Lockheed Martin is a historic aircraft-making company that was founded on March 15, 1995, in North Bethesda, of the United States of America. The Company has been a front-runner across various fields or divisions like Arms, Aerospace, security, Military Support, Defense, and Technology company all across the world which resulted in making Lockheed Martin Corporation the largest defense contractor in the whole world by revenue.  Their Login Portal is the LMpeople Login portal.

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Lockheed Martin Today and the LM People Portal

The company was initially established by a partnership between Lockheed and Martin Marietta Corporation, to lead the world in arms, defense, information security, and most importantly aircraft making. However, in 1995 the two corporations merged to become Lockheed Martin Corporation. Moreover, the corporation’s biggest contribution in revenue comes from sales to the United States Department of Defense, which includes almost 82+ % of the profits coming from the Pentagon itself. Apart, from the US, the company is also a defense contractor to many European and Third World countries.  The Mighty F21, F35, and SR 71 Blackbird are some worldwide known military aircraft made by Lockheed Martin which are considered one of the top fighter and reconnaissance jets that cannot be surpassed either in their capabilities or in features.

The Lockheed Martin Corporation has four different sections such as Missiles and Fire Control(MFC), Space, Rotary Mission Systems(RMS), and Aeronautics. The Corporation has a revenue of 65.4 billion US Dollars in a year and has won many prestigious awards like Collier Trophy(6 times) and many more. The Company has offices across multiple countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, India, Chile, Japan, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates with almost 114,000 employees all across the world thus far until January 2020.

Lockheed Martin People(LMPeople) Portal

LMPeople logo

It is a web portal established for the employees of Lockheed Martin, and thus the name LMPeople. The portal is a self-service employee-only portal that allows the users or employees to access their work schedules, wage and tax documents, Leave Submission, profiles, work in progress, manage and check ongoing projects, access benefits, and many more. The portal can be accessed from the comfort of your home or on the way through the Lockheed Martin Employees’ website. 

The Website portal has been modernized across the years and new features are added every year. This is to make sure the workers of Lockheed Corporation get access to all the work details, benefits, and other features. The Lockheed Martin corporations put a lot of effort into updating this web portal with many useful features to make sure their workers can go through their work and career details from anywhere. 

How to Log in to the Lockheed Martin People Portal?

To successfully Log in to the LMPeople website follow the detailed tutorial given below. The Login procedure or methods differs for each employee based on the type of account or details provided by the HR Department or your job type.

Opportunities to login Lockheed Martin People Portal

Lockheed Martin People Login Using Username & Password

  • Visit the LMPeople website, you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Select the Username & Password Method.
  • A Login page is displayed, enter your Username(Enterprise Unclassified Forest NTID) and the password. 
  • Click the Sign button on the bottom right.
  • Your employee portal will be displayed where you can access various features as mentioned above.

LMPeople Login Using SecurID

  • Click on the LMPeople website, a new page is opened.
  • Select the SecurID Menu on the top right side.
  • The login page is restored, where fill in your username and Pin+RSA Token code provided into the sections showcased on the page.
  • Click the Sign-on button, your login procedure is completed.

Lockheed Martin Login Using Smart Badge

  • This login procedure requires you to maintain the latest browser version so that it can support TLS 1.2 Software to log in to the web portal.
  • Add the Smart card Reader to the PC.
  • Insert your Smart Badge Token or hardware token into the Smart card Reader.
  • Now visit the LMPeople website, and click on the Smart Badge Method, and your login procedure is completed successfully.

How to Access the LMPeople Portal if You Forget Your Login Credentials, Securid, Etc?

Unlike other employee portals, the Lockheed Martin People web portal does not provide password recovery or Pin recovery options. It is ideal to save your Login Credentials somewhere safe. You can then access the portal whenever needed. The Login Credentials are sent to you directly to your contact number and email ID. If you still cannot access your credentials visit the nearby office, or you have any other queries contact the numbers given below.

Employee Service Center:       866-562-2363/1-800-435-7063

General Queries:                     1-800-367-5690

Overseas Employee Center:    210-2424397

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Features of LMPeople

The LMPeople is an external web portal with many features which are based on employee suggestions and preferences. 

  • Lockheed Martin People allow employees to access their W-2 or Tax and Wage Statements every year or month.
  • Employees can submit their leaves and reasons for their absence here on the portal
  • Allows employees to check or manage their account balance and pay stubs.
  • Gives access to the employees to their Work Schedules and Timecards.
  • Access to ongoing projects or create new projects.
  • Monitor their work progress.
  • Check previously applied leaves and their status.
  • For submitting week, daily, and monthly reports.
  • Edit your personal and career info.
  • Access to Health Benefits.
  • Access to Inability and Life Insurance
  • Biometric Examination for free.
  • Access to Financial and other benefits.
  • Assign your bank accounts directly to the portal to receive direct salaries.
  • Vocational Training and Skill Improvement Programs, etc.

How to Apply for Lockheed Martin Careers?

To apply for the various job positions posted across the Lockheed Martin Website all around the world follow the below tutorial thoroughly.

  • Visit the LockheedMartinCareers website.
  • A new page is opened where you can see multiple sections like Keyword Search, City/State/Zip, and Search Radius.
  • Fill in the necessary jobs you are looking for onto the keyword section, and select your city or state or Zipcode, and now select the radius of the job opportunities nearby.
  • Once this process is complete, you are directed to another page where there are multiple job postings.
  • You can further filter the openings by your experience, certifications you possess, working at home or office, timings, Business area, experience level, security clearance, relocation, and, etc.
  • Once you find the perfect posting click on the particular job posting.
  • The restored page features all the info about the job, benefits, and requirements, go through it thoroughly.
  • If you have all the requirements, apply for the job position by clicking the apply button on the bottom left.
  • A new Sign-in page is required to choose your username, password, and security questions. After the completion of filling in details, click on the sign-in button.
  • The page has multiple sections to fill in all your info, employment details, experience, certifications, resume or CV, and other required information.
  • Once the process is complete, click on submit in the bottom right corner.

Requirements to Register Onto LMPeople

After the Job request, Lockheed Corporations reaches out to you through E-Mail if you are selected. After which you are asked to attend an off-site or on-site interview. If you got through all the tests, you will be given an employment opportunity. Before registering into the Lockheed Martin employees portal, we need to ensure that you have all the requirements for the registration process, such as –

  • Application Letter
  • Username and Password provided by HR Department(LMPeople)
  • User ID, RSA Token Code, and Pin( for people using SecurID)
  • DigiCert Global CA G2 Certificate, Smart Badge Hardware Token (for people with Lockheed Martin Smart Badge).

History of Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin was established by Glenn the creator of the Marietta Martin Corporation on August 16, 1912. The company as you know merged with the Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1995, after getting approval from the stakeholders. The Company under this new partnership led to producing some of the first fighter planes and advanced defense systems. The Merger attracted almost 8.2 million bonuses from the federal government which further boosted their production capabilities and defense systems. Many products from Lockheed Aircraft Company like P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft, U-2 & SR-71 Reconnaissance aircraft. Others like the Trident Missiles, F 22 Raptor, F-117 Nighthawk, F-16 Fighting Falcon, C-130 Hercules, A-4AR Fighting Hawks, etc., and Titan Rockets, Space Shuttle External Tank, Viking 1 and 2 Landers, Sandia National Laboratories from Marietta Martin Corporation were added to the new merged Lockheed Martin Corporations portfolio to attract new business deals and customers worldwide.

Evolution Of Lockheed Martin

The Company continued to receive investments and orders from various organizations. For example, from the Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, alone in the United States of America. Moreover, the information security department has been increasingly involved with surveillance and information processing. Especially for departments such as the CIA, Internal Revenue Service(IRS), the FBI, The Pentagon, The National Security Agency, Postal service, and Census Bureau.

The Aerospace and Aeronautical Merger with this achievement created new possibilities and opportunities. The Lockheed Martin Corporation made new billion-dollar investments were made for research purposes. There were new machinery advancements that led the company to achieve new highs every year and further increase its revenue to further boost its revenues and enter new divisions or fields. The Company is quite a popular weapon, surveillance, and another technology supplier for many countries all around the world. Through the years, the Lockheed Martin Corporation earned a reputation for its performance and execution in Aircraft making, Surveillance technologies, Information security, Military Support, Defense equipment, and other divisions.

Benefits of LMPeople

The employees receive various benefits for working here at the LMPeople Corporation such as – 

  • Health Benefits like Dental Coverage, Accident and Illness insurances, Life Insurance and Disability Insurance, Tobacco Cessation support programs. Events too. Free flu Shots, Free Biometric Health Screenings, Wellbeing assistance programs, and, etc.
  • Financial Benefits like the 401K Plan which cut taxes through your salaries to ensure your retirement income, Vacation Plans and discounts, daycare and health benefits, Insurance Policies. 
  • Other benefits like Fitness centers, Weight management support groups, Nutritious and healthy food at Cafeterias, paid vacation and holidays, paid time off for military and jury duty, etc.

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Working at Lockheed Martin is a great achievement in today’s world. The company ran the show in the United States for Arms, Missiles, Aircraft, Information Technology, and Surveillance Systems. Not just for the United States of America, but many other powerful nations. The institution grew rapidly over the years. We believe that it is due to their employees and workforce dedication. This is why they put a lot into making the LMPeople portal so that their employees can concentrate or monitor their work from anywhere. They can also get access to various benefits provided through LMPeople portal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is LMPeople?

LMPeople is a website designed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation for their employees to monitor work, timetables, work schedules, benefits, etc., and also has many other features.

Can we access the Lockheed Martin People portal through Smartphones?

Yes, we can access the LMPeople portal by typing the link in your browsers or by downloading the application LMPeople from PlayStore and IApp Store.

What are the different ways to log in to the Lockheed Martin People portal?

The employees can use three methods to log in to the LMPeople portal such as Username & Password, SecureID, and Smart Badge.

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