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Fred Mcd

What do you think of when I say fires or burgers? Everyone has their favorite “go-to” place for fries or burgers, but many think of only one place. That’s it, you guessed it right. It’s McDonald’s. Those crispy french fries and a Big Mac combined with a chilled Coke, now that’s what I call a “Happy Meal”. As interesting it is to talk about their food, that’s not why we are here. We are here because we want to help you with the Fred Mcd portal.

Now, what is this Fred Mcd portal? who can access this portal, and what can they do with this portal? The Fred Mcd is an employee-only portal, which means people who are employed at McDonald’s are the only ones who can use this portal. You might have used or heard about the employee portal before, but this is a little different one. Unlike other portals where employees only used to manage their work, this portal is a support and operations portal.

So what kind of support does this portal offer? Well, Mcdonald’s has a curriculum plan for all their employees. These programs include the Crew Development program, Shift Management, Systems Management, Restaurant Management, and Business Management programs. All these programs help their newly hired or existing employees(depending on their level) to progress in their job and become better at them.

Features of Fred Mcd Employee Portal.

  • Provides support through various documents and reference materials.
  • Instructional videos.
  • Real-time job support.
  • Useful for shoulder to shoulder training(learning with your team).
  • operations and training manuals.
  • Unique promotions
  • Troubleshooting instructions for various products and equipments.
  • Check on paystubs, work schedules, etc

These are the essential things that you will find in the Fred employee portal for employees. Hope this clears up the what question, and now we can move on to the how-to login part. In the next few sections of this article, you will find all kinds of instructions for this portal.

Fred Mcd Login

Fred Mcd Login

Many restaurants now have their web portals for e restaurant logins, but the Fred Mcd is a little different. We have already discussed how it is different and now will discuss how an employee can log in to this portal. Below are a few simple instructions on how to log in.

  • The procedure is pretty straight forward, first you have to open the login portal. Click on the link to open the Fred Mcd portal –
  • On the landing page of this portal, notice that there are three different login options. These are for crew, Restaurant managers & Franchisees, and McDonald’s Corporate.
  • Depending on your position in the company, choose the required option from the page.
  • Let us take the example of Crew login. Click the Crew option, and it displays a login section.
  • Now, there are multiple options that an employee can use to log in. You can sign on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.
  • Other than those options, you can just use the McDonald’s ID to log in. So if you choose the McDonald’s ID, enter your username and password then click hit the login button.
  • If you want to save your username, then just select the box that says “Remember me” under the empty username field.
  • Similarly, any other option you choose, enter the username and password to login.
  • In case you want to access the portal from a different location or change the page language, then you can see the option for that in the top right corner of the login page.

Forgot Password? Not So Surprising

Fred Mcd Login

Most users often tend to forget their password for web portals, and if you are one such person then you might need some help. The Fred Mcd portal has an option for people who forget their passwords. We are here to help you guide in the password recovery process.

  • Open the same Fred Mcd restaurant McDonald’s portal. Then choose the desired login option from crew, restaurant manager & franchisees, and McDonald’s corporate. URL for the portal:
  • Regardless of the option you choose for login, every login section has a “forgot password” option.
  • Click that forgot password option, and you will be redirected to another page.
  • On this other page, enter your McDonald’s ID and then enter the captcha shown on the page. When done, click next.
  • Now, follow the instruction shown to reset or recover your password for the portal.
  • This method is applicable to all kinds of login options on that page

What Is the McDonald’s Curriculum Roadmap?

The McDonald’s Curriculum roadmap is sort of an instructional manual and a training program for recruits and franchise building. Their curriculum offers all kinds of instructions and training for different levels of employees. Their curriculum has 5 different levels of employee programs.

Crew Development Program

This program is for new hires and crew members just starting at the company. The program provides a shoulder-to-shoulder form of learning in the first stage and has a total of 4 stages. It starts with a crew orientation, foundation, then handling french fires station, and Productions/service stations. t takes 2 months to finish this program.

Crew Trainer Development Program

This is like the next stage of the previous program and is for crew trainers. They are trained on their roles & responsibilities, Delivering McDonald’s brand promise, being a leader, communicating effectively, training crew, and teaching skills.

MDP1 – Shift Management Program

For Swing and Manager trainees this program is useful. As it concentrates on various aspects of manager responsibilities. The program takes 2- 8 weeks and consists of various levels from Station & Trainer verification, transition to management, Area management, and Shift Management. That’s not it though, you have to go through other training to be a certified shift manager.

MDP2 – Systems Management Program

Next level of training for 2nd assistant managers. It starts with an intro to the systems management then goes through different stages like improving operational efficiency, prerequisites, EMP, EMP Post class action plan(takes 30 days to reach here). After a few more the program finishes with Performance Development System.

MDP3 – Restaurant Management Program

For those working as the1st Assistant managers, this is the program to go for. It covers various aspects of work training by starting from building the business to performance development in 30 days. The final stage doesn’t end but goes on for as long as an employee works there.

MDP4 – Business Management Program

This program is for higher-ups who handle the work of being a Restaurant Manager. From the intro to business management to business planning part 2, an employee goes through any other training procedures. Then finally to the performance development system.

This is the McDonald’s curriculum map for their employees in every state of their work stage. In case, you need a more detailed pictorial representation of this map, check out this Curriculum Map PDF –

Also, take a look at this McDonald’s Training page for more info –

Other Portals of McDonald’s

Fred Mcd isn’t the only web portal of McDonald’s there are a few others that are used across the globe by employees, students, and corporate partners. Here we are going to discuss briefly those other portals.

Scott Family McDonald’s

Everyone knows that McDonald’s has many outlets and franchises in the whole world. One such franchise called the Scott Family McDonald’s has a separate portal for their employees. To access this portal, you can use this McDonald’s employee portal link. Ben Scott bought the rights for a franchise in 1972 in Piqua. He then named it the Scott Family McDonald’s.

The MyStuff 2.0 Portal

The MyStuff 2.0 Portal

This is just another McDonald’s web portal that looks pretty similar to the previously talking about employ login portal. Though the only difference is that this portal is for UK employees, and it has a different landing page. When land on this page, click the location mark and you will be taken to the login page of the employee portal. The procedure for login is similar, so you can use the instruction provided in this article. If you are a former employee of MCD, then click the ex-employee option to log in.

McDonald’s Ourlounge

McDonald's Ourlounge

A simpler and easier to access McDonald’s restaurants portal for crew and managers. This is an optional portal that is an interactive website with easy user accessibility and a simple interface.

About McDonald’s

Well, we all know what McDonald’s is all about, but not many know about the company’s history. So that’s what we are going to talk about here. Before it became one of the top food chains in the world, it started small, like every other business. The company overhauled to a small business after it started. This is better meets the requirement of customers and serve them hamburgers at a cheap price. They broke the competition by selling a hamburger for 15 cents, which was way less than their competitors. This led to the huge success of their business.

The business was bought from the McDonald’s brother by Ray Kroc, who then established franchises and made it what we know today. He improved the quality and standard of the business by introducing programs to improve employee performance. This program was later known as Hamburger University. Their famous Big Mac was added to the menu in 1968 and went to become their signature food.

While the company has seen great growth and popularity over the years, it also faces some backlash in the early 2000s. This was when there was a rise in obesity in American and many food chains faced backlash and lawsuits for serving unhealthy food. McDonald’s is no exception to this backlash and was right at the center of it when a filmmaker made a documentary claiming his only diet of McDonald’s food damaged his health.

It was then that the food chain introduced various healthy variants of their products, the most notable one being the Vegan hamburger, now known as McVegan. Since the food chain has a lot of outlets and franchises across the globe(around 39,198 restaurants), it creates a lot of job opportunities. In case you are interested to join their workforce then check out the next section explaining their employee benefits.

Employee Benefits at McDonald’s

Depending on the work you do at McDonald’s, you can earn from anywhere between $9-$15 an hour. The company is also planning to reach the average hourly wage to $15 an hour, so it is a good time to look for a job at McDonald’s. While we will help you search for a job at McDonald’s, let us discuss their employee benefits. So you know, you can make a better decision.

Health Benefits

This is something that defines employee benefits at an organization. Since the well-being of an employee is crucial to an organization’s growth, they must provide good health benefits. Well, the company does offer various medical, health, dental, and vision insurances. It also offers accidental insurance for travel and business, accidental death, etc. Some of their plans also cover an employee’s family member for physical examinations, baby care, and immunizations.

Financial Perks

Their financial benefits include FSA(Flexible Savings Account) which lets employees save a certain amount to use for their health and other emergency expenses. The company provides its employees access to various profit-sharing plans, so they can save it on a tax-deferred basis. Every employee is eligible for the 401(k) plan for their retirement fund. The company also provides stock purchase plans.

Other benefits

Some of their other employee benefits include paid time off for vacations and holidays, and even a paid week-off under Anniversary splash program. They also have programs for child assistance, adoption assistance, Education assistance, many other programs.

For information on their benefits, take a glance at this List of Employee benefits page –

Careers at McDonald’s

With all the above information about their wages and employee benefits, I wouldn’t surprised if anyone read would want to take a swing at their various jobs. In case you do want to try out for their vacant job roles, then the next few instructions will help you.

  • Go to McDonald’s Careers portal and enter a location to search for available jobs.
  • Once you enter a location, choose the desired option between a Corporate Job or a Restaurant Job. You can also just search for it from the search bar.
  • Search for a job from the search bar, and when found, click the Apply now button.
  • Read the job description and its requirements, then add all the required info to apply for the role. Follow any further instruction to submit your application.


The whole point of this article was to talk about the Fred Mcd portal which is for employees to access their training programs and other stuff. Including the info on the Fred MCD portal, we have explained its login procedure and password recovery. Other than that, you can find a lot more details on their other portals, their curricula plans, employee benefits, and instructions to apply for a career at MCD.

I know, none of this is as interesting as heading over to their restaurant and munching on french fries or a Big Mac. Maybe you can do both, order food and read this at the same time. In case you have any trouble with any of their portal or anything else, then use this contact info for help –

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the FredMcd portal?

This is an employee portal for the crew, managers, and corporate individuals of McDonald’s to access their various tutorials and operational training programs. These programs are offered to every employee to improve their productivity and get better results.

Does the FredMcd portal require a McDonald’s user ID?

No, a McDonald’s user ID isn’t the only way to log in to this portal. An employee of MCD can use other social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft accounts to use this portal. Just the login credentials of those accounts to access your account.

What can you do with the FredMcd account?

An employee can use this portal to access various documents, reference materials, instructional videos, etc. They can also get access to various training programs and use their account to check up on paystubs and other work-related stuff.

Does McDonald’s offer employee benefits?

Yes, McDonald’s offers its employee many health and financial benefits, just like any other organization out there. We have covered a detailed paragraph on all benefits that an employee working at McDonald’s is liable to.

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