The MyLifeAtKroger is a web portal designated for the employees of the Kroger SuperMarkets and Retail stores. The employees access various features by activating the MyLifeAtKroger Online account.

The common features of the web portal in question are granting access to employee rewards and discounts(while shopping at Kroger Stores), access to Kroger employee benefits such as Child care and Family benefits, access to Retirement Plans and Benefits, Kroger 401k 2020 plans, Career Benefits, Applying for sick leaves, and parental leaves, applying and accessing Paid leaves and Vacations, access life and disability insurance, vision and dental coverage or insurance, access their daily work schedules, access tax information and claims, access emergency company alerts and information, access to Kroger Stock Exchange Plan and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account and a lot more.

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MyLifeAtKroger Login Portal

The Kroger Company offers separate web portals for workers as well as their family members such as Retiree, Spouse, or Domestic Partner. Although the login address and credentials are the same there is a separate option stating “Spouse/Domestic Partner”  which will lead you to a separate page where you can access similar features.

Requirements to Log In to the MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal

The Employees or their Spouse/Domestic Partners must possess certain requirements which are mentioned below.

  • The Web Address of the MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal.
  • Identity Card or Kroger Employee Card.
  • Employment opportunity in Kroger Company or Spouse/Domestic Partner to the employee.
  • Secure Browser with Good Internet Connection.
  • Anti-Virus or Firewall software installed in your device.
  • Kroger Company provided Employee User ID and Default Password.

How to Register for the MyLifeAtKroger Online Portal?

To successfully register yourselves (Employee or Spouse) on the MyLifeAtKroger Online Portal, following the detailed tutorials cited below.

For Employees

MyLifeAtKroger Login Page
  • Visit the MyLifeAtKroger Login web portal through the link mentioned here.
  • Once the Login Portal is opened, select the Login option under current employee.
  • This will lead you to a new page, requesting User ID and Password.
  • Click on the Password Help option.
  • A pop-up is showcased, in which select the “I do not use my EUID and Password with other systems” option. 
  • Now enter your info as requested on the next page.
  • Select the security questions.
  • And finally, enter your new password and confirm the password.

For Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner

For Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Connect to the MyLifeAtKroger Log in web portal through a secured browser.
  • On this login page, now select the Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner option.
  • Click on the login option under the mentioned section.
  • Another login page is showcased. Look for the “Logging in for the First Time?” option.  
  • Click on register, and you are redirected to another page. 
  • On this page, enter your last name, date of birth, and last four digits of SSN Number(Employees).
  • Select the ‘I am not a robot’ option.
  • Now follow the procedure given on this page to complete the registration process.

How to Login to MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal?

The Login Procedure is now quite simple, and follow the detailed tutorial given here in this section.

For Employees

  • Click on the MyLifeAtKroger Login portal address given here.
  • Select the employee option which will lead you to a new page.
  • The login page is opened, enter your employee Username or User ID and password.
  • And Press the Login option.

For Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner

  • Visit the MyLifeAtKroger Login web portal through a secured browser with an internet connection.
  • Now select the Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner option on this login page.
  • Another page is showcased. Enter your login credentials here.
  • And finally, click on submit.

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What to Do if You Lost Your Password for MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal?

To recover your account on the Kroger Employee Login Portal, go through the given step-by-step information thoroughly.

For Employees

  • Connect to My Life At Kroger Login Portal through your PC or Mobile Phone.
  • Click on the employee section.
  • On this page, press the password help menu that will create a new pop-up.
  • In this pop-up, select the “I log in to other systems with my EUID and Password” or “I do not log in to the other system with my Euid and Password”.
  • Once you have completed the selection, follow the procedure stated there.
  • After which another page is opened, where fill in the new password and confirm password.
  • Now press submit and the account recovery process is complete.

For Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner

  • Click on the My Life At Kroger Login web portal address given here.
  • Submit on the Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner Section.
  • Now search for the reset account option.
  • Click on this option to enter your Last Name, Date of Birth, and the Last 4 digits of SSN Number.
  • Complete your security verification and press continue.
  • Now fill in your new password. Press confirm password and submit.

Features of the MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal

As stated above, the web portal in question offers multiple features for employees, retirees, domestic partners/spouses alike. Some of these features are explained in great detail below.

  • The web portal allows you to access rewards, offers, and discounts while shopping in any one of the stores operated by the Kroger Company.
  • Submit letters for Paid leaves, Vacation, Sick Leaves, and Parental Leaves.
  • To receive Kroger Company’s emergency alerts and updates.
  • Access Childcare coverage funds and family benefits.
  • Monitor and Disability and Life Insurance.
  • View Daily Work Schedules from anywhere.
  • Access Payslips and print payslips form when required.
  • Vision and Dental coverage plan monitoring and granting access when needed.
  • Kroger Stock Exchange Plan, which assists the employees investing in stock markets.
  • Access the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account in the case of an emergency.
  • To access many Kroger career and other benefits.

How to Apply for Jobs at the Kroger Company Retail Stores?

The interested candidates and enthusiasts can apply for jobs at Kroger by visiting the retail stores directly and submitting a job application letter there, or by following the process given here to apply online.

  • Visit the Kroger Careers portal given here.
  • The Kroger Jobs page is opened, select the View Jobs option on this page.
  • Job listings are shown.
  • The page offers the Upload Your Resume option, which will send you a direct notification through email or direct message if there is a job posting in your requested category.
  • On this page, multiple listings are showcased.
  • Use the Additional Filters such as area, experience, job type, to further narrow down the listings.
  • Once you have found the selected job, click on the listings.
  • Read all the information and requirements for the particular job on the page.
  • If you possess all requirements and experience, click the Apply now option at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you press the button, you are redirected to another page. Fill in your personal info, career details, contact details and attach your resume.
  • Now click the submit option, and if you are selected for the interview, the Kroger Company will get back to you through email or messages.


Kroger Logo

Kroger is an American Retail store and supermarket chain which was established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you take a look at their financials, Kroger Supermarkets made an annual revenue of $121.16 Billion for the year 2019 making it a known name in the supermarket chain business in the whole of the United States of America by revenue. Kroger is also ranked as 23# in the Fortune 500 rankings for largest corporations by total revenue in the United States. Kroger operates and maintains 2876 supermarkets and departmental stores of which 144 are Jewelry Stores, 1603 are supermarket fuel centers, 242  Little Clinic Medicinal stores, and 2254 pharmacies. Moreover, the employees working here at Kroger are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers(UFCW) and the Collective Labor Agreement(CLA).

Kroger Services

Kroger has its headquarters in Cinncinati, Ohio, in an iconic skyscraper towering over the city. Rodney McMullen is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Michael Donnelly and Gary Millerchip are the Chief Operating Officer(COO), and Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of the Kroger Company. The Retail giant offers multiple services such as Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Department Stores, Jewelry Stores, Supermarket Fuel Centers, Pharmacies, Medical Clinics, and Food Processing and Manufacturing Facilities. The Company is currently operating across 35 states in the Country(USA) with almost 465,000 employees. Apart from this, the Kroger Company has many subsidiaries namely Dillions, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fred Meyer Jeweler Stores, Vitacost, Smith’s, Ruler Foods, Roundy’s, Ralph’s, QFC, Mariona’s, The Little Clinic, King Soopers, Home Chef, Fries and Harris Teeter. 

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Kroger Home Page


This article has detailed descriptions about the Kroger Company, MyLifeAtKroger employee portal its login requirements, and its multiple features. There are step-by-step tutorials to assist employees and SO or Retiree to conduct various tasks such as “How to Register your account on MyLifeAtKroger portal”, “How to Login to the MyLifeAtKroger web portal”, “How to Recover Accounts on MyLifeAtKroger web portal’, etc. We have provided a tutorial on how to apply for jobs at The Kroger Company on the Kroger Career or Jobs Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are there any issues faced by the users while connecting to the MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal? How to solve these issues?

The MyLifeKroger web portal faces some minor issues similar to the other online web portal such as Login/Sign In, Verification, Connection errors, and Connection Timeouts. These issues can be easily resolved by following the tips such as clear cache, Shut off Autofill feature, deleting history on browser, making sure your browser is updated to the latest version, making sure your protection software is not blocking the website, etc.

What are the various benefits offered by the Kroger Company to its employees?

The Kroger Company offer multiple benefits for their employees such as Competitive wages, Free Covis-19 vaccines, 401k pension plan, childcare, and adult care flexible spending accounts, vision, and dental insurance, health ad life insurance, death, dismemberment, and disability insurance, Employee Discounts and Bonuses, Free emotional wellbeing programs and events, benefits and coverages for students, growth opportunities, and many more.

What are the compatible devices for the web portal?

The MyLifeAtKroger Web Portal is compatible with all devices namely PCs, MacBooks, Laptops, Android, and Apple Phones through browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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