is another employee login portal operated by the Kroger Retail company, to help the employees to access the company’s updates, the latest news, products & services, and many more. This web portal unlike the MyLifeAtKroger website is frequented by the registered users for various functions, for example, receiving the latest company updates, observing the company calendar for project deadlines and important dates, keeping tabs on upcoming or current business events, learning about the present-day company strategies, edit or manage your personal and professional accounts, access payslips info, online work timings or schedules, stores information, receive special discounts with greater benefits and offers, also access benefits, vacation packages and more.

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Requirements to log in to your account on the web portal.

The web portal under discussion asks for a list of prerequisites that play a key role in providing means of entry into the employee login portal and its many features. These requirements are listed below.

  • High-Speed Internet Access and a secured web browser.
  • Compatible devices namely, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, and Smart Phones.
  • Job Positions at one of the stores or offices under the Kroger Retail Company.
  • Individuals must carry or possess a valid Employee ID provided by the company.
  • They also must possess the company-provided username and password.
  • If you are signing up into the online portal through Laptop or PC, install Firewall(if possible) and Antivirus software to protect your device and personal data.
  • Store your login credentials in a safe and secured folder on your system to access on a later date. web portal.

Login Process for Kroger Feed online portal.

The first-time login process of your account on the said web portal might be a bit complex, so to avoid any discrepancies while accessing the portal, follow the elaborate instructions provided here.

  • Connect to the Secureweb Greatpeople login web address from your device.
  • The Greatpeople Login page is displayed, requesting login credentials.
  • Enter your Valid Enterprise User ID and Default Password into their respective sections.
  • Now press the “Sign in” option under these sections.
  • The home page and personal profile are displayed where you can access the multiple features mentioned above.

What to do if you forgot your password for the Kroger Eschedule web portal?

We humans, often tend to forget simple passwords for our various work websites and platforms, so don’t worry if you forgot the password for the web portal in question, as the company operating the portal has provided a method to recover your account and update your password, which can be performed by following the detailed tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the Secureweb Kroger Greatpeople web portal through the web link provided here –
  • Once the login page is opened, click on the “What’s this?” option beside the password menu.
  • You will be redirected to another page, here enter your Enterprise User ID into the given section and click next.
  • A set of security questions must be answered, only if you have chosen this option during the first-time login process.
  • Otherwise, a web link is sent directly to your email address.
  • Open this email and click on the link provided in it.
  • Another web page is displayed, fill in the new password and confirm the password into the required sections.
  • Now press submit, and the password is successfully changed. You can also use this method to change your default password.
  • Using this new password and the Enterprise ID, the users can access their accounts on the Kroger Eschedule web portal.

Problems faced by the users of HR Express web portal.

The supposed web portal users have reported multiple issues while accessing the portal across various social media platforms and websites. These general issues are stated below along with the possible solutions.

Errors

The sign-in errors are quite common for the Greatpeople. me portal users as they are caused solely due to Typing Incorrect Enterprise User ID and Password while accessing the portal. That is why we recommend users store this username and password in a separate folder so that they can access the folder and identify the mistakes.

Web Browser Issues

The various web browsers used while connecting to the Kroger Paystub portal must be regularly updated so that the users do not miss out on any features provided by the web portal. Most importantly, the web browser’s performance is affected by web storage, stored cache, and search history, removing these things often will help improve the web browser’s performance.

Maintenance Problems

Much like other online web portals, these portal must undergo maintenance to fix the web issues, improve performance and add features. At this moment, the web portal will be inaccessible to the users for some time.

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Functions of the web portal.

The Krogers portal is frequented by users to perform numerous functions which are described in detail here in this section.

  • The main function of the said web portal is to provide regular company updates and the latest news to the users 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • The web portal can be used by users to update their personal and professional accounts and add necessary info or reports to your profile whenever needed.
  • Unlike the LifeAtMyKroger, the users using this online portal cannot access their monthly paystubs, however, they can access the enhanced stats regarding these paystubs and the various previous payment listings.
  • The users can access the company calendar on this web portal, which is useful for identifying the various project deadlines and important company dates.
  • Here the employees can also learn more details about the current company strategies employed by the company, and how does it affect the various company services.
  • The employees can also keep tabs on the business events that are currently occurring or going to take place soon.
  • Here the employees can also access their ework schedules or online work schedules for days, weeks, and months in advance.
  • The portal also provides access to much greater benefits, special discounts, and offers for the users while purchasing items from the Kroger Retail Stores.
  • They can also monitor their employee benefits through this web portal and access their various company-provided vacation plans which are unlocked with experience of working in this company. 

Kroger Retail Company

Kroger Retail Company

The popular retail giant Kroger has experience of 138+ years in the retail industry making it one of the oldest retail companies offering services across 42 states in the United States of America.

The first Kroger market was set up by Barney Kroger in 1883, on the iconic 66 Pearl Street in Ohio with the help of his life savings worth just $372. This supermarket multiplied rapidly as they gained customers by providing High-quality Products, Budget-Friendly Prices, Organic and Natural food options, and many more over 130+ years.

These features helped the Kroger Retail Company to establish itself as one of the largest retailers in the country making an annual revenue of $132.5 Billion through the sales of groceries across the 2,800 stores in the country. The Kroger Company follows six main values, for example, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Inclusion, Safety, and Diversity, and their main motto is “To Feed the Human Spirit”. 

For more details about the company and its employee-only portal, visit the My Life At Kroger article.

Employee Benefits offered by the Kroger Company

The Kroger Company offers various benefits for the employees working across the various grocery stores or supermarkets in the country. These benefits are explained in further detail below.

  • The Kroger Retail Giant provides competitive wages at a range of 15$ per hour to 20$ per hour depending on the job position and the experience in working for the Kroger Company.
  • The company has taken several precautions across their stores to prevent employees from catching the Covid-19 virus during this ongoing pandemic period and also provides free Covid-19 vaccinations for the employees.
  • They offer a wide array of pension plans for the employees to choose from which are equipped with 401k retirement plans.
  • The organization takes great efforts to help employees maintain their health and well-being by providing Free Flu shots, Wellness Programs, Dental and Vision Insurance, etc.
  • The employees of Kroger can access many discounts and offers while purchasing items or company-made brand products from the Kroger Retail Stores across the country.
  • The company believes emotional well-being is very important for the employees working here, for which they offer assistance, resources, and free counseling programs for much-needed employees.
  • For the current studying employees, the company offers various educational benefits for example the Tuition Assistance and Coverage program.
  • They are multiple learning programs offered by the Kroger Company such as Personality Development, Skill Improvement, Career Development, and far more.

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The “” article provides the instructions for login/sign-in, registration, account recovery, and updating password procedures on the online portal. We have shared all the necessary information about the web portal in question, such as its common problem or issues, various functions, necessary login requirements, etc. The article also provides a brief introduction about the Kroger Retail Company, its history, its founder and the various employee benefits the individuals can access while working for this retail giant and using the Login Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the “” portal? Is it similar to the MyLifeAtKroger employee portal?

The is one of the two employee web portals operated by the Kroger Retail Company. While the two portals share some similarities, there are operated for different functions such as the MyLifeAtKroger is primarily used for accessing the employee benefits, whereas the is used to accessing company-related information.

How to apply for jobs at the Kroger Company?

To apply for jobs at the Kroger Retail Company, visit the nearest Kroger store and submit a job application there, or visit the Jobs at Kroger web portal and apply for your interesting job openings nearby your area. –

What are the various features offered by the online portal?

The web portal offers several features, for instance, eschedules, paystub listings, and info, special discounts and offers(for purchasing at Kroger stores), update your accounts on the portal, nearby stores information, company current strategies, monitoring business events, monitor project deadlines and important dates on Company calendar, and many more.

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