps in making your journey worthwhile. This all-in-one website brings forward many features and resources that you can use to perfectly curate your vacation package. Through this platform, you can find out the best deals on flights, cruises, hotels, rentals, and many more such services at reasonable prices. Now that you have a brief idea of why you need to use this platform, let’s jump more into detail as to the different services offered and how to make use of these services.

What Can You Book With Expedia?

So what can you book through this website? Let’s say you can do a lot once you take a look at the website. There are so many hotels and restaurants that offer exceptional service, fun festivities that you can participate in, exquisite cuisines and so much more.

Flights(www.expedia.com Flights)

Book flights to any place that you wish to see. You can choose your favorite airlines, the airport that you wish to fly to, and also the preferred seat of your choice. Be it an airport or a specific flight that you wish to take, with Expedia, you can make anything possible. Make a round trip booking or a one-way flight, you have many options to choose from. You can also filter your search results based on Stops, Departure time, Arrival Time, the Type of airline, and also the type of baggage you are carrying. If you get lucky, you can also grab onto some deals on flights.

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Looking for hotels that give you the best travel experience along with a dash of some cultural amenities? Then you need to check out this section on this platform. You can book accommodation in the most royal hotels & resorts for as long as you want. If you do not wish to spend a handsome amount on these luxuries, you can also go for hotels that fall within your budget, such as the Treasure Island in Las Vegas or the 31 Street Broadway Hotel in New York.

Have a sound sleep in a quiet lodge or a whole night out partying at luxury hotels, you have the best offers at your service. Apart from this, you can check out the iconic resorts, high-end clothing stores, and top-notch restaurants that serve appetizing delights.

Car Rentals

A car rental that drops you at your place? Of course, yes. Simply take a look at the Car rentals page and book your ride to your destination at cheaper rates. You can earn points and get amazing deals and offers by booking a rental that suits your family’s needs. A sedan, an SUV, or a convertible, you have everything you need on this page.


A magical experience that lets you discover the hidden gems of mother nature. Sail your cruise through the enchanted waves of the sea by booking your seat on a cruise. You can make bookings to the Disney Cruise Line, which is the most beloved yet magical experience that a person of any age can have, or a minimal Caribbean cruise with the most basic amenities. Additionally, there are so many cruise lines that you can book for as long as you want. You get to access so many extravagant utilities such as onboard entertainment, cuisines, youth programs, spa and fitness facilities, etc. Apart from the usual facilities, you can make an extra purchase for laundry services, drinks, Wi-Fi, excursions, etc.

Vacation Packages

Tired of selecting and picking up travel accommodations? Why don’t you try selecting the vacation package feature and let Expedia find out your accommodation for you? Sounds easy right? Using the “packages” feature, the platform gives you an offer you can’t refuse. Simply enter your travel details such as the date, source/destination, and voilĂ , you have an entire list of hotel stays, flights, and car rentals on a single page. No need to click on separate tabs to individually look for different services.

You can make use of the following features that are associated with every service that is offered by the said company:

  • Review Itinerary: After making a booking, you can view it on this page. Once a booking is made, an email with the itinerary number is sent to the user. By using this number, you can view all the flight/hotels/cruise booking that you have made
  • Check-in: You can either check in online or check-in physically at the airport/hotel/cruise
  • Seat: While you are at the airport, you can select your seat and also change the seat if necessary
  • Baggage: Every airline has a baggage policy that you need to make a note of beforehand and adhere to
  • Change and Cancel: You have all the means to make changes or cancel your flights/hotels and cruise reservations
  • Payment: Making payments on this platform is very easy as all the modes of payments are through credit/debit or Expedia rewards

Create Account

Now that you have probably read about all the good stuff that you can access through this site, let’s see how to make them possible. Just so you know, you cannot benefit from the above services if you haven’t created an account yet.

  • To create an account, go to the official Expedia page – https://www.expedia.com/
  • In the top-right corner, click on Sign In
  • Select Sign up from the drop-down list
  • Here comes the usual process of creating an account, enter your primary details such as Name, Email Address and Password
  • Once you have filed those in, click on the Create Free Account Button

There you go. A simple and easy way to create an account. Now you can look for all those deals and offers that you are dying to get your hands on.


  • A rather simple way to log in to the site is by clicking on this link, which will take you to the official address – https://www.expedia.com/
  • Now go to the Sign-In page on the top right
  • Enter the Email address and the password that you used while creating the account
  • Click on Sign In and you’re done
Expedia Login

Forgot Password

A forgotten password is not something to be worried about if you have a way of retrieving it. If you are a person who has lost their password, this one’s for you.

  • Go to the official web address and click on the Sign In option
  • Under the password field, click on Forgot Password button
  • On a new page, enter the email address of your account
  • A password reset link will be sent to your email which contains all the instructions to reset a new password
  • Create a new one and save the changes

The next time you log in, you can use this password. You can also check the “Remember Me” box if you are just another forgetful person like me 🙂

A Smart Travel Guide

Here comes the best part, the actual Travel Planning process. Yeah, I understand that the travel planning process is not enjoyable as taking a walk on the beach but don’t worry, we will get there. To make your travel exciting and enjoyable, you need to make some smart decisions. You can take a look at the vacation and travel guides for detailed information on the best destinations and a few travel hacks that you can make use of – https://viewfinder.expedia.com/

Here is a simple yet smart travel and planning guide that you need to make a note of:

Health Info

The first and foremost step is to ensure you are fit to travel. You do not want to fall adversely sick while embarking on your journey. At the same time, you need to make sure that you go through the travel restrictions imposed by the government. Keep your safety in check, as well as the safety of the people near you.

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Making bookings is another important step which takes so many factors into account. The destination which you travel to is what makes your journey worth remembering. Here are a few tips through which you can decide where you want to travel to:

  • Travel-type: First, you need to figure out how many people are travelling along. Is it a solo trip, a family trip, friends trip or a business trip. For example, Diamond Head hike in Hawaii is one such destination that you can solo travel to, City park and National WWII Museum for a family trip are great destinations.
  • Interest: Next, you need to decide the interest of the majority. It can be an adventure, a road-trip, tropical trips, a cruise, or a music festival.
  • Occasion: The occasion is another highlighted factor. Whether the destination is suitable to travel to during the particular season or a specific holiday. For example, the Christmas lights of New York during the winters are breathtaking or the 4th of July crackers during summers, the occasion and the season both go hand-in-hand.


Once you have finalized the destination, find out the hotels for a stay. The company has many offers on the different types of travel based on amenities, budget, number of members, and many more factors. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance, as you need a place that is close to your travel destination.

Adhere to Travel Protocols

While traveling, make sure to adhere to all the travel protocols to ensure the safety and security of your close ones. Once you reach the destination, follow the quarantine protocols, which are different for every place. Make a note of these security measures beforehand to avoid last moment mishaps.

Travel Partners and Brands

Expedia Group of companies provides all its information and travel resources thanks to all the help from its travel partners. Quite a few organizations have partnered with this company to advertise their resources through this portal, while other organizations brought along a new set of services. With a list of 23 brands that are associated with this company, It has become a one-stop solution for your traveling needs. A few of these brands are:

  • Trivago: Trivago is the most sough-after platform for hotel bookings. More than half of Trivago is owned by Expedia
  • Traveldoo: This is another travel agency that is mostly used to make business trips. The association has resulted in making business trips more secure and enjoyable
  • CruiseShipCenters: Expedia CruiseShipCenters are dedicated towards making cruise travels
  • AirAsiaGo: This organization is specialized in making flight arrangements for its customers

In addition to these brands, there are many more such brands that helped the organization in enlarging its global footprints. Due to the collective work of these organizations, this company has gained a wider audience.

Expedia Reward Program for Dummies

Now, I’m not sure how many of you guys have heard of this loyalty program, but this company has one. This loyalty program was crafted for those who look for rewards and benefits to maximize their travel experience. Using this loyalty program to your advantage can get you many reward points that you can use while making any further trips with this organization.

So let’s start with what this program is about. Frankly speaking, for every dollar you spend on booking a hotel/cruise/car rental/vacation package, you earn 2 reward points. By booking flights, you earn 2 reward points for every $5. And if you use the app for bookings, your points are doubled(if this didn’t blow your mind, then I don’t know what will). In simpler words, the more you spend here, the more you earn. Based on the amount of money you spend in a single year, you earn a specific title. E.g. Gold, Silver, and Blue.

Jumping towards the next question, how much are they worth? And where can you spend them? Just like any reward program, the value of 140 points is equal to $1. You are probably thinking that the value is quite less when compared to other reward programs, but there is a definite reason for this. Once you reach a certain level by collecting points, you can access major discounts such as 50% off or the Flight+Hotel Coupon, so don’t worry about the value but keep spending more to gain more.

How to Use the Points?

Here comes the most exciting part. You can use these reward points on any service such as flights, car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, excursions, etc. To redeem the points, simply go to the option you want to book and proceed to checkout. Then click on the payment options and tap the “Use my point” button.

Mobile App

Tired of using the web browser to look for exciting offers? Why don’t you try switching to the mobile app? After all, you wouldn’t just be using the app anywhere and anytime but also gain many perks such as:

  • Double the reward points
  • Exclusive deals for mobile users such as 30% off on hotel bookings
  • Live chat with hotel service desk
  • Access to virtual agents 24/7
  • Manage your trips from anywhere and anytime with paperless access to all documents
  • Set up alerts and reminders whenever you need them

Download the mobile app for iOS and Android platforms now and make use of all mobile-exclusive offers and save yourself enough time and money. So if you wish to experience the wild nights of Ibiza or the calm yet spectacular Smoky Mountains of North Carolina which change the entire horizon into a mix of bright and beautiful colors, with this app, you’ve found your best friend.

Ongoing Challenges Faced By the Company

When we talk about the issues related to Expedia, we are referring to the issues faced by the customers due to the lack of proper service. The company’s staff who aren’t able to provide proper customer support leads to many problems for both the company and the customers. I mean, how often have you had to interact with customer support agents who barely had any idea of how things were supposed to work. For some folks, using this service is as easy as making a pie, but for a few, it’s quite a hassle.

As per most customer reviews and small research made by our team, we came across a few issues that hinder the company’s ability to make rapid growth. These issues are mostly caused due to the:

  • Deteriorating quality of service that is provided to the customers
  • The staff members aren’t trained enough to solve the issues to the customers on time
  • A rather slow implementation of innovations for the customers

Curating a solution to these problems is nowhere close to impossible. Despite the negative issues it has been receiving from people, the company is still taking specific measures to enhance the quality of its service, which has increased its revenue in the past few years. Recent advancements such as online booking portals have increased the global market by 9% in the year 2020. In simpler terms, it means that the company has taken measures to bring quality service to the customers. Now, they need to put more emphasis on the staff members for better and exceptional customer service.

Looking for a Job at This Company? Apply Here…

Before you start looking for a job anywhere, you need to make a note of what you can do for the organization and what can you achieve in return by working for the said organization. With that said, what makes a person want to work for Expedia?

  • Many Brands: It has partnered with popular brands that strengthens its connections among people and the brands themselves. By working for a company that has a wide network established in every corner of the world and an increasing digital footprint, you can achieve a broader spectrum of knowledge. You get to interact with renowned professionals and gain enough experience.
  • They Work Everywhere: Another reason why you need to work here is because of the huge global market. The company has set up its offices in every corner of the world that empowers them to build a better system.
  • Benefits: No matter in which part of the world you work, The company brings forward many benefits and perks to strengthen your mission. In addition to the usual benefits, you can avail yourself of some country exclusive benefits that you can take a look at from the official page.

Now that you have a solid reason to work here, why don’t we get started with the application process? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Careers page and type in the job title or the location – https://lifeatexpediagroup.com/jobs
  • Select any list of your choice and click on Apply Now
  • On a new page, enter the personal and professional information along with the resume
  • After filling in and reviewing the details, hit the Submit Application button


  • Child care benefits such as adoption assistance, family medical leave, flexible work timings
  • Cultural benefits include brainstorming sessions, volunteering, eating lunch together, etc.
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Vacation and time-off
  • Professional development
Expedia Company
Corporate Office

Reasons to Support and Oppose

Here is a small list of what you can expect by using this site for your needs and what are the drawbacks associated with it.

The Good Stuff

  • You can make booking easily at cheaper rates
  • Access to many payment plans such as one time payment or the Book Now, Pay Later feature
  • A variety of offers and deals
  • Travel insurance policy

The Limitations

  • Cancellation policy may not work every time
  • Poor customer service
  • Not enough room for upgrades

Customer Service Number

To clarify any doubts or ask for assistance, you can contact customer support by calling on the expedia.com phone number (866) 310-5768. You can find additional information on the Customer Service page – https://www.expedia.com/service/

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With all the information given on this page, you probably have an idea of whether you want to use this website or not. Keeping all these major attributes and features in mind, I’d say that this website is trustworthy for sure, but I wouldn’t tell you if you need to give it a try or not, as that’s your decision. You can sure give it a try if you want to, but the final verdict depends on how well you’ve enjoyed the experience.

So go ahead and enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Also, make sure to let us know what is your opinion about this service and what do you think of this article…

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Should you sign for all the Expedia brands separately?

No, you do not have to. The company in question has collaborated all the brands into their group of companies that do all the work for you. Just create a single account and start searching.

Can you cancel or change your bookings?

Yes, you have all the means to cancel or change your bookings online through the web portal.

Where can I use the reward points?

You can redeem the reward points on services such as flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc.

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