HCA Estub

HCA Estub

Did you ever lose an important piece of paper or a document? That must have been a frustrating experience. I know it because I have been there, especially when I lose an office document or my payroll slip. This is a major problem with papers/documents. They can be easily lost, so that’s why companies started providing their employees with online documents and HCA estubs. They are secure and not lost or damaged as easily as a piece of paper. So one such organization that allows its employees to check on their HCA estubs is HCA Healthcare, and it does so with the help of the HCA Estub portal.

Before we talk about HCA Estub, you might wanna know who or what HCA is? Well, they are an organization providing many healthcare services in the United States. Their services cover 20 states with 185 hospitals and more than 2000 healthcare sites. Most employees are now familiar with online portals and their features and are happy to access their work info online. So almost every organization has a web portal for that, and HCA Healthcare does too.

Any employee of HCA healthcare has been provided with access to check their payslips, online wage statements HCA, or any other transactions online through HCA Estub. Estubs is an application that allows users to access their portal to check up on the above-mentioned things. It is a paperless pay application, which is a common term used for these kinds of portals.

Without further ado, let us see the instructions one would require to use the HCA estub portal and log in to it.

HCA Estub Login Instructions

HCA Estub Login Instructions

Now, usually, people who do not have much experience with a web portal do not know that a web portal can have a completely different name that doesn’t resemble the organization. Confused? Let me clear that up. Here, you are looking for the HCA estub login portal, so you might think that’s what the portal is named, but that’s not it. The HCA estub portal is called the Parallon Identity Federation portal.

This portal is an HCA Estub employees portal of HCA, and accessing it is pretty simple when you know the right steps. Those right steps are found below.

  • Open the HCA Estub login portal with the help of this Parallon login link – https://ap.idf.medcity.net/IdentityFederationPortal/Login/
  • Like every other standard portal, this one too has two empty fields that require a password and a username.
  • That’s all you have to do here, just enter those two things and hit the “Sign in” button.
  • This shall take you to your account in this HCA estub portal.

There is a certainty for some, if not for many, that they might forget their password for this portal. In cases as such this, the next section is going to be useful.

Password Reset for the Estub Login

Password Reset for the HCA Estub Login
  • Now, if you still are on the login page waiting for a way to reset that password then click the “Forgot password” button.
  • After that, on the new page, you see an empty field and a drop down menu.
  • Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu and enter your username/ID.
  • Then click “Continue” to reset your password. This sends you a link to your registered email address.
  • Open the mail with the link and reset your account password.

This way you can reset your HCA Estub account password, but for some reason, you are having trouble with your account and cannot reset your password then contact IT support for assistance.

Now, apart from this Parallon estub portal, there is another employee portal called the Netspend Estub. Employees can go for this portal when they do not have a network Users ID.

Netspend Estub Portal

Netspend Estub Portal
  • Access the portal with this Estub page link and enter the login credentials.
  • The login credentials include your username and password.
  • Enter those details and click the “Login” button.
  • Initially, the password is your SSN number. Later, you can change password.
  • If you are having any trouble, then use the hints provided on the login page.
  • Similarly, if you forget the password, then use the “Forgot password” option and reset it. If you need more instructions on this, then the above tutorial will be of help.

About HCA Healthcare

From Tennesse, Nashville to 20 other states, the HCA has expanded its services in the country from when they started in 1968. They have 186 hospitals, many emergency rooms, urgent care, and surgery centers in the country. All these thanks to the founder, Thomas Frist Sr. Before HCA, the founder served as a Chief Executive and founded Nashville’s Park View hospital in 1960.

Their growth in the early 1980s was aided by acquiring healthcare organizations like General Health Services, Health Care Corporation, Hospital Affiliates International, and General Care Corporation. This catapulted its revenue to $2.4 billion. Similarly, other mergers and acquisitions followed in the later decades, which made the company go private in 2007. This wasn’t the first time the company has gone private.

One of its biggest mergers was in 2006, which was the result of its buyout by Bain Capital and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. They together with Thomas Frist Jr. and Merrill Lynch led to the company’s buyout which was for $33 billion. So far we have talked about the HCA hospitals and facilities in the USA, but they also have hospitals in London, UK.

The HCA International operates many hospitals in different parts of the UK, some of which include the London Bridge Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, etc. These are operated under the Hospital Corporation of America. Like many other huge corporations, HCA healthcare had its fair share of controversies. It had to pay a federal fine of more than $2 billion in the 1990s which was due to illegal accounting.

Ignoring all that, they are a good workplace. So if you are interested to join their workforce and have the appropriate skill set for the job then you are always welcome.

Careers at HCA

Their career paths include Allied health, nursing, Executive & leadership, Physicians, and Advanced practice providers. Under these paths, there are a massive number of job openings for looking to join them. To find out their job opening and apply for them, take a peek at the next few instructions.

  • To apply for jobs at HCA, one has to visit their website and choose the career option. Our simple, use this Careers path link to go there.
  • As you can see, the web page as a few options. Either use the search bar to find the desired role in a particular location or just scroll down a little to choose specific roles.
  • There is also a third option where you can look at all the open positions by clicking the “View all our job families”.
  • Select the desired options and career path then on the next page, scroll down to find the open position.
  • Click the View job button and read all about it. Then hit the apply button, and you are taken to another portal.
  • The application procedure requires you fill certain details and information in a step by step procedure.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and fill in the mentioned details to apply for the job position.

Follow the instruction given above and you will have no difficulty in applying for their open positions.

Benefits at HCA Healthcare

Any organization that doesn’t care about its employee is bound to end up in ruins. Just like, “a kingdom is its people”, an organization only grows with the help of its employees. So you must take care of them by providing certain benefits. When it comes to HCA, the following employee benefits are provided to every employee.

Health Is a Blessing

What if an employee working at a healthcare organization needs healthcare, and what kind of organization would it be that doesn’t provide the necessary healthcare to its employees. Well, HCA is one of those, since it offers its employees disability & life insurance, various medical, dental, vision, and, Rx benefits. Other than these, they also offer free consultations, disaster relief support, HCA Healthcare hope fund, and many other options.

Retirement Benefits

Their 401(k) retirement plan and the employee stock purchase programs are really helpful for an employee to plan for the future. Their total benefits packages support both full-time and part-time employees of HCA.

Other Benefits

Apart from the usual health and retirement benefits, the company has plans that support its employees financially. Their plans for tuition reimbursement, student loan assistance, paid time off, and other scholarship and support options. In terms of tuition and scholarship assistance, an employee can get around $5000(tax-free) each year.

To find out more about their services and employee benefits, visit their website.

Customer Support

For patients and employees of HCA, there are customer support options that are available 24/7. Use this Contact Us page link to go to their support portal. The support page has various questions that answer the usual issues and there is also a helpline number. If you need a different approach, scroll down to the bottom and there is a “Contact Us Application“, which you can fill to get help.


The thing is, HCA has been around for a long time now and their services are top-notch. So, anyone employees, their services should make full use of them, even their employees. To do that, they should use the HCA portal to access all their info, and check and subscribe to their employee benefits. If anyone of you out there does not know how to do that, this whole article is dedicated exactly to that. So check out the login instructions that also include a troubleshooting procedure for password recovery. We have also covered all their employee benefits and a tutorial on how to apply for their open positions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are HCA wage statements?

The Hcawagestatement is nothing but a detailed list/summary of your paycheck that you receive from HCA. The wage statement or the payroll contains all the information of your payment including tax deductions, net pay, annual salary, and all other pay-related info.

How can one use the HCA payroll login?

To access the payroll info of an employee, they have to use the HCA Estub portal. This portal is only accessible by the employees and other associates to access their paystub info, W2, and other work information.

What can be done when an employee forgets their password for estub login?

The solution is pretty simple, open the estub portal and on the login page there is a “forgot password” option. Use the options and enter your user ID to receive a mail that contains a password reset link. With the help of that link, assign a new password to your account. This article also has a tutorial on the same, so do check it out for detailed steps.

What is HCA Scheduler?

The HCA scheduler is a feature of the HCA employee portal, wherein employees can check their work schedules and manage them accordingly. An employee should first have to log in to their accounting HCA portal to use this feature.

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