Faucethub Login

Faucethub Login

FaucetHub Login is an online portal that acts as a medium for cryptocurrency exchange and mostly as an online protected wallet for storing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and many more. The wallet also offers captcha questions, upon answering them correctly you can receive cryptocurrency rewards directly into your registered account. The web portal is the prime destination to buy, sell, gamble, and earn cryptocurrencies online. The web portal only charges a tax of 0.5% for the payments made through these web portals.

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Faucethub Login

The Faucethub has two types of accounts general(Faucet Users) and premium accounts(Faucet Owners) that offer multiple features such as accepting payments, secured storing of Cryptocurrency, access advanced statistics of payments, connect with the other users on the site, unrestricted API access, easiest migration, 24/7 anti-fraud system, enhance stats, a central hub with API keys and multiple faucets. There are multiple levels in this cryptocurrency portal which increases with the completion of the offers. However, the web portal is shut down and is recently converted to Focus games web portal.

FaucetHub Login Requirements or Focus Games Cryptocurrency Wallet

To open an account in either of the cryptocurrency online web portals mentioned above, the interested candidates must possess certain requirements which are stated here in this section.

  • A cryptocurrency address that was given to you soon after buying the cryptocurrency.
  • Individuals must possess an accepted cryptocurrency type by either of the portals.
  • The web address for FaucetHub Login and Focus Games portals, or the “Focus Games” application on their Mobile Phones.
  • Good Internet Connection with a secured browser (if you are using a web link).
  • Anti-Virus and Firewall software must be installed on your device to prevent your data from getting stolen.

How to Register on FaucetHub Login Web Portal

The FaucetHub login portal was one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets of all time. Here in this section, we have provided the detailed steps to register accounts on the portal stated here.

  • Visit the FaucetHub Login web address mentioned here.
  • Look for the “Create an Account” option on the top of the page.
  • Click on the “Create an Account” option and a pop-up is displayed.
  • Fill in your personal info namely username, email, confirm email, Cryptocurrency address, and security password. 
  • Once you have completed filling in these details, click on the submit option.
  • You are now successfully registered on the Faucethub portal.

FaucetHub Login Procedure

The FaucetHub Login procedure is quite simple and easy if you follow the necessary tutorial given here.

  • Connect to the FaucetHub Login web address provided here.
  • Once the website is opened, inspect for the “Log in” option located on the top of the page beside the “Create an Account option.
  • Press this option, which will redirect you to another page.
  • Here on this page, fill in your username and password(created during the registration process).
  • Choose the Captcha and solve it.
  • Now press the login button, and now you can successfully access this online cryptocurrency wallet.

Account Recovery Process if You Lost Your Password

To recover your account when you lost your password, go through the step-by-step details cited below.

  • Click on the FaucetHub Cryptocurrency Wallet web link stated here.
  • Press the “Login” option on the page.
  • Now look for the “Forgot Password” menu below the login credentials section.
  • Click on this option, you will be redirected to another page.
  • On this page, enter your email address, choose and solve the captcha.
  • Press the request password reset button.
  • Type your new password and confirm the password.
  • Now, by pressing the Submit button, the recovery account process is completed successfully.

Features of FaucetHub Login Portal

The FaucetHub Online wallet offers multiple features, which are explained in detail in this section.

For Faucet Owners

  • One Central Hub has many API Keys(needed for accepting or receiving crypto money) and Multiple Faucets (Holding different types of Cryptocurrency).
  • Easy migration, which means the cryptocurrency can be migrated from one account to another with the tap of few keys.
  • The API keys are unrestricted, and the owners can access any number of API Keys when required.
  • A 24/7 Anti-fraud system helps the owners to protect their accounts safely from frauds and hackers.
  • Can promote their faucets by using the top faucets listing feature, which in turn increases the value of their faucets.
  • Advanced Security and Enhanced stats to give updates and complete info on your account and transactions.

For Faucet Users

  • An easy and safe wallet to store the cryptocurrency.
  • Receive and transfer micropayments from other sites.
  • Secure your cryptocurrency safely from fraudsters and cyber exploiters.
  • Receive Advanced statistics of the received micropayment.
  • Connect with other users on the platform through the Forums.
  • Solve the captcha and increase your level as well as your rewards.

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Registration Process on Focus Games

Pursue the steps given below to create an account on the Focus Games Cryptocurrency Online Wallet.

  • Firstly, visit the Welcome | FocusGames – Crypto Faucet Games FaucetHub address link given here
  • Examine for the “Create An Account” Option on the same page.
  • A New Page is opened. Use the Create your account link provided here.
  • Enter your Username, Email Address, Confirm Email Address, password, password confirmation in their respective sections on the page.
  • Now select the Captcha type and answer them.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions and Personal Data Policy.
  • Submit the “Create a new account” option and your registration is completed.

Login Procedure for Focus Games Online Wallet

  • Click on the Faucethub.Io web link through your installed web browser or FaucetHub Application.
  • Click on Log In to Account
  • Type your Username and Password into their sections.
  • Now choose a captcha and complete it.
  • After which press the “Login” option under the sections.
  • Finally, you can now access your focus games wallet account.

Account Recovery Process for Focus Games Cryptocurrency Portal

  • Connect to the Recover Password link stated here.
  • Enter your Username or Email Address.
  • Select the Captcha type and answer it.
  • Now press the password reset option on the bottom of the page.
  • Fill in your new password and confirm the password.
  • The recovery account process is complete.

Features of the Focus Games Cryptocurrency Online Wallet

This modern cryptocurrency wallet portal is highly known for its unique and essential features which are explained below in detail.

  • Upon solving quizzes, you will receive rewards and bonuses.
  • Vegas, Lotter, and Causal games to play and earn focus tokens and rewards.
  • Receive Daily Bonuses.
  • Referral Programs like Offerwall Rewards, Turbo Faucet Claims, Daily Bonus Rewards, and User’s Level up which offers commissions and game XPs for level up.
  • Payment proofs showcasing advanced details of the transactions received and made.
  • Exchange your cryptocurrency whenever needed.

Focus Game

Focus game is also an online web portal that acts as a medium as well as a wallet for cryptocurrencies. However, it is mostly used for playing online games and earning faucet tokens, which consist of various cryptocurrencies. The Focus Game portal is also available as a gaming application for Android and iPhones. Currently, Focus Games has 98533 users and more than 11.25 Billion FGN Tokens distributed. The web portal games are casino-themed and the access is free of cost, but registration is a must.

Moreover, the Focus tokens value further increases during weekends and weekdays, which is the right time to earn more cryptocurrency. This unique cryptocurrency wallet offers various information about the payments spending, transaction details, and more detailed listings of all the cryptocurrency transactions as a list with time, date, amount, type of currency received, etc. The Focus Game also helps to increase the level as you continue to play the various games on the portal, which in turn will unlock the many features and rewards of the FocusToken, which in itself is your own cryptocurrency. 

Alternatives to FaucetHub Login Portal

Some popular alternatives for the FaucetHub Login portal are explained specifically under this category.

Express Crypto

One of the best alternatives to the FaucetHub which offers multiple ways to earn money for example Offerwalls, Games, Faucet, Chat, etc. The coinmarketcap rate which powers the transactions on this cryptocurrency portal charges fewer rates. The Online wallet accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DigiByte, Dash, Etherium, Dogecoin, Ex-Gold, Ex-Silver, Life coin, Link, Neo, Monero, Pot Coin, Peer Coin, Ripple, Tron, Straits, Zcash, and Waves.

The various features the Express Crypto offers are Simple and Futuristic Portal Design, Access to Unlimited Faucets; Dice, Lotto, and Bingo games to choose from, Instant exchange and transactions, Large Community, Multiple Withdrawal Options, Borderless Connection, Forums to connect with other users, Rewards for participating in chats, games, transactions, etc. The Express Crypto can be accessed through the ExpressCrypto web address given here.


Microwallet is an easy and simple cryptocurrency wallet that should be accessed through the  Microwallet Login address here. The wallet is currently available as a website, while the company is working on an application version for Apple and Android Smartphones, and also Laptops. The Microwallet has multiple features such as easier connectivity across multiple platforms, instant transactions with low fees, Daily interest for your account balance, become a part of a global network, ease to use, Multiple API keys available for users(Merchants), Multiple subscription plans like Basic, Pro, and Enterprise to choose from, Regular updates with Crypto news and trends with Markets feature, and access to bitcoin and blockchain ebooks to learn from.  

Faucet Pay

Faucet Pay is another micro wallet that charges fewer fees for transactions compared to other online wallets. It offers multiple ways to earn money through Referrals, Gambling, PTC Ads, Offerwalls, and Faucets. The registration process is quite easy for this online crypto wallet as it only requires your cryptocurrency address to set up the account.

You can access several features like Pay for PTC Ads to increase traffic and AD money, Open API keys, Online games such as Dice, and Rock-Paper-Scissors, Unlimited access to Faucets, and Simplistic design of the website. The wallet also offers various services like cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto leverage trading, advertising faucets, listings faucets, and many more.

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The FaucetHub Login article shares necessary details about the FaucetHub Wallet, its features, requirements, registration process, login process, and account recovery process. We have given you details about Focus Games(Converted FaucetHub Portal), its features, transaction details, log in, account recovery, registration procedures, and the requirements needed to open an account in Focus Games wallet. The article gives various alternatives to Faucethub Login such as Express Crypto, Microwallet, and Faucet Pay to compare and choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is FaucetHub login? Is it active now?

The FaucetHub login is an online cryptocurrency wallet that offers instant transactions, storage, and exchange services for low taxes. Unfortunately, the portal is shut down and currently converted into the Focus Games Wallet.

What are the features of FaucetHub login portal?

Many features of the FaucetHub login portal are Central Hub containing API keys and faucets, unlimited API keys, multiple faucets, 24/7 anti-fraud systems, promoting faucet listings, advanced security, enhanced transaction stats, transactions accepted from various sites, multiple ways to earn faucets, and rewards.

What are FaucetHub alternatives?

The best alternatives for FaucetHub Crypto Wallet is the Focus Games itself, which was developed from the FaucetHub portal. There are other interesting online micro wallets such as Express crypto, Faucet pay, micro wallet, Cedson hub, KS wallet, Walcrypt, etc.

What are the cryptocurrencies accepted by FaucetHub login portal?

The FaucetHub accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etherium, HORA token, Tron, litecoin, bitcoin cash, monero, Zcash, digibyte, etc.

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