How to Get Help in Windows 10

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows, I bet no one in the whole wide world has not heard this term. Agreed, for some, it’s just a 4×4 opening in their walls, but you know that’s not what I’m talking about. Microsoft has upped its game with Windows 10 in 2015 when they first released this version of OS. While it is their best OS, it still has bugs and many users are here to know how to get help in Windows 10.

For more than 6 years now, there hasn’t been a new version of Windows(though we’ll get the Windows 11 in October 2021). Rather than releasing a new version after every few years, Microsoft decided to make small improvements gradually. Each update brought little changes and fixes to the existing issues. Though that’s not the only thing it bought(Hello, new bugs!). Doesn’t matter if it is the most used OS in the world, it still has bugs.

Well, no user is going to be happy with bugs. So what would you do if you face such issues? Typically, you search for solutions online. No know is going to wait for the next patch that’s coming after months. Microsoft was aware of this issue since it was happening for a long time now with its previous versions of OS. That’s why it introduced the Get Help app in Windows 10.

It comes with the OS and can be found in the app available on the device. So people who do not much about this app will go on the internet and search, How to Get Help in Windows 10? You are here because you did the same. So let’s get down to business.

How to Get Help in Windows 10?

The question “How to Get Help in Windows 10” should be “How to use Get Help in Windows 10?”. Regardless we are here to assist you in understanding what this app is, things it does, and how to use it. To explain this app in simple terms, I would it’s self-explanatory, what? I mean, it does what the app tells. Gets you Windows 10 help. Ever heard of the Universal Windows Platform? Well, this Microsoft platform is employed to develop apps and these apps for multiple devices.

For example, you got Minecraft. This game is compatible across various devices like Xbox, Windows 10 mobile, and others. Similarly, there are other apps too. Using this Windows help and support app ain’t that difficult. Since the app comes in-built with the OS, all you have to do is access it from the Start menu.

This app is the contact support for all your Windows 10 related problems, and other related devices too. Get Help app can be found in the Start menu, scroll down a little to find it or search for it from the Start menu search bar. It also helps you find drivers for the device and other useful things.

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Is the Get Help App really useful? and is it worth to search how to Get Help in Windows 10?

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Of course, it is useful. Any app that reduces your effort of finding a solution is worth using. The best thing about this app is that it comes with the device and it has a very simple interface. When you open the app, you see a search bar right on the top. Just type in your query and it shows you the appropriate results. The app also shows a few common issues that general users encounter with Windows 10 based on the search history.

Do not worry, the app is completely secure and doesn’t mess with the user data. Rest assured that one can browse it without any worries. Also, one important thing to remember is that the customer support option works only when logged in with your Microsoft account. Now, let us take a look at some of its features.

Features of Get Help App

  1. Easy to use interface with a simple search bar.
  2. Support on all Windows 10 issues.
  3. Offers various kinds of links for IT, Business, and Microsoft store sale support solutions.
  4. Can find solutions for products like Azure, Xbox, One Drive, Skype, Outlook, and many other Microsoft products.
  5. Chat online or schedule a call with customer support executives.
  6. While this is a Windows 10 app, it cannot be updated from the store. It should be updated from the Windows Update settings.

How to use the Get Help app?

As mentioned previously, the app doesn’t require any sort of login(unless you want to talk with customer support). Any user can employ this app by opening it from the Start menu and entering their problem in the search bar. Look for the results that best suit as a solution for your problem and click it.

All solutions are shown as results, which are links to Microsoft support webpages containing instructions on how to fix that issue. The moment you click on a link, the browser opens that link containing all the information. In case you cannot find an appropriate result then change the search keywords for better results.

This should sum up, how to get help in Windows 10?

Microsoft Premium Support Services

While most of the services offered by Microsoft for Windows 10 are free, other premium services require you to pay those dollars. These paid services are mostly for technical and business support that a user can opt for. Users are charged per incident for these services, and there are several plans for this. One such plan offers 5 incident coverage for single pay.

Like getting upgrades for your device and data backup. When an individual or a company doesn’t have a plan for such services, they are charged based on the service. For example, you want recovery of lost data then is ready to drop $149.

Other premium services include one-on-one chat/call with the support executive that costs $99. Users can also get the one-year plan for software assistance and other training support that could cost around $149. Along with paid services like Assure Software support plan($149 annually) and the Virus Removal and protection plan($99 per session).

Some Other Alternatives on help options in Windows 10

The answer to how to get help in Windows 10 isn’t a single option, but there are few other choices apart from the Get Help app and the paid services. Let us see what those are.

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The Start menu Windows 10 Help

Probably the simplest method to find solutions to small bugs. From the Start menu of your Windows 10, search for your query in the search bar, and the solutions are shown as web results. These are links to various Microsoft and other sites that have detailed explanations on various issues.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Visit the site to look for answers to your problems. Not that just, but the site also has various Windows 10 support links for other Microsoft products like Office, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Xbox, and a few others.

The F1 key

Simply press the F1 from your keyboard while you’re on the desktop to open the browser, and this opens the browser that shows various options on how to get help in Windows 10.

Microsoft Answers

Microsoft Answers

Microsoft Answers is like a community forum where one can share their queries as questions, and other users can assist with a solution. You can also follow up on other discussions for other products to find answers.

Common Windows 10 issues and how to get help in Windows 10?

Even with constant updates and bug fixes, there is a lot of other stuff that doesn’t get fixed or is swept under the rug. Though there are solutions for such problems. Find what those are and how to fix them.

Too much used up space in Windows 10

This is probably something everyone is frustrated about. Well, don’t be because we got a fix for this. Every device has temporary documents, a Windows registry database, and some leftover data from previous files. Remove all those by using the cleaning the Disk in Windows. Search for it in the Start menu, when you open it, choose the drive and clean it up.

Limit the unnecessary data usage

Go to the Wi-Fi setting, click the manage known network options, and choose the connection. Then hit the properties option, there select the “Set as metered connection” option to limit any unnecessary data usage.

Stop those pesky background apps

The most useless in-built apps in Windows 10 consume your device’s RAM and slightly limit the device’s performance. Disable them by going to settings and background apps from the Privacy menu. Choose the ones that you want to disable.

For more such solutions, check out these sites,,

Customize Get Help

All the above info must make it clear that the Get Help can be accessed from Windows in multiple ways. When you search for a particular issue the app shows results and options based on the type of user you are. Meaning, there is Consumer exposure and then there’s the Enterprise experience. While the solutions are common the options may slightly vary, like for Consumer Experience you get either Search support or Virtual Agent.

Now users who have their very own support pages and apps can add their websites or apps to the search results of getting Help. To do that, simply add the OEM assist info of the app/site URL to the unattend.xml file under the Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup-OEMInformation section.

If you are still confused about this then check out this Microsoft support document on the same. Also, take a look at this OEMInformtation page on other settings.

Contact Microsoft

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Other than the “get help”, you can directly contact Microsoft using their website On this website, you can see two options, either open the Get Help app or get support in the browser. Since you probably already tried the app, go with the browser option. Clicking that option will redirect you to a page where you can type the issue and get solutions.

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We have offered you everything concerning the Get Help app and other support services that Microsoft offers its employees. Go with the ones that best suits your requirement and gets you the results. That being said, now you know help options in Windows 10, along with info on Microsoft get help app, and many other Windows help and support options.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Windows 10 Help options?

Windows 10 offers its users a multitude of help and support options that are useful in handling errors as well as providing a good user experience. Some of those support options include the Get help app, Microsoft community forum,, and a few others.

What is Windows 10 Community?

The Windows 10 community is a Microsoft forum that can be accessed by every Windows user. They can use this portal to discuss and find solutions to almost every issue with their Windows.

Does Windows 10 have a help button?

Yes, Windows 10 has a help button that brings up the Get Help app.

Does Microsoft offer Pay Support Services?

Microsoft offers its users various kinds of Paid support services plans based on their requirements.

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