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Technology has progressed so much these days that we don’t need to wait anymore at the toll gates to pay the fees, making your toll payment time shorter so that you can continue on your trips without any delay. Moreover, the State of Massachusetts has been incorporating this modern software known as EZDriveMa into their tolling program to reduce delays and to collect the toll taxes electronically. This electric tolling software has been a boon to the drivers passing through the Massachusetts Highways which in turn helped reduce the long traffic congestions which are quite common on the Highways of the United States. 

www.PaybyPlatema.com is a payment software that helps you to fulfill your tolls and any other pending toll payments. This is done by considering your license plate. The www.paybyplatema.com portal is the preferred payment method by many Vehicle drivers passing through some popular Massachusetts Highways as it does not require any additional equipment or electronics and the payment happens in a matter of seconds. 

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www.paybyplatema.com: PaybyPlate

As explained above, this is a form of toll payment system which allows you to pay toll fees within minutes and head back onto the highways. Unlike the EZPass, this toll payment option does not involve carrying any transponders that are attached to the Windshields, instead, it involves scanning or photographing your Vehicle’s License Plate and sending toll invoices to your registered mail accounts for unregistered users, which involves paying toll fees through the ezdrivema.login(www.paybyplatema.com) website or at the EZDrive MA customer service centers with checks, cash, credit, and debit cards. If the payment is not paid within the due date, then additional charges will be added to the toll fees based on the extended period. 

For Registered users, PaybyPlate offers four types of systems – 

 Automatic Account Replenishment(Prepaid) involves an initial payment of 20$  to your account, once the balance becomes low it is automatically replenished through your selected payment choice like Debit Cards or Credit Cards. 

Automatic Account Payment(Postpaid) involves assigning credit or debit cards to your registered account, from which the toll fees are deducted after 30 days cycle automatically.

Manual Account Replenishment(Prepaid) allows you to open your account at Customer Service Centers where you pay the initial amount of 20$, and it is replenished after the use of balance by chosen means.

 Manual Account Payment(Postpaid) allows you to receive invoices through emails which can be paid online through .ezdrivema.login or by visiting the customer care centers. 

How to Register on www.paybyplatema.com?

To register on www.paybyplatema.com electronic toll payment system, follow the steps given in the tutorial below.

  • Visit the www.paybyplatema.com website.
  • Click on the register button in the top right corner.
  • You will be redirected to a fresh page that consists of a personal information section where fill up the name, address, account number/pin, email, phone number sections.
  • Fill in the personal info and click the next button on the bottom right.
  • Another page is opened, where you need to fill in your vehicle details such as Model Name, License Number, Make, Year, Color, etc.
  • Once you filled in the vehicle information, click submit.
  •  After which, click on the type of account you want to choose like username, email, and account number.
  • Now visit the FirstTimeLogin website and fill in your account number, PIN, username or email, password, and confirm the password – https://www.ezdrivema.com/PBPFirstTimeLogin
  • Now click the process button on the right bottom, this completes the registration process.

How to Access the www.paybyplatema.com Account if You Lost Your Password?

These steps must be followed to access your account if you forget your password.

  • Open PaybyPlateMa.Login website – https://www.ezdrivema.com/paybyplatemareglogin
  • Click on the forget username or password option on the bottom.
  • Which will redirect you to a fresh page, with the account number and email sections.
  • Enter the required info into both sections and click submit.
  • A new page is opened where you can submit your new username and password.
  • Click submit button.

How to Login Into www.paybyplatema.com?

This tutorial will give complete information on how to login into www.PaybyPlatema.com for unregistered users.

  • Visit the EZDriveMA Web portal operated by the MassDOT(Massachusetts Department of Transportation) – https://www.mass.gov/ezdrivema
  • Once you open the web portal, you can witness the PaybyPlate login menu on the right side.
  • Click on this PaybyPlate Login menu, which will redirect you to a fresh page.
  • This page consists of three empty sections, Invoice Number received by e-mail, Vehicle Number, State.
  • Fill in these sections with the required information and click the login button. 
  • This will redirect you to another fresh page, where the tax details are showcased.
  • This page also showcases the various payment options on how to pay the toll fees.
  • Once, the transaction is completed, you will once again receive a confirmation email with all the transaction details.

For registered users –

  • Visit the  EZDriveMA website and click on the login button on the bottom right – https://www.mass.gov/ezdrivema
  • Enter your selected choice like username, account number/email ID, and password.
  • Click on the Login bottom, which will redirect you to a fresh page.
  • The page consists of the tax details, payment system, balance, period, personal info, etc.

For more information and issues, visit the CustomerService website – https://www.ezdrivema.com/customerservice, use this web page to book your appointments in nearby customer care centers. The site also contains details like Address, Contact Number, Email ID, and Customer centers list.

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What is EZDriveMa?

EZDriveMa is the Electronically Tolling system incorporated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) across the many Ezpass Ma Equipped facilities like the Callahan Tunnel, Massachusetts Turnpike(I-90)and Tobin Memorial Bridge, Sumner Tunnel. 

The EZDriveMa electronic tolling system involves setting up Ezpass Ma systems which comprise scanners, cameras, and transponders to identify the vehicles passing through the Toll gates on a particular highway and to extract charges from these verified vehicles to grant access to the highways. The EZDriveMa collects toll payments through multiple options like EZPassMA, EZPass, Pay by Plate MA Registered, and Pay by Plate Invoice.

This smart tolling system was established in Massachusetts State on October 28, 2016. The system has successfully helped the MaasDOT in various ways like controlling or reducing the chances of congestion, sudden braking near toll lanes which can often cause accidents, improving the safety of the passengers traveling by, reducing the delays, reduce air pollution near the toll gates due to idling vehicles, and reduce the fuel consumption while idling which in turn helps save money and putting a stop to toll violations. 

Where the Ezdrive Is Used?

 The EZDrive electronic payment system is used in more than 19 states in the United States of America such as Massachusetts, Washington, Florida, Rhodes Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio. Other states like California, Oregon, etc. are also gearing up to employ these electronic toll systems in their state highways shortly. 



EzpassMA is a toll payment system employed by the EZDrive system of the MassDOT as opposed to www.paybyplatema.com which has overall control of the toll. This electronic payment system employment of transponders onto the windshields of the vehicles. Once the vehicles reach the Toll Gates, the transponders send a radio signal to the toll gate transponders, which confirm the passage of the particular vehicle from the toll plaza. Only registered users can access this payment system, and you receive a free transponder after your registration. The EzpassMA is a prepaid or postpaid type of payment system. 

Registered users can also get one free toll passage in the State of Massachusetts. For a private individual and commercial business account, the transponders are not free and charge an initial amount of 20$ and 50$ respectively. You can also get replacement fees, only if the transponder is stolen, or damaged.

The payment options of EZPassMa are –

Automatic Account Replenishment

The initial amount paid by private and commercial users is used to pay the toll fees. When the balance becomes low, the same amount is added back to the account through Credit and Debit cards automatically. The Amount in the account is reviewed occasionally and changed according to your monthly toll usage.

Manual Account Replenishment

This payment option charges an initial amount of 30$ and 50$ for Private and Business Users Respectively. Unlike the automatic return system, here you need to keep track of your balance and add whenever the balance is less manually.

Manual Payment

A manual payment system needs you to visit the nearby EZDrive MA customer service centers. Here you can add balance and add when necessary. This payment can also be performed from Moneygram, for an amount of 1.99$ for every payment.



This payment is quite similar to EZPassMa. As well as www.paybyplatema.com. However, the payment system works in all 19 states. States that have the EZDrive Electronic tolling systems, unlike the EZPassMa which is restricted to the State of MA. This payment is best suited for tourists traveling through the United States as it is accepted in many states. 

The payment is best suited if you drive through multiple state highways every day due to your work. The system reduces the delay and makes you reach your destination safer and faster. The Transponders and the initial payments may vary depending on the state you are in. However, it employs the same employ methods as Manual Payment, Manual Account Replenishment, and Automatic Account Replenishment. 

To register onto the EZPass payment system,

  •  Visit the E-ZPass website of the state you are in – https://www.e-zpassny.com/
  •  Fill in your personal and vehicle information as mentioned above.
  •  Choose your account type,
  •  Fill in your username and password. 
  • Once the process is complete, press the submit button, and your registration is complete. 

If you forget your password

  • Visit the EzDrive website, a new page will be restored – https://www.mass.gov/ezdrivema
  • Click on the forgot password option.
  • Now enter your account number and email sections. 

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Www.paybyplatema.com Pay Online is the right website. Also, the payment system to use among the various EZPass employed tollgates in the states of Massachusetts. All the information about registration, login and forget password are provided above by detailed tutorials. The tutorials explain in great detail the various payment systems used by the pay by plate users. Moreover, there is also detailed information on the other toll payment options in Massachusetts for you to decide for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which is the best toll payment system in Massachusetts?

The MassDOT employee various electronic payment systems but we highly recommend you to use Pay By Plate as it doesn’t require any additional types of equipment, and it is less time-consuming compared to others.

Is the PaybyPlate payment option expensive?

No, the PaybyPlate system charges only an initial payment of $20 which is similar to that of other toll payment options.

Where can you access PaybyPlate Systems?

The PaybyPlate system can be accessed only on the EZDrive employee’s roads and states.

What are the different types of payment options in the PaybyPlate Toll System?

There are four types of payments options in the PaybyPlate Tolling System such as Automatic Account replenishment(Prepaid), Automatic Account Payment(Postpaid), Manual Account Replenishment (Prepaid), and Manual Account Payment (Postpaid)

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