HealthStream, an online Learning Management Center that specializes in assisting health care organizations. In other words, it offers training modules for the employees of Healthcare organizations to improve their skills. The platform is suitable for Healthcare Enterprises of various sizes. Here on this portal, the users can take part in various health care courses and receive recognized certifications for these courses after completion. There are two variants of Health Stream portals, a Classical one and a Modern one. Apart from offering the same services, these two websites differ in their features and functions.

Features Offered by the Health Stream

  • Clinical Development feature which helps health care workers to adapt to new technologies. In other words, employ technological expertise to understand regulations, patient needs, and workforce dynamics. Which will help the workers to make right decisions, offer best care services and empower health care ethics.
  • Scheduling and Capacity Management feature helps health care workers to improve patient outcomes, which in turn helps them provide the best nursing experience to their patients.
  • Learning & Performance feature will provide the employees to improve their skills that results in improving work performance. In addition this course offers video platforms to learn more effectively and assists employees to use analytics on improving performance and engagement.
  • Quality & Compliance feature allows the employees to navigate the Quality and Compliance issues effectively producing positive results. This feature helps boosts the employees’ confidence to apply more effective strategies to meet the evolving the requirements. And also ensuring privacy and address inclusions & issues.
  • Reimbursement features help the employees to take part in revenue cycle training. This in turn reduces the chances of reimbursement and increase profit or performance margins.
  • Credentialing system offers updated and latest platform with high-quality content, manage data. This feature will reduce the hassle of working for various processes, instead use new strategies to effectively complete the process. In additions, the feature allows you to understand more deeply about the subject and the processes.
  • Resuscitation helps the health workers in understanding the technology advancements and how to effectively use this feature to increase staff competency and readiness.
Healthstream Login Page

Requirements for Log in Process for the

The health care workers accessing the login health stream portal, must meet or possess certain requirements. For instance-

  • Must be an healthcare employee of a Healthstream services registered organization.
  • Registered email address or mobile number along with default password.
  • Original web address for the portal in question.
  • Secured and updated web browser with stable internet connection.
  • Compatible devices for instance, Laptop, Smart Phone, PC or Tablet.
  • On PC or Laptop, install Antivirus software for data security.

Login Procedure for the Research Platform

To successfully log in to the medical web portal, follow the complete instructions given here.

  • Connect to the Health Stream Sign-in website through address provided here –
  • Now, on the login page, enter your email address or mobile number.
  • Also enter your default password.
  • Finally, press the “Sign-in” option. Therefore, you are successfully logged into the portal.

What to Do if You Forgot the Password for the Learning Center Login?

To recover your account on the login healthstream web portal without a password, visit the detailed tutorial provided here.

  • Visit the Health Stream Sign-in web address from your device –
  • Upon redirecting to the login page, look for the “Forgot Your Password” menu displayed under the required sections.
  • Click on this option, another page is loaded.
  • Here, enter your email address or phone number linked to the account and submit the “Send Reset Link” option.
  • Above all, an email or message is sent to your device containing password reset link.
  • Open this link and enter your new password.
  • Re-enter your password in the confirm password section.
  • Lastly, click on the “submit” option.
  • After that, use this password and username to access your account.

How to Add New Courses on the Healthstream Login Portal?

To add new courses to your list on the platform, follow the step-by-step information shown here.

  • Click on the Health Stream Sign-in web address given here –
  • On the login page, enter your company provided credentials and press “Sign-in”.
  • A Home page is displayed multiple options.
  • Therefore, choose the required “My Courses” menu.
  • Or, you can use the shortcut: Alt+A to directly open the mentioned tab.
  • The tab displays assigned courses list. In other words, courses that you are currently pursuing.
  • Now visit the catalog option on the top of the page.
  • This displays all the courses.
  • Use the search feature to filter the listings and apply for your interested course.
  • Once you identify the course you are looking for, click on the listing and press the add option by scrolling down the page.

How to Download Certificates for the Completed Courses on the Portal?

The registered users of the health stream web portal can access their certificates online and print these certificates. For which, follow the instructions provided here.

  • Login to your account on the Health Stream Sign-in web portal –
  • On your home page, a listed menu is displayed on the right.
  • Here, look for the designated course listed on this menu.
  • Click on this course, which will redirect you to the course/curriculum page.
  • This page displays details, For instance about the course, its completion date, type of course, etc.
  • On the same page, look for the Credits section.
  • Under which “View Certificate” link is displayed.
  • Press this link and download the certificate by pressing the “Print” icon on the top of the page.

What Are the Major Changes on the Modern Login Healthstream?

There are multiple differences between these two web portals. For instance-

Web Portal

  • Modern portal has a new web address.
  • Modern portal uses a single point login system(For both administrator & student) unlike the classic portals separate login systems.
  • The administrator and the student can merge their accounts on the new web portal.
  • The password for the Modern portal is case sensitive.
  • The classic account transcript menu displays individual course timings(Hours to complete) left. Whereas the new web portal displays the sum of all the course timings(for all courses) in the transcript menu.
  • No discipline/license certificate on the modern portal. Moreover, the administrator can choose whether to show the certificate or not to the students.
  • Separate online “Help & Support” channel providing direct message feature for contacting Administration. In addition, it also shows the contact numbers along with email address.


  • The complete control of the features and functions of the student account is controlled and managed by the Administrator.
  • However, the students have the option to join enterprise student groups both hidden and visible without administrators permission.
  • Above all, these student groups consists of people or students from 2 or more institutions and these groups can be used for various functions. For instance to complete assignments, participate in discussions, class registration, and accessing reports.
  • Moreover, the separate Discuss link is useful for joining various customer community groups.


  • The course authors no longer need any permission. In other words, they can directly submit their course on the platform without authorization from the Healthstream.
  • The authors can use multiple image formats for their courses. For instance, JPG, GIF & Animations.

HealthStream Company

The parent company of the Healthstream web portal is an Information Technology & Services industry company. Above all, the institution’s main goal is to employ information technology advancement & tools to share training module services for healthcare workers all across the United States of America. The organization was founded in the year 1990 and has gained popularity ever since for its specialty services. For instance, Online Healthcare Performance Management, Learning, and Simulation Training. The company’s headquarters are located in Nashville City, Tennessee. Moreover, it has corporate offices in more than five states across the country.

The properties offered by the company to the healthcare organizations on their web portal are, for instance, workforce development, simulation-based learning programs, provider enrollment, credentialing, talent management, and performance assessment. Mr.Robert A Frist Jr is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the company, while Mr.J Edward Pearson holds the President and Chief Operating Officer positions. Above all, the company operates two more web portals as CredentialMyDoc and CredentialStream.

Careers at the Health Stream Inc.

The individuals interested in working for the company, read the tutorial below for applying for open positions at the said company.

  • Connect to the Careers at HealthStream web address from your device.
  • On the page, scroll down and click on the “View Current Openings” menu.
  • A new page is displayed showing all the opening positions.
  • Use the search bar and filters, on the left side of the page, to narrow the listings.
  • Choose your job listing and go through the Details, Summary and Specifications provided on the page.
  • After that, enter your first name, last name, email address, phone number and lastly attach your resume.
  • Now press “Start Application” and job application is complete.
  • The home page also offers “Create Job Alert Option” which sends notifications and alerts to your device if the job positions you are looking for is open.


The “Healthstream” article provides complete info about the “Healthstream” web portal, its unique functions, courses provided, requirements, etc. Along with comprehensive tutorials for the Login, Forgot Password, Password Change, Adding Courses and Downloading certificates. Here in this article, we have listed the major differences between the classic and modern healthstream portals. We have also shared a brief description about “HealthStream Inc”, with tutorials for applying for jobs at the said company.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the HealthStream portal?

HealthStream is a web portal that is designed for offering training and educational services for health care workers of various healthcare institutions located in the country.

How to access this web portal?

The web portal in question is accessible for only health workers employed in the registered healthcare companies using the services offered by the portal. To access this portal, visit the web address.

What are the features of the Healthstream login portal?

The Healthstream portal provides users with various features like training modules, simulation programs, learning online courses, exercises, certification, and many more.

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