Picture this, you come home after a long day at work and want to cool down a bit by watching a movie. You sit down with your laptop in front of you and search for it on Netflix, but sadly, it’s not there. What’s your alternative in such situations? Hulu has been serving people by providing seamless video streaming services for the past decade. Let’s find out more in detail about what this service is and what are the streaming options available on it. We’ll also take a look at the login/sign-up for new users.

Video Streaming on Hulu

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What is it and Why Is It Popular?

Hulu is an online platform that provides streaming services in the United States. This streaming service is jointly owned by Comcast and The Walt Disney corporation. Being the most popular streaming service, they provide access to on-demand TV shows and Live TV shows. It has a variety of subscription plans for its users along with the add-on feature. With this site, users have access to a wide collection of movies, TV shows, and also sports. All these services are available with or without the ads.

This streaming service is popular as it includes:

  • A wide collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch on-demand
  • It has a free trial option for new users that lasts for a week or a whole month
  • It also has subscription plans for customers
  • Ad-free subscriptions along with access to Live sports and news
  • Account sharing facility

Which Countries Can Access This Streaming Site?

As it is one of the largest streaming services in the United States after Netflix, the streaming/plans and subscriptions are only available to the people of the United States. The on-demand and Live TV options are available in all the states of the U.S.A. and also the US military bases. Recently, Walt Disney announced that they are looking forward to expanding their reach across wider regions.

Login Guide

Before jumping to the login process, it is important to know which plan is available on which device. Although Hulu and Hulu+Live are available on all devices, they are a few devices that do not support Live TV. You do not wish to buy a plan which you cannot access on your device. Here’s a list of devices that support Hulu + Live.

Account Login: Free Trial

If you are a novice user, and you want to stream on this site on a trial basis, then do check the following procedure:

  • Click on the Website given here
  • You can see an option called Get First Month Free
  • Click on this option, and you will be asked to fill out all the basic details (name, age, DOB etc.,)
  • Once done, click on Continue
  • On the next page, you can see the payment options available: Credit/Debit or Express Options
  • Fill in all the payment details and press the Submit button
  • After entering the credit card options, you will be asked to select any add-on as per your wish
  • You can select an add-on which will be included in your trial period. You can also click on Skip if you do not want any add-ons
  • Before making the final touches, once again make sure to check how long the trial period is
  • Click on Next, and now you can enjoy your favorite shows
Avoid the Charging Fee at the End of the Trial Period

In most cases, people only wish to enjoy all the shows that are available online and do not want to make any payments. Let’s admit the fact that most of us have done it, and many of us keep doing so. It’s quite easy to avoid being charged. Although the platform asks for credit details to charge you at the end of the trial, there’s a way to completely avoid being charged. To do so, you need to cancel your subscription a day before the billing date.

Before selecting the free trial plan, the viewers can see the date on which the account will be charged. This is the billing date on which the free trial will expire. This date is available on the account page under the Upcoming Charges section. Here’s how to cancel the free trial subscription:

  • Log in to the Account and click on your name which is on the top-right
  • Here you can see your subscription plan
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription button
  • The portal asks for a reason for cancellation
  • After making the final changes, your subscription will be canceled

Login for Subscriptions/Plans

There are many subscriptions available. These subscriptions also have add-free streaming options. A few subscriptions have Live access to sports channels and news. You can also use the “Bundle” feature to add more streaming options to your existing subscription. These subscriptions and plans are given below in the latter half of this article. So don’t forget to check it out.

Once you’ve decided to create an account based on your preferred plan, here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on the Website and the options are given below that you need to choose from.
  • Here, you can see the base plans, which are Hulu(with ads) and Hulu(without ads). Bundle and Save programs are also given, which adds ESPN+ and Disney+ to your base plan.
  • After selecting your preferred plan, click on the SELECT option
  • On a new page, you have to fill out some basic info such as name, DOB, gender etc
  • Then comes the credit card details
  • Fill in all the payment details and press the Submit button

Common Issues While Streaming

Despite being one of the best service providers, faces certain issues that have frustrated people over time. Many have complained that the online on-demand services often lag, keep buffering, at times also have low audio/video quality. People also have to deal with connection issues, improper playback, and also some parts of the video simple skips to the next. Having to deal with such issues regularly is very tiring and frustrating. Below, we have a few steps that help solve most of the issues mentioned here.

Solve Issues

Although They have taken certain measures over the years to streamline the user experience, the users can also make improvements for a better experience. Here are a few steps that can enhance the online streaming experience and also reduce the occurrence of such issues.

Secure Connections

While dealing with connectivity issues, the prior step is to ensure that the device is property-connected. Sometimes due to loose connections, your device may not connect properly. Also, make sure that your device satisfies the network requirements to run the Hulu app.

Close Down

Most of the connection issues are solved when the app is closed down and reopened. Go to settings and Force Stop the application to completely close down all the activities that are running inside the app. Restart the app and log in again. This step usually resolves the screen freezing and low response time issues.

Regular Updates

Make sure to regularly upgrade the software and keep checking for any updates from the company. Also, update the software of the device that you are using. Constantly updating the software reduces the video/audio lag and improper playback speed.

Audio Issues

If dealing with audio issues, check the additional volume settings. You can also try playing other videos to make sure if the system audio is faulty or not.

Tips and Tricks to Streamline User Experience

The company has made many advancements in its technology to make a positive impact on American society. So why not make the best use of those features? Let’s discover the prevailing features that many people are not familiar with. Here’s how to get the best out of our subscriptions:


Along with the on-demand and Live service base plans, they include add-ons, which are also known as Bundles. With the bundling feature, the users can add ESPN+ along with Disney+ to their existing base plan.

Hulu Watch Party

The Watch Party is an amazing feature that enables a group of friends to watch a show from any location. The streaming service has certain eligibility criteria:

  • The users must be 18 years or above
  • The user account must be Hulu/Hulu+Live(No ads)
  • No more than 8 users allowed in Watch Party

Dark Mode

The favorite feature of every nocturnal being on earth. Activate the Dark Mode from the Setting Menu and binge-watch your favorite series.


Not many of us prefer the English subtitles. The viewers can customize the subtitles by selecting any language of their choice from the settings.

Subscription Pause

With this feature, the users do not have to worry about paying for their plan while they’re on a vacation. The subscription can be paused for up to 12 weeks.

Hulu Shows

History of Hulu

The company was launched in the United States in the year 2007 with Walt Disney taking 67% stake and Comcast at 33% financial stake. Hulu Plus was launched in 2010 and Hulu with Live TV access was launched in 2017. As of 2021, the company has around 4 million subscribers, featuring movies and TV shows from a wide collection of genres. The viewers can also stream original content and other television shows through the Networks page.

Popular Shows on Hulu

Hulu streams popular shows that many people are in love with. Some of the most commonly binge-watched shows are:


American Horror Story is an anthology horror miniseries, with every season having a plot of its own. Every season features a new cast with a new storyline.

The Handmaid’s Tale:

This dystopian series is an adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood. The series features the Second American Civil War, in which the women were subjected to child-bearing slavery.

Apart from the famous TV shows, the movie collection is also vast. Some of the best movies that were premiered are:


A psychological thriller in which a daughter suspects her mother of keeping away a dark secret from her.


A Korean thriller that features a poor family who will do anything to match the living standards of the wealthy family they work for.

These are just a few handfuls, but there’s more to discover once you start streaming.

Plans and Services

Their services were offered free of cost at one point in time but currently, it offers a variety of plans and subscriptions with or without the inclusion of ads. You can also go for the free trial, but the problem is that the trial period does not last long. Here are some of the most popular plans that one can go for:

Monthly Subscription With Ads

This is the cheapest and the most reliable subscription plan that anyone can afford. It only costs $6 per month. The users can either renew their subscription month-by-month or annually. The annual subscription costs around $59.99. With this option, the viewers can parse through the entire library of TV shows and movies. The only drawback is that they will not have access to live shows.

No Ads

It charges $11.99 per month for this service. The users have to renew their subscription every month, as the annual payment option is not available for this. With this plan, the viewers have access to on-demand TV shows/movies. This option does not include Live TV. (Note: They will be a few shows that might include ads)

Hulu + Live TV

This plan is available at $64.99 per month, which will have on-demand and Live TV. This subscription plan also provides cloud storage of up to 50 hours. The viewers also have the freedom to upgrade it to 200 hours. With Hulu + Live TV, the main account can have a total of 6 profiles associated with it. Along with this, the recommendations and search history is unique to every profile.

This plan includes ads for the on-demand streaming service. If you wish to go ad-free on-demand service with Live TV options, then you can go for it.

Hulu + Live TV(Ad-Free)

This plan costs around $70 per month which provides ad-free, on-demand streaming along with Live TV.

Apart from the four major plans given above, a free trial option for new users is also available. A 30-day trial or a 7-day trial, it’s up to the user to choose from the two.


The Best Competitors

With the increase in the number of people relying on streaming services to watch their favorite shows, there has also been an increase in streaming platforms. They have many competitors in the current market that are way ahead in terms of popularity.

  • Netflix: A platform that is launched all over the world, Netflix has enough amount of votes that makes it take up the first position.
  • Amazon Prime: Another popular service that offers ebook rentals, free shipping and also coupons/discounts.
  • Apple TV+: Its has recently been launched in the market and already is a contender. It is a cheaper alternative to the one we spoke about in this article.

Why Stream With Hulu?

Similar to any other online platform, They offer their viewers an array of options to choose from based on their demands. So, what makes it stand among the top platforms that provide on-demand and Live services?

Hulu has an enormous collection of shows that the users have access to once their profiles are created. It also provides the freedom to use the platform from other screens. In addition to this, you can also share the main account with five other people. The people who share the account need to create their profiles. All the recommendations and search history is unique to the profiles that are created. The company has also incorporated TV shows for kids. All the children’s profiles comprise TV shows that are appropriate for their age.


Hulu offers a reliable service at cheaper rates along with a variety of features that anyone can make use of. Currently, it is only available to the people of the United States. Keeping that in hindsight, the company has made plans to reach wider horizons. It is the best option considering the low price ranges and a huge library of streaming services.

If you have any issues/queries with Hulu, you can reach their customer service using the following:

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can you play/pause the video on Hulu Watch Party?

The viewers can control the playback speed on their devices. The users have the option to catch up with everyone else by clicking the “Click to Catch Up”. This button will take you to that particular spot on the video that everyone else is viewing.

Can you download videos and TV shows from this website?

Yes, it brings 50 hours of cloud storage, which can be upgraded to 200 hours to download the videos and watch later.

How many people can stream Hulu using the standard plan?

If using the standard plan, it allows for two people to stream. For unlimited streams, a fee of $9.99 is charged per month.

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