Kroger Eschedule

Kroger Eschedule

Among Supermarket chains, Kroger has been on the top of its game for a few decades now. So there is no way you have never heard about one of the Top 100 Fortune 500 companies in the US. The company mainly has 2,732 supermarkets and  144 jewelry stores across the country. Not just that, but the company has other stores that come under its family of companies. This article will be focusing a bit more on the Kroger Eschedule on the employee Login portal.

With the huge number of stores in multiple locations, the company employed around 465,000 employees during the year 2020. This is going to increase with more stores opening up. Anyway, we are here for the Kroger Eschedule.

The Kroger Eschedule is a little similar to the Kroger employee schedule portal. If you have been working for a long time now, say 5 – 6 years, you know what I’m talking about. Earlier, people used to access the Kroger Eschedule using, but now you can access it using the same employee portal link, which is the SecureWeb Kroger Feed.

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Kroger Eschedule Login

Kroger Eschedule Login

So what is Kroger Eschedule? Well, in simple terms it is a web portal designed for the employees/associates at Kroger to access their task-related info such as work schedules, pay stubs, check receipts, interact with their branch managers or employees vice versa, and get help from employees groups or forums.

This sounds similar to the Kroger employee portal, that’s because both features are from their Feed portal. Earlier, both of these features had separate portals. Kroger Eschedule employees used, but now the company has a single site for their employee requirements and functions. 

Though the employee portal runs on the ExpressHR application, it looks pretty much the same. So all the employees that use the to make use of their eschdeule and any other work-related info. Let us see how to log in to that portal.

How to Login to the Kroger Eschedule?

Kroger Eschedule Login

While the login procedure is straightforward, not everyone might know how to do this and some do not even know how to find the right link for the portal. Keeping in mind all those things, we have compiled a few simple steps so that anyone can log in to the portal.

  • Since the schedule portal and the employee portal have been combined into one, you can use to log in –
  • When you open the link, the portal opens under the SecureWeb name, which is the same employee portal.
  • On this page, enter your enterprise user ID and password. If you do not want to enter these credentials every time you log in, then select the option to remember your ID.
  • Finally, click the “Agree” button, and you will be logged into the Kroger employee schedule portal.
  • Now you can navigate to the Kroger eschedule tab in your account and access all the required info.

How to Register for the Kroger Eschedule Portal?

Every employee of Kroger has their accounts in the company’s web portal. In case you do not have one for whatever reason, you can just make one. Now, I assume that you are here because you do not know how to create one. So I’ll keep that in mind and provide a simple method which even a toddler can understand. This method can also be used by customers to open an account. 

  •  To create a new account, visit their login page, which is
  • On the same login page, you will find the create an account option under the sign-in button. Click that button.
  • Now you can either create an account using your Google account or enter all the details mentioned on this page to create a fresh account using an email ID.
  • Using either option, a new account can be created, but you have to enter your card details, which is an optional choice. Though, you will receive discounts and coupons for shopping. 
  • These steps should suffice to register an account in Kroger.

Common Issues With the Kroger Eschedule Portal

The above login procedure works out fine if all the right login credentials are used, if not, then issues like a wrong password or wrong user ID may arise. Do not worry as all hope is not yet lost because there are a few simple things that can be done to fix these common issues.

  • The usual login portal for Kroger Eschedule doesn’t have many options for password recovery, so we are going to use the other Kroger login page. 
  • Visit and click the forgot password option, which can be seen under the login section –
  • This redirects you to another page, enter your email address on this page, and you will receive a link to your mail.
  • If you open this link, you can enter a new password for your account and reset it.

Apart from the usual password login issue, there are a few others that have been bugging the users.

  • Like not being able to access the portal, which has now been combined with the other SecureWeb employee portal of Kroger.
  • Other than that, if the site isn’t accessible, then try clearing your browser cache and cookies. 
  • Use a VPN and change the IP address, then you might be able to access the site/portal.
  • In case you see any “oops” error, then switch from Chrome to Firefox browser.

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Features of Kroger Eschedule

The whole point of the web portal is to provide employees with a platform to manage work and have an option to connect with other employees and their managers. This helps employees get any kind of assistance they need with their work, and it also promotes a healthy workplace environment.

Apart from that, the employees can make use of this portal to carry to tasks like

  • Manage their Kroger employee schedule.
  • Apply for employee discounts and coupons.
  • Check the employee benefits and their eligibly for a certain employee benefit.
  • Mange payslips and view all receipts of their payslips.
  • An employee can also change shifts and even add additional shifts using the Kroger employee schedule.
  • Use the employee groups and forums to interact with others.  

All these features are available for employees through the

A Little More About Kroger

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger has been running for around 138 years since 1883. Now that’s a pretty long run, though the company doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Even though the retail company is behind Walmart in terms of revenue, it still is one of the top supermarket chains in the country. 

It has seen a rise in its supermarket sales in the year 2020, though this growth took a while since the supermarket giant has been trying its hand at e-commerce for some time now. It was doing well when compared to other giants like Walmart and Amazon. Due to the pandemic, its growth rate had to be pushed to meet the demand that COVID-19 has brought.

In fact, it was successful in pulling off its targets and had brought in $132.5 billion in 2020. Now it is expanding its stores to stay on top of its game and meet user demand with 8 other new facilities in different places. With this, Kroger will cement their place as a top contender for other e-commerce giants.

Kroger Covid-19 Vaccines

Speaking of the pandemic, Kroger has been providing its associate with a $100 reward for getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. While it is a great initiative, this tells us a lot about us, doesn’t it?

Though there is nothing rocket science about vaccines and how they work, it’s just some dumb people making absurd conspiracy theories. Anyway, most organizations are doing their best to encourage people, so they can get vaccinated. Kroger is also offering a $100 store credit and also fuel points to all its associates who work in pharmacy, frontline store grocery, manufacturing, and supply chain.

If you want to make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine, then you can visit their portal – Provide all the necessary details, select your desired vaccine, and book a slot.

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In the end, the Kroger ESchedule portal can be used by workers to manage their Kroger schedule, payment info, and take care of other work-related things. Since there are obviously going to be people who need help with the login process, we hope to have shared enough information on this topic. We accomplish this by providing multiple tutorials on how to do that and handle any common issues.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is Kroger Express Hr?

The Kroger Express Hr is an application that is used to run the SecureWeb login for the Kroger employee portal.

How to check the schedule?

When you visit the portal, enter your login credentials, which will take you to the Kroger employee account portal dashboard. From here, you can check the schedules

What is

Previously Kroger had a separate portal for employees to check their schedules which were This portal does not exist now and all the features have been ported to

How to login into the Kroger Eschedule portal?

Visit the and enter your credentials to log in. If you face any trouble related to your credentials, then check out the tutorials mentioned above.

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