Online classes seem pretty much boring after a few lectures, which is something we’ve realized while taking the classes amidst the pandemic. But these online classes have been the go-to for most colleges not only during the pandemic but way before. Through such online campus programs, not only can we learn everything virtually, but all our student data can be accessed easily and efficiently.

If you are a student of the Miami International University of Art and Design Global Campus, then you are at the right place. In this article, you can find all the information you need if are enrolled in this institute and want to know how things work here. We have also listed detailed guides that will help you access the portal easily along with the most popular degrees that you can opt for.


My AI Campus, a virtual campus for the students enrolled in the Miami International University of Art and Design Global Campus. All the students enrolled here can learn from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. The Miami international university is among the 40 Art institutes in America that host programs in the fields of arts and design. This college was founded in the year 1965 as the International Fine Arts College. This school adopted its name as Miami University of Art in the year 2002. As per the 2020 survey of the top-ranked colleges in Florida, this University achieved the 141st position based on the admission rate, total cost, graduation rate, and overall university score. The university has also been ranked 225th position for the average student loan it provides.

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So, What Is the Significance of an Online Degree?

An online degree may not be as popular as regular on-campus college degrees, but this degree has been opted for by many people across the globe for its unique way of learning. If you are pursuing an online degree, you get to learn things in a more detailed and precise way, as most of the assignments and projects will be done on your own accord based on the knowledge that you have acquired. In such kinds of degree programs, the amount of knowledge you gain will depend on how hard you have worked.

In this way, not only are you developing your knowledge and skill but also learning to solve problems on your own.

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What Is It Like to Be Learning Through Myaicampus? What Is the Online Experience?

Every degree program in this institute requires an Introductory Technology fee, a way to get started with the course. This fee includes the cost of essentials such as an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and a Smart Keyboard. Additionally, there is also a Technology fee which includes all the relevant tools and software which is essential for your course. All these tools are necessary as it helps all the students to learn efficiently and collaborate with all the other students.

If you are unwilling to pay for the Introductory fee and the Technology fee, then you can get your introductory tools and other software on your own.

Register at Myaicampus

Once, you are enrolled in the university program, then you can register an account without much hassle by following these steps. You can create a free account through the Student Assistance Program.

  • To register an account, you need to click on the official web address www myaicampus com
  • On this page, you can see the Login button. Click on it
  • Select Create a Profile Account from the drop own menu
  • Now you should enter the SSN or the Student ID followed by your Name
  • Then select your school from the drop-down menu and click on Submit
  • On a new page, you can see the entire information that you need to review. Click on Continue after completing review process.
  • Now enter a username to create the email address for your account
  • Then you need to enter a password for your account
  • Enter the answers to all the 3 security questions
  • On the new page, confirm the username that you have entered
  • To agree, click on Yes
  • Your account on Myaicampus is now created

Myaicampus Login

Now that your account is created on the Myaicampus AI portal, you can use the login credentials to log in to the page.

  • To login, click on the official link to www myaicampus com
  • On the new page, you need to enter the Username and Password you used while creating the account
  • Tap on the Login button
Myaicampus login

Recover Myaicampus Forgotten Password

Just in case you forget the Myaicampus login password, then there is a way through which you can recover the password.

  • Go to the official Myaicampus page given here
  • Click on the Forgot Password button to recover your password
  • Enter the Username and press Submit
  • Then follow the instructions given on the page to reset the password
  • After creating a new password, save the changes for future use

What Are the Major Areas of Study at Myaicampus

The Art Institute provides many major areas of study that correspond to Art and Design. There are a lot of virtual programs that you enroll in. Here are some of the most creative careers that you can pursue through this institute.

Visual Design

As a visual designer, you can broaden your spectrum of knowledge and create a better impact on the product’s finished design. This career can be a good fit for you if you are interested in the various aspects of design. With this career, not only can you improve a product’s finished look but also make it aesthetically pleasing with a touch of neat layout and beautiful colors.

The programs that are available for visual designers are:

  • Associate of Arts in Graphic Design: This program brings forward many tools to bring out the best in your work
  • Bachelor of fine Arts in Graphic and Web Design: with this degree, you can specialize in creating a major impact on the design and illustrations that you create.
  • Master of Arts in Design and Media Management: If you are interested in business, then this program introduces the concept of marketing and management so that you can make creative ad-campaign designs

Interior Design

As an interior designer, your job involves transforming a space into an aesthetically pleasing environment that involves the concepts of both art and science. If you are someone with a willingness to create, then this career is meant for you. Through this online course, you can develop your artistic skills starting from the basic principles till you reach the highest peak in your career.

Animation Effects

This career is for those who have a creative imagination that involves lots of intricate details and designs. Through Animation, you can breathe life into your designs. If you think you are blessed with the greatest gift to create characters and designs, then this career is a gateway to success. With this program, you can potentially be a part of the greatest community that specializes in turning your dreams into reality.

Film Production

For all the camera lovers and audiophiles, this is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for to show your exceptional skills. With this career, you will learn everything about the concept of filmography and sound mixing to create real-life examples.

Bachelor of Science in Audio Production

If you are an audiophile and love the concept of mixing sounds, then you need to go for this career. Through a wide catalog of audio resources, you will learn everything to become a professional.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

For a person interested in story-making, scriptwriting, editing, composing, and acting, this career will be the first step toward building yourself a better future.

Gaming and Technology

Love to play games? Want to pursue a career in gaming and create a virtual world with the best gaming concepts? Then what are you waiting for? With the advanced tools and technology that awaits you in this degree, you can become an expert in this field of creating a market-ready AAA or an AA game.


Dreaming of launching your very own clothing line? If yes, then you cannot say no to this degree. As a fashion designer, you have the freedom to create your ideas in the most wondrous ways possible. You can inspire and get inspired to become more creative by enhancing the ideas that you already have. Depict your creativity by highlighting all the intricate details with a dash of color and charm.

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Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

With this degree, you learn about the concepts of advertising, marketing, merchandising, and many more such strategies in the retail industry.

Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

If you have a flair for both business and fashion, then through this program you can integrate both these ideas towards building a top-notch fashion brand.


Obsessed with exploring the huge world of the most delicious delights ever created? Through this program, you will learn about the artistic nature of both business and food. This degree lets you dive deeper into the scrumptious world of heavenly delights and also learn about the various marketing tools that teach you concepts of HR planning, management, marketing, and much more.


What Are the Different Services and Functions That You Have Access to?

As a student who got enrolled in the Miami International University of Art and Design Global Campus, you will be able to access the following services that you can make use of:

Career Services:

The career services involve mentorship and career readiness programs to prepare the students for a secure future. Through these services, the students can build and enlarge their network of possibilities so that they are ready to step into the corporate world.

As a student, you have the right to seek guidance, ask for support, develop strategies, ask for tips to become a successful candidate, explore the wide range of careers that you can go for in the future, and many more such activities that help you build a professional image.

The department of Student Mentorship and career readiness, built on four major principles; Embrace, Educate, Engage and Empower. This department is always at your service to help you learn more, irrespective of your area of study. You can also participate in workshops, group sessions, field trips, and many more such programs that build your skills. These programs are available both in-person and virtually.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to all students which supports them in their journey. The institute is keen on helping you make your studies affordable. All you have to do, have a one-on-one meeting with the Financial service officer to clear all the questions associated with applying for financial aid.

Student Services

The student services program, dedicated to providing tools and resources which are necessary for your growth in this institute. As a student who, enrolled in this institution, you have access to the following services:

  • Disability Services: The art institute provides accommodations and equal access to other services to all the student with disabilities.
  • Health and Wellness Services: Every student enrolled in this institute has access to health resources such as medical and dental care, child care, elder care, pet services, emergency care services, etc.
  • International Student Support: For the potential students who are studying abroad or looking forward to joining this institute from other country have full support from the institute.
  • Tutoring: The Academic Affair services provide free tutoring to all the students
  • Student Employment: With the help of this service, the student can find a part-time job both in campus and off-campus

How to Request a Brochure?

If you want a brochure for any program/course, then you can fill out an application to request a brochure.

  • Click on this page to request a brochure
  • Fill out the application by entering the program, state, zip code, etc
  • After that, click on Get Brochure

Send an Application

Do you want to study in this esteemed organization? Do you think you have the passion and the necessary skill to be a part of this institute? If your answer is yes, then you sure need to send an application. The application process is rather simple and easy to fill out.

  • Simply go to the Application page and click on Application Form
  • On the new page, you need to enter all the basic personal information such as Name, DOB, Email, School of interest, etc.
  • After filling out the form, click on Submit to submit the application

Within the next few days of sending the application, you need to send all the high school transcripts along with an essay of almost 250 words in which you describe your future goals and a little about yourself. Once the institute receives your applications and transcripts, they will arrange for an interview either in-person or virtually to get to know you better.

Scholarship Programs for the Students

To all the current and new students enrolled in this institute, the Art Institute is offering a wide range of scholarship programs for a better learning facility. Along with scholarships, the students can also apply for financial aid and other resources to make their education financially accessible. You can apply for loans and scholarships irrespective of your major. For more information on the scholarships offered, you can head over to the Scholarships’ page for a complete view of all the different kinds of available scholarships.

Art Institute Care Program

The Community Arts Resource Exchange program, the institute empowers the students to contribute their exceptional talent towards non-profit organizations. This program is open to all the senior-level students who look forward to dedicating their knowledge towards the best cause, i.e., for non-profit organizations. As responsible candidates of this institute, the students can participate in projects to not only expand their learning horizons but also work towards fulfilling the needs of major charitable organizations.

Art Institute

Miami International University of Art and Design is a sister school of the Art Institute. This institute is termed a for-profit art school owned by the Education Principle Foundation. This institute offers a variety of college programs at all levels. It offers associates, bachelors, master and also non-degree programs for all individuals.

The Miami International University of Art and Design is a private institution that offers similar programs at all levels for its students. The Global Campus, a campus program affiliated with this institute, provides its college programs virtually to students nationally and internationally.

This institute offers so many learning facilities such as on-campus workshops, exhibitions, annual fashion shows, and many more such facilities to make your learning experience far better than you expected.

Apply for a Job at Miami Art Institute

If you consider yourself worthy of becoming a part of this esteemed organization, then you sure can take a look at their careers page. To apply for a job:

  • Click on the Careers portal given here
  • Either type in the Job title or the browse through the listing to find the job
  • Once you find a suitable match, click on it
  • On the new page, reach the description and then proceed to Apply for the job
  • then enter your personal and professional details along with sending the resume and a cover letter
  • After completing the above-mentioned procedure, click on Submit Application

Benefits of Working at Miami International University of Art and Design

As a member of this community, you get the following benefits:

  • Medical insurance
  • Medical care which involves vision and dental care
  • The 401K retirement plan
  • Life insurance
  • A 12 day paid holiday

Review of Miami International University of Art & Design

Miami International University of Art & Design, a renowned institution specialized in curating the best courses for people interested in fine arts and design. This institution is located in Miami, Florida, and has its campuses in Dallas and Tampa. As per the recent surveys, this institute has a 90% graduation rate. When it comes to the lectures, then you need to remember that considering this is a virtual school, you will be learning most of the stuff on your own accord. This includes projects, assignments, homework, etc. This could get troublesome for a few folks if they cannot perform well on their own.

Although you can clarify your issues and get your doubts sorted by asking the lecturers, you still need to do it virtually. For someone who is okay with learning on their own, then they might not find themselves in such adverse situations without a way out.

According to most students who have graduated through this institute, they have claimed that the only drawback of learning online is the amount of hard work they had to do to get good grades. Overall, this university is very good in terms of the quality of education it provides and the number of tools and software you get to use to enhance your knowledge and build your skills.

Contact Details

If you have any queries that you want clarifications on, then you can call on the following phone numbers:

  • Local phone: 305-428-5900
  • Toll-free number: 888-391-8244

For more information on the email services, you can check out the official Contact Details page

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Myaicampus is a virtual art institute student portal through which the students can access their classes, check for assignments, homework, view their grades, etc. With this portal, you have access to all your academic data in a single place. Once you are enrolled in this institute, all you need to do is register an account and sign in to the portal to access your daily schedules.

Now that you have most of the information you were looking forward to, what do you think of the college programs and the services? Make sure to let us know…

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to use the Myaicampus?

Myaicampus is an internet portal designed for the students of Miami International University of Art and Design. With this portal, they can log in to get their daily schedules such as view and taking classes, submitting assignments and homework, etc.

How good is this university?

This university can be a good choice for you if you have a busy schedule or if you are someone who lives internationally. Also, if you are okay with learning on your own, then you can go to this institute if you have a flair for fine arts and design.

What are the services you can access from this online learning platform?

Student Aid, Career Profiles, and Financial Aid are some of the services, you can access here on this platform by registering an account.

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