MySutterOnline, a medical healthcare web portal developed mainly to bring together more than 1 million patients with specialized doctors located in the United States of America. In other words, the patients or the registered users can find the doctors nearby their location through this platform online. In addition to this platform helps to book appointments with respective doctors in advance, apply for lab tests, here on this portal. The platform helps users store their medical records, lab test results, diagnostic reports, which can be accessed by the doctors to learn about their patient’s health condition. The platform is operated by the Sutter Health Organization which strives to offer the best healthcare services through a specialized healthcare team that can be contacted through the message feature on the web portal. Above all, the web portal is also available as a mobile application called “Sutter Health My Health Online”.

MySutterOnline User Login Guides

MySutterOnline Login Page
MySutterOnline Login Page

How to Enroll Your Account on the Myhealthonline Sutter Health Web Portal?

If you are interested in opening or enrolling an account on the MySutterOnline platform, then follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • First, connect to the My Health Online – Choose a Signup Method web address through the browser on your device.
  • On the registration page, enter personal details such as, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Date of Birth, Email Address, Contact Number, etc as requested by the page
  • Then follow the instructions on the next page to set up your account’s login ID and password.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation email containing an access code to your device regarding the completion of enrollment process.
  • Now visit the Begin Activation web page and type your Date of Birth and Access Code to activate your account.

Login Procedure for the Sutter Health My Health Online Web Portal.

If you want to log in to your account on the web portal. Then read the comprehensive instructions given below. For instance,

  • Visit the Sign In To My Health Online web address from your device.
  • Once the login page is shown, enter your Login ID and Password set up during the registration process.
  • Then hit the “sign in” option on the right side of the page.
  • Now you can access all the features offered by the web portal.

How to Recover Your Account on My Health Online Login Portal if You Forgot Your Username or Password?

In order to recover your account on the MySutterOnline web portal without a username or password. Follow the detailed tutorial below.

 Forgot Login ID Page
Forgot Login ID Page

Forgot Login ID

  • On the login page, click on the “Forgot Login ID” option.
  • Then enter your first name, last name, date of birth and email address.
  • After that, press the “continue” option.
  • Once your account is verified, you will receive an email containing your default Login ID.
Forgot Password Page
Forgot Password Page

Forgot Password

  • Here on this page, select the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Then fill in your Login ID onto the requested section and press the “continue” icon.
  • Now on the new page follow the instructions given.
  • After completing the instructions, click “continue” icon once again.
  • On the reloaded page, type your new password and confirm the password by re-entering once again.
  • And at last hit the “submit” option.

Features of the MySutterOnline web portal.

The myhealthonline Sutter health web portal offers multiple features for patients and registered users. Features such as,

  • The MySutterOnline platform helps the users or patients to find the doctors nearby their location.
  • The patients registered on this portal can store all the medical reports, lab test results and diagnostic reports here on the platform.
  • This medical reports and other important files can be accessed by the respective specialized doctors and physicians online.
  • Moreover, the MySutterOnline platform helps the users or patients to update their documents and profile whenever required here on this portal online from the comfort of their home.
  • Through these portals the users can schedule their appointments with specialized doctors in advance.
  • In addition, the portals assist the users in keeping in touch with Sutter health care team for suggestions and guidance through the direct message feature.
  • The patients can apply also for the lab tests and diagnostic tests on this web portal. And receive the reports of these tests right here on this web portal.
  • The web portal being a cloud based platform, it stores all the patients records securely on the companies private servers for better data security.
  • Other than this through this web portal, you can receive text alerts and notifications regarding the scheduled appointments and test results due dates, etc.
  • Moreover, the MySutterOnline portal also employed a unique video consultation feature to help the patients in contacting the doctors safely from the comfort of their homes. Which benefits the users especially during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic period.

Issues with the Sutter health login web portal.

The users or the patients who registered their accounts on MySutterOnline my health online login platform have reported multiple technical issues while accessing the portal in question. Further, more about these issues and how to resolve them discussed in more detail below.

Login Errors

These errors mainly caused by entering invalid login credentials onto the login page. Which in turn can result in your account on the web portal being locked. So to avoid this issue, it is best suited to store your login details securely in a safe folder on your device. This will help you to cross-check your login info. Therefore, avoiding adding inaccurate login user-id and passwords during the sign-in procedure.

Invalid Access Code

As we know, during the registration procedure, you will receive an access code, which is necessary for the activation of your account. What we tend to forget all the time is the activation code is valid for only a limited period of time. After which the code will become invalid. So after completing the registration process, immediately complete the activation procedure.

Web Browser Issues

The web browsers you have installed on your device must be offering the best performance to access all the features offered by the web portal in question. Hence, to maintain your web browser at the best performance rates, use the precautions provided below.

  • Update your web browser regularly.
  • Use only secured web browsers as mentioned in the requirements section.
  • Accept Captcha and Cookies option if requested by the web page.
  • Refresh your web page often.
  • Delete the cache and search history on the web browser regularly.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection on your device.

Sutter Health

Sutter Health Logo
Sutter Health Logo

A Non-profit healthcare organization that was established 100 years ago in the year 1921, mainly to incorporate technological tools into the industry for the betterment of the healthcare system in the country. The main reason behind the establishment of the hospital was the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The founder of the John Augustus Sutter set up the first hospital in Sutter fort to provide healthcare services for the people suffering from the Spanish flu pandemic. The organization further set up new hospitals across the major cities and also acquired many charitable hospitals in various states and converted them into Sutter Health Medical Centers.

Currently, the Sutter health company offers multiple hospitals divisions and clinics for the residents of California and Hawaii States. Such as Sutter Bay Medical Foundation, Sutter Bay Hospitals, Sutter Valley Medical Foundations, Sutter Valley Hospitals and many more. In other words, the organization has more than 24 acute care hospitals in different locations in the two states where it operates. Sarah Krevans holds the President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) positions in the organization. Other than this the healthcare organization currently employs more than 55,000 people across its hospitals, medical institutions, and clinics.

Sutter Health My Health Online Mobile Application

In addition, to its healthcare services through the hospitals and the online web portal. The Sutter Health organization has a mobile application version of the online web platform. In order to share access of the web portal features on a much more common platform. For example mobile phones with an installed application and internet access. Through this application, the patients can access all the features offered by the “Sutter Online” website. They can also access other additional features such as, paying bills, requesting online prescription refills, managing multiple family accounts at once, and accessing family health info, etc.

Above all, the Simplified UI Design of the mobile application helps the users to understand various features easily and perform many functions with just a tap of few buttons. To install this application on your respective devices for free, make use of the web links provided below.

Android Device Users – Sutter Health My Health Online – Apps on Google Play

Apple Device Users – Sutter Health My Health Online on the App Store

How to apply for careers at the Sutter Health Organisation?

If you are interested in working for the Sutter Health Organization, and you possess all the required skills, qualifications needed for the respective job positions. Then follow the complete step-by-step guidelines provided here in this section.

  • Visit the Working at Sutter Health web address from your device.
  • On the careers page, choose the job type through the choices given here such as Allied Health, Business Professionals, Physician opportunities, etc to name a few.
  • Once you have found the job type you are looking for, then hit the “find jobs” option under the respective job type.
  • Now select whether you are looking for temporary or permanent job position.
  • After that, all the available job listings for the job type you are looking for are shown on the new page.
  • Use the narrow results option, to filter the job listings by adding more info such as specialty, state, city, category, etc.
  • After finding the job listings you are looking for, then click on the respective job listings.
  • Here on this page, do read the job description and make sure you have all the qualifications, experience and skills required for this position.
  • Then press the “apply now “option at the bottom of the page.
  • Now accept the Privacy agreement and follow the instructions to create an account on the web portal. Then add resume to the listings and lastly hit the submit option.
  • If you get selected for this position, the organization will reach out to you within 15 days.
  • If not, enjoy the job hunting here on the careers’ portal.


Here in this article, you can learn all about the “MySutterOnline” web portal its many features and benefits for the patients or registered users. Moreover, you can benefit from the user login guides provided in the article to perform login, registration, account recovery, and change password procedures on the web portal in question. Other than these portal shares about the major technical issues with the platform and how to avoid or solve them. Learn more about the Sutter Health Company, its history, Sutter Health My Health Mobile Application, current service areas, type of hospitals, and many more. In addition, learn how to apply for careers at the Sutter health organization through the detailed tutorial provided in the above sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the “MySutterOnline” web portal?

The “MySutterOnline” web portal provides benefits such as scheduling appointments, contacting care teams, accessing lab test results & diagnostic reports, uploading medical reports online, and many more for the patients who register their accounts on this platform.

Name some alternatives for the “Sutter Health My Health” mobile application?

GoodRx Pro, Live Health Online, SCL Health My Chart, Blue Care on Demand, Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7, etc are some of the popular alternatives of the mobile application in question. Which are available for download on both the app store and Google Play Store for respective devices.

What are the states where the Sutter health Organization operates?

The Sutter Health Organization operates more than 24 acute care hospitals, multiple medical institutions, and clinics, etc in California and Hawaii States in the United States of America.

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