Some of you may think that credit card usage may lead to debt, that is far from the truth. Credit cards are the best option to purchase items and pay bills. The only thing to make sure of is that you maintain is a good credit score, and you can enjoy good benefits(cashback, reward points, etc). Did you know that more than 79% of the population in the United States has at least 1 credit card? Out of all those people, some of them use the FbCreditCard.


So did you ever hear about the FbCreditCard? Most of you are probably here because you know about this credit card, and just want the login procedure for the First Bank portal. For those who never heard of this, it’s a credit card offered by the “First Bank” or “1stBank”. The bank mainly operates in Colorado, California, and Arizona. It is a privately held bank.

We shall talk more about the bank and everything that it has to offer, but before that let get to the main event. You have guessed it right, it’s the login procedure for the First Bank portal. The portal offers many functions to the users including online banking, cash management, credit card management, and a few others. So without further ado let us see the login procedure for this bank’s portal.

How to Login to the First Bank Portal?


Even though the login procedure is very simple, we are going to break it down to even more simple steps. These steps will help even an amateur understand how to log in. Well, here they are:

  • Simply head over to their portal using the fbcreditcard.com link – https://www.efirstbank.com/home.htm
  • When open the link, you can see the web portal for their bank. In there, there are two empty fields which require your user ID and password.
  • Enter the appropriate user ID and Password in the fields, and select the desired option from the drop-down menu option under it.
  • When you are done with that, hit the login button. This will log you in to the first bank portal, and you can use the desired options for banking. Including options for the Fbcreditcard.
  • In case you do not want to constantly enter the login credentials, select the “Remember user’s ID” option right below the login button.

This login procedure is for a personal account in the portal, there is another account which is the business account. Customers who want to log in to a business account can use the same procedure. The only thing to do is to click the Business portal from the same page. In case you are having trouble with that, just use this business portal link – https://www.efirstbank.com/home-business.htm

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Forgot Password


This can be quite a predicament if you do not know the reset process. While it isn’t that difficult to recover/reset the password, people who never used any such web portals will require help. Well, here we are to help you reset your account password.

  • On the same login page, you can see a “Forgot password” option below the login section – https://www.efirstbank.com/
  • Click that option, and you are redirected to another page where you have to complete the security captcha.
  • Once done with that, you are redirected again to another page. Now this is the page where you have to fill in certain details for password reset.
  • So fill in the details like the User ID, your SSN last 4 digits(or a Tax ID number assigned by the Federal government), and choose a verification method.
  • For the verification method, select either the FBCreditcard/debit card or your account number.
  • Depending on the option you choose, enter the last 8 digits of your card or the account number.
  • Finally, click the Next option and follow if there are any more instructions. This should help you reset the password for both personal and business accounts.

How to Sign Up for the Firstbank Portal?

How to Sign Up for the Firstbank Portal?

Want to buy that amazing jacket online? Cannot see the option to make online payments with your First bank account? It’s probably because you do not have an account in their portal. Customers of First Bank who do not have an account in the online portal should create one to use the online banking and their fbcreditcard services. So check out the next few steps to help you sign up for an account in their portal.

  • You can either head over to their First bank credit card login page and click the small Sign up option below the login section, or use the direct Sign-up page link – https://www.efirstbank.com/internet-banking/log-in-sign-up.htm
  • On the sign-up page, choose between “Enroll for personal online banking” or “Enroll for business online banking”.
  • Regardless of the option you choose, you have to fill in a bunch of details. These details include your name, personal information like SSN, DOB, Mother’s maiden name etc.
  • Also, enter the account number and then either enter the last 8 digits of your card or use an activation code.
  • Click the Next button when you are done, and follow further instructions if there are any.
  • This should help you sign up for an online banking account in the First Bank. Now you can use all the features of your Fbcreditcard to the fullest.

The signup process for the business online account is pretty similar, except for a few other extra details. Remember to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

First Bank Credit Cards

Steak or Sushi, Xbox or PS5, coffee or tea, see it is good to have options. Some of us might have difficulty in deciding between those options, but it is still good to have one. Similarly, when it comes to credit card options, everyone has different requirements and expectations. While most of the requirements align with the larger population, some don’t. So First Bank offers its customers to choose credit cards based on their requirements.

There are a few options to choose from their fbcreditcards for both personal and business customers. Every card offers certain reward programs, bonuses, and a few other things. Let us discuss the personal and business credit options.

Personal Credit Cards

The personal card options are for general users who want to enjoy the services offered by the bank. Customers have the option to choose between 2 different reward programs when it comes to personal credit cards. They can either go with the FirstBank Classic Visa or FirstBank Icon Visa cards that provide slightly different rewards for First Cash and First-class reward programs.

FirstBank Classic Visa

This card offers the best offers for travelers with their First-class reward program. Every purchase or dollar you spent on booking hotels, flights, or kind of rentals will earn you cashback or points. For example, for every 1 dollar you spend, you earn 1 point with the First-class reward program. Similarly, you get 1% cashback on every purchase with the First Cash reward program. Its Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 15.15%.

The best thing about this card is that there is no annual fee for both reward programs, but there is an international transaction fee of 3% on the First Cash program. The rewards point or cash backs you earn can be redeemed after they accumulate up to $10 or 1000 points. In the First-class program, a customer can earn 10,000 bonus points when they redeem 40,000 points. Unfortunately, there is no such bonus in the First Cash program.

More info on this card is available from this Fb credit card page – https://www.efirstbank.com/products/credit-loan/credit-cards/credit-cards-visa.htm

FirstBank Icon Visa Card

The FirstBank Icon Visa Signature Credit Card offers a little more extra rewards compared to the above card. Apart from the 1% cashback on all purchases, the First Cash program offers 2% cashback on gas and grocery purchases. Again, in the First-class program, you get 3% cashback on any purchase related to travel. This is apart from the usual 1% cashback.

This card offers bonuses for both First-class and First Cash reward programs. The First-class users get 3% cashback on rentals, airline tickets, and other travel-related expenditures. With the First Cash program, users will get up to 2% unlimited cash back on grocery and gas station purchases. In terms of reward redemption, the minimum redeemable amount is $10.

Check out their other rewards, rates, and fees from this credit card page info – https://www.efirstbank.com/products/credit-loan/credit-cards/credit-cards-icon.htm

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are just like regular personal credit cards. The only difference is that these are used for business and employee expenses. You know, like those occasional lunch or dinner parties. A company or an organization can use these business cards for their expenses and get various benefits on their transactions. Use the FirstBank Business Visa Credit Card and get 1% cashback on all expenses.

The amount of cashback you receive depends on the amount you spend each year. To get a maximum of 1.75% cashback, you have to spend $5,000,000 or more. The cashback rewards get reset every year, so should be redeemed before the annual reset. The APR rate on purchases is 15.15% and is 18.15% for cash advances and balance transfers.

There is a lot more than you can find out about the business fbcreditcards, but to do that take a peek at this www fbcreditcard com – https://www.efirstbank.com/products/credit-loan/credit-cards/credit-cards-business.htm

One other thing to know, these cards are also available with various photographic images. So why not get a card with some amazing design, instead of those boring plain cards. All this can make for a compelling argument for both personal and business credits cards. So read all the info and make your decision.

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How to Apply for FirstBank Credit Cards?

I know all this information is driving you towards getting a credit card from FirstBank. In case I’m right about it then let me tell you that getting these cards is real simple. All you have to do is visit any FirstBank closest to you and talk to them. Another way is to call them at “1-800-964-3444“, though this only works for personal credit cards. For those who need help finding the FirstBank, use this location finder page – https://www.efirstbank.com/customer-service/find-location.htm

Features of FBCreditCard

Any product is only as good as the service or options it offers. When it comes to FBCreditCard, here are the features,

  • The most important one is the cash rewards that you receive after using the card on purchases. The cash back rewards can reach up to a maximum of 1.75%
  • Options to personalize spending. Scared that your employee is going to waste your office expenses with the credit card? Don’t be, because the Fbcreditcard has customization options to limit spending options.
  • All your expenses info, transaction history, customization options are available online for the credit card. All you have to do is login to the FirstBank portal to access the info and settings.
  • Single tap payment option with the contactless payment feature.
  • The best of all is that the card is fast, secure and easy to use.

About FirstBank

Did you know that many people lined up in 1963 to open an account in FirstBank? The bank had opened 270 accounts on its first day of business. If you have ever read their about page on their website, or any other platform then you will notice the term “humble beginnings”. This is because the banking firm’s branch started from a small trailer. That’s right, just a trailer, and it was called “The Check Wagon”.

Now the company has more than 115 branches across the country with over 2900 employees. The growth is exceptional as it also reached a deposit amount of $20 billion. The banking firm is a great place to work that has good word of mouth from both customers and employees. Especially, as the company provides a lot of freebies like lunches, dinner, and sometimes free meals.

FirstBank also helps their community grow by participating, funding Colorado Gives day. On this day, a fund is raised to help the local nonprofits. The company also helped launch this community initiative. This event also takes place in Arizona, and so far $17 million has been raised and $217 million in Colorado. There are many other interesting tidbits about the company that are available from their About page. Do give it a read – https://www.efirstbank.com/about-firstbank/about.htm

First Bank Card Mobile App


Every bank now has its app, so does this one. Install the FirstBank Mobile Banking app from the PlayStore or the App Store. Simply look for the app from the search bar and click the installation button. So why should you install this app? The answer is pretty simple, to access all the features of the FirstBank from your mobile. If you have the app on your mobile, you can pay bills, manage money, transfer and request money with the Zelle option, and a few other options are available.

Customer Support

Since we are humans, there is a good chance we all need help at some time. When it comes to banks, we need instructions and help. So if you need help with credit cards or any of your account troubles sue this customer support link for FirstBank. The page has multiple instructions on how to get help – https://www.efirstbank.com/customer-service/contact-us.htm

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Most Americans know that banks can help in their financial progress(at least the smart ones). So when it comes to trusting your money with a stranger, banks are the way to go, and only the reputed ones. So go with the FirstBank and get their Fbcreditcard for financial benefits. Each time you make a purchase you also get money with their rewards points and other features.

So find out everything about the bank and the credit card options from this article. We even have a tutorial on the login procedure for their customer portal. If things aren’t going well with your account then contact them with the above customer support option.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I access the First bank web portal?

Any user who has an account in the First bank can access their account info through the online web portal. To log in to the account, use this login page link and enter the right login credentials. There are two types of users, personal and business. Choose the required option from the login page – https://www.efirstbank.com/home.htm

What are the types of Fb credit cards?

The Fb credit cards are of two types of users. One is for personal and the other one is for business. There are again 2 kinds of personal and business credit cards. FirstBank Classic Visa and the FirstBank Icon Visa cards.

What are the contact options for FirstBank?

You can contact them directly by calling “1-800-964-3444” or sending them.

Does the web portal for Firstbank is the same for both personal and business users?

No, personal and business users have separate accounts. While the portal link is the same, there is an option to switch to the business portal from the personal one and vice versa.

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