Everywhere you go in the United States, you can find at least one non-profit healthcare organization. This is because almost 58.5% of the hospitals in the country call themselves nonprofit organizations. One such nonprofit organization in the country that has 12 hospitals in 28 states is Promedica. While many of you may not have heard about them, but they have been operating for 36 years now. More than 49,000 people are employed at various hospitals, and they all use the MyProMedica portal.

So what is this MyProMedica portal? You probably have guessed it right, or some of you already know this if you are here. In any case, for those who do not know what Mypromedica is, it is an employee portal. Not that interesting right? Because it’s not for everyone. This portal is a vital application for the employees working at ProMedica. That’s because they use this portal to handle and manage all their job tasks.

Features of MyProMedica

The portal offers employees access to all kinds of information related to their work and company. As soon as you login into the portal, you can find a bunch of tabs. Each of those tabs provides users with different options, functions, and information. Those tabs on the main page include

  • My Well Being
  • My Work
  • News & Events
  • Our System
  • Our Culture & People

For example, if you go to the “My Work” tab there are options like corporate document, provider search, ProMedica apps, and some additional options. If we talk about other tabs like News & Events, which is self-explanatory that it provides the latest updates/news on the company. Similarly, there is a search option, contact options, etc.

This paints a basic picture of what the portal is about and the things an employee can do with it. Now it is time to understand the login procedure. Most of you out there might already know how to log in, but for those who don’t then my friend, the following instructions will be of help to you.

How One Can Log in to MyProMedica Portal?

How One Can Log in to MyProMedica Portal?

The instruction is going to be very simple as we have broken down simple steps into even simpler ones. So take a look at the below tutorial and access the ProMedica employee login portal to enjoy all its features.

  • All the employees gather here and click this portal link to open the MyPromedica employee login.
  • The thing is that the above link won’t directly take you to the login rather, rather provides you access to 3 different portals.
  • Since we are talking about the MyProMedica, users should click the first option on the page that is “myApps/myProMedica”.
  • This takes you to the login page for the employee portal. When you are on the login page, there are fields that require login credentials.
  • Enter the username and password, and click “Log on”. This will sign you in to the portal.

When all that is done, an employee will have access to the above-mentioned features through this portal. In case one does not remember the password or even the username for this portal then contact the system administrator. They can help anyone with any issues with the login portal.

MyProMedica MyChart

Why should only employees have a separate portal to access all their info, and why do not patients have their portal. Maybe this is what they thought before creating the ProMedica MyChart portal. The MyChart portal is something that patients of their hospital use to store and access their medical info of this hospital.

it is really useful when you have to take multiple appointments or need doctor assistance and stuff like that. It has a simple design so that any user doesn’t feel overwhelmed to use it. When you employ the services of the ProMedica hospital, they provide you with an account in the MyChart portal to keep track of the reports and other details.

You get access to things like

  • Medical and health records.
  • Refills for your medication.
  • Billing info
  • Test results
  • Make changes to the schedule or a get an appointment.
  • Talk to your doctor through their message center

These are some of the few options that a patient can use from the MyChart portal. Now for the login procedure, the next section has the instructions in the form of a simple tutorial.

Instructions to Login to the Mychart Portal


Many health care login portals have a pretty similar design, so don’t be surprised if this one looks any familiar. Now to the main tasks at hand, the ProMedica patient portal login procedure is going to be simple when you follow the below steps to the point.

  • This ProMedica MyChart link will take you to the login page of the patient portal.
  • Every login portal basically requires two things. One is the username and other thing is the password.
  • When you have those two things, enter them in the appropriate fields and hit the “Sign in” button.
  • Just do the above things and you will be logged in to this portal in no time.

Now, if you prepare for the situation when things go sideways, you will need help. By that I mean when you forget the portal password or username. Well, we are already prepared for such situations, so here are the instructions that will prepare you as well.

  • When you are on the login page and have forgotten your password, look for the “forgot password” option.
  • Click the option and the user is taken to another page.
  • On this password reset/recovery page, enter your MyChart username, last 4 digits of SSN, and DOB.
  • After done entering those things, click next. Then you will receive a mail that contains either your password or a link to reset your password.
  • If it’s the link, then use it to change the password.

Similarly, there’s an option when you forget your username for this portal. Use that option and the procedure is pretty similar to password recovery. So just follow along with the instructions on the screen to recover the account username.

How to Sign Up for a ProMedica Mychart Account?

How to Sign Up for a ProMedica Mychart Account?
  • Make use of this Sign up link for the MyChart portal to start the sign up process.
  • The Step involves a user to enter his/her personal info like last 4 digits of SSN, DOB, and activation code. This activation is given to patients of ProMedica to set up an account in MyChart.
  • After you finish the 1st step, click Next. All you have to do now is keep doing as instructed on those pages.
  • Fill in any details mentioned during the sign up process which may include your personal detials like contact info, address, and medical records, et cetera.
  • After you finish all the steps, your MyChart account will be created on this portal.

We have talked about the employee portal and the patient portal for ProMedica so far, there is one more portal called ADP. Now let us talk about that as well.

ProMedica ADP

Every organization needs to roll out its paystubs to employees each month, but this can be a little difficult when you have thousands of employees. So they employ the service of ADP, which is a company that handles all the human resource tasks of other companies. Their services are cloud-based that provide Human Capital Management.

Some of their services include Payroll, Insurance, Retirement, HR Services, Professional Employer Organization, etc. These services are offered to both small and large-scale companies in the form of different plans depending on their number of employees. While they provide many services, one of their most in-demand services is Payroll. ProMedica employs its payroll services to provide better access to their employee paystubs info.

Employees of ProMedica can log into their accounts in the ADP portal to check on their paystubs, deductions, transaction history, and some other things. Assuming many of the employees didn’t know the login procedure for the MyProMedica, there is a good chance they do not know much about this portal as well. Hence, the next section with a tutorial on the same.

ADP Login

  • Log in to the ADP portal with the help of the online ADP link.
  • The above link will only take you to the login page, after that you have to enter the login info to access your account.
  • So enter the necessary details(which is user ID and password) and login by hitting the log in/Sign in button.
  • When you are inside the portal, you can find options to access your financial info like paystubs and other transactions.

Any employee of ProMedica can use the above instructions for the ADP portal.

About ProMedica

About ProMedica

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, the ProMedica health system, or the organization has grown slowly to provide its services to more than 2 million patients annually. This not-for-profit organization has more than 2900 physicians at its disposal that serve their community at different healthcare centers, trauma centers, rehabilitation, and other facilities.

Its mission is to bring health and wellness to all. To follow this, they partnered with a company called Welltower to establish and obtain a nursing real estate company. This was in 2018. Now they have various centers in 23 counties of 2 states to offer their various services to the community. In such a growing company, there is always room for professionals who can cater to the growth of their mission. So if a person wants to join their ranks in serving their community then they should check their career options.

Careers at ProMedica

An organization that cares about its employees as much as it cares about its patients, is a place where you should be employed. They have a separate portal where professionals can send out their applications along with their resumes to apply for vacant job positions. Below you will find instructions on how to apply for a vacant position at ProMedica.

  • As I have mentioned earlier, they have another portal where you can apply for jobs. To access that portal, use this Careers ProMedica site.
  • As soon as you open the link, the page shows you a search bar along with filter options for distance and location.
  • Enter the desired location and a radius in which you want the job, then add a keyword for the job role that you desire.
  • This is the simplest method to look for a job, but there is another way too. If you scroll down a little, then you can see a few job roles like Provider & Clinical services, Senior care, Health plans, etc.
  • An applicant can use the “find jobs” under those categories to look for the required job.
  • After you find the desired job, open to read all the details and then click “Apply Now”.
  • Now, to apply for any role, you have to be logged in to the ProMedica account. So sign in to your account from the login and if you do not have one then create it using the provided option.

This is all you have to do to apply for a job role at ProMedica. On the same careers page, there is info on employee benefits as well. Make sure to check that out too to have a better idea of the facilities you get.

MyProMedica Customer Support

At ProMedica, they strive to improve the health and well-being of their community and to do they also have to listen to their patient’s issues and help them. So any patient or an employee of ProMedica has the means to get help from their experts. This is by the use of their customer support portal. All there is to do is to visit their support portal that has various options to get help and choose the appropriate one.


If you are a resident of Toledo, Ohio then you might be aware of ProMedica hospitals. There is also a good chance that you either work there or visit the hospital for some sort of treatment/checkup. Regardless, any such person would have to use their ProMedica employee log in or the ProMedica Patient portal. This means the above tutorials can be of use to you if you do not already know how to use them. So check those out and also take a look at their career options and customer support when in need of help.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the ProMedica patient portal?

Patients of ProMedica are provided with access to a portal called the ProMedica MyChart. This portal lets them check their appointment details, get refills for medications, check reports, and many other things that a patient might need access to. A patient can create an account in this portal using the activation code provided by the hospital. Instructions are available in this article.

Who can access the ProMedica employee login portal?

I mean the question should be self-explanatory. Since it is an employee portal, only employees can log in to access their schedules, tasks, appointments, and other stuff. Though they will need the right login credentials to do that.

Is the MyChart portal for patients secure?

Yes, the portal is very secure as it is used to store confidential data of patients. It uses 128-bit SSL, which is an encryption technology employed to provide security. They also follow the confidentiality of state and federal governments in that regard.

Does the activation code work only for a few days?

Yes, the activation code only works for a few days. It expires after a week, so make sure to use it by then.

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