Network Adapter Driver Windows 10

Network Adapter Driver Windows 10

I don’t have to tell you, how important it is to have an internet connection in today’s world. In this age, where more than 90% of the US uses the internet, it would be a hindrance to most people if there is no internet. Enough about the statistics though. The above information was to make you understand the requirement of internet. Though, for the internet to work on any device, it requires drivers. So here we are to discuss the Network Adapter Driver Windows 10.

What Is a Network Adapter Driver Windows 10?

As I have mentioned earlier, for the internet to work on any device, network adapter drivers are necessary. So what are these network adapter driver Windows 10? And why do you need them exactly? For example, imagine you want to heat a pizza. What do you do? You take the pizza and put it in the oven and let it heat for some time. Now, the pizza here is the internet, the oven is the network adapter and the heat is the network adapter driver. Confused?

Every computer needs internet today for most of the tasks. To access the internet you need a network adapter on your device. A network adapter is a hardware for a computer that helps you access the internet. Just like the oven lets you heat pizza. Using this network adapter users can connect their computers to a wireless or wired network. A network can come in different forms, it can be a network interface card, wireless adapter, and it can even be a USB device.

Most of the devices now come with a network adapter that is already built-in to the device. It can usually be found on the motherboard. Devices that don’t have this can get an external adapter like the wireless or USB kind. Coming back to network drivers or the Network adapter driver Windows 10, it is the software required to run the network adapter hardware.

For the network adapter to work, it needs a driver. This driver helps computers understand the processing of a network adapter, the result is that one can connect to the internet. So make sure to install the necessary Network Adapter driver Windows 10. Remember that each device has its driver, and one device drivers are not compatible with other devices.

Different Types of Network Adapter Drivers

Now that there is a basic understanding of what a network adapter driver Windows 10 is, maybe one should also understand that there are various types of network adapters. That’s right, there isn’t just one type of network adapter but a few types. That means there are different types of network adapter drivers as well. The network controller driver you use in a device depends on the kind of network adapter installed on that device.

Let us take a look at all kinds of network drivers for a Windows 10 device.

Network Interface Card

Every device including PCs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets et cetera now comes with a Network Interface Card(NIC). This is also called an Ethernet adapter, which can be used for a wired and wireless network connection. While most devices have this adapter to access the internet, some older devices that support only wired connections may not have a NIC.

Such a device uses an external network adapter to access the internet. Apart from the usual functionality of connecting to the internet, NICs also let you transmit data, allow direct memory access, and partition. To download drives for NICs, you can just search for it in Google and download from

PCI Adapters

Some of you might have used a PCI Adapter for your device. This adapter can be directly connected to your motherboard provided your device has a PCI slot. It works like NICs in a way for users to access the internet. They come in both wired and wireless connections so you can choose depending on your convenience.

If you need a PCI network adapter driver then check out the Linksys Wireless G-PCI Adapter and the Archer AC1900 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter drivers. There are other PCI adapters like PCMCIA adapter and Mini PCI adapter.

USB Adapters

This should be self-explanatory. A network adapter that can be connected with a USB to your device. USB adapter comes to your rescue when there isn’t an in-built network adapter on your device. With this, you can just plug and play. You can use both wired and wireless for this USB adapter, though most people prefer wireless options.

Try the Linksys Wireless-G USB Compact USB Network Adapter and the TP-Link AC450 Wireless Nano USB Adapter. I must say, it’s been a while seen I have this USB adapter since most devices now already have a network adapter along with its network adapter driver Windows 10 installed. If you cannot find the driver from the above link then type in the adapter name and add driver next to in the Google search bar. Click the search button and you can find the appropriate driver.

There are a few other adapters as well for a Windows 10 device like the Chromecast Ethernet Adapter and the Virtual adapter which are not as frequently used as the other 3 mentioned above. To find out a little more about these network adapter drivers Windows 10, check out these lifewire and guides.

How to Download, Install, and Update Network Adapter Driver Windows 10?

Let get to the main event which is installing and updating the network drivers on a device. If your device doesn’t already have any network drivers on a device then download them first. Most of the time when you add a network adapter, the device automatically installs the drivers. In case it doesn’t then you have to do it on your own.

We have already provided a few download links to some network adapters depending on the type of adapter. Most adapters support the Intel Network Drivers, if one needs something else then search from Google. Just enter the adapter name next to the driver keyword and one can get appropriate results for download.

With the driver installed on your device, you should also check for any latest updates.

Check for Updates

There is more than a single way for this, let us see what they are.

Method 1
Network Adapter Driver Windows 10
  • The easiest method of all is to let Windows do the job for you. To do that, head over to Windows updates Settings from the Start menu.
  • Here, click the “Check for updates” options. This will search for all kinds of updates for your device along with network adapter updates.
  • This will download and install the appropriate network adapter updates for your device.
Method 2
Network Adapter Driver Windows 10
  • This method requires you to manually update the drivers from the Device Manager.
  • Just search for “Device Manager” in the Start menu and open it.
  • In the Device Manager, you can see the “Network Adapters”. Double click it, and it shows all the drivers and files related to the network adapter.
  • Select your network driver and right-click on it. Then click the “Update Driver” option, and select “search automatically for drivers” to update them.

In case you do not know what network adapter driver your device has, open Command Prompt from the Start menu. In cmd, type “netsh WLAN show drivers” and press enter. This will show you the network adapter drivers on your device.

Method 3

For this method to work, install another application. This application will find all kinds of updates for the device and let up update them. Just tap to search for the updates option and then tap update. I would recommend employing apps like Drivermax or Driver Easy to update. The singular drawback here is that there are only limited driversupdate. Since these are not freeware apps.

Tips & Tricks to Obtain the Best Network Performance

Sometimes the difference between a good day and a bad day can depend on your device network performance. Slow internet speed and constant network drops can be a real pain. So why not try a few things to improve the network performance of your device.

  • Use 5.0GHz frequency as it has less interference. Most devices use 2.4 GHz frequency and if there are more people/devices in the vicinity using same frequency then there’s going to be interference that leads to network drops and slow internet speed. So switch over to 5.0 GHz band.
  • Find an optimal location for your network adapter. Place it at a central location away from metal,walls, or anything else so that the signal strength remains good.
  • Constantly update your network adapter firmware and any other drivers. New updates bring better functionality and features.
  • Use 802.11n which is the wireless-N technology. This is faster and better than the other 802.11a/b/g.
  • Making changes to the download and upload bandwidth can boost your internet speed. Go to Windows Update, and click Delivery Optimization tab. Then scroll down to select the Advanced options. Now make desired changes from the Bandwidth options.

Common Issues With the Network Adapters Drivers and Its Solutions

There is no way that I would believe if someone says they never faced any problems with their Wi-Fi. That’s because issues with Wi-Fi or a network adapter are pretty common, and happen to many users. As troubling as it may be, there are ways to fix any issue with a wireless adapter or access point. Here, we will discuss a few solutions to the network adapter issues.

A Driver Can Make or Break a Device

We have all heard it multiple times now, drivers are important for every device. To obtain the optimal performance from a device all users must install appropriate drivers. So you should have appropriate network adapter drivers for them to work. Sometimes a driver file could be corrupted or it could be corrupted. So you have to either reinstall a driver or update them. Let’s see how to do that.

  • We have already listed steps to update a network adapter driver, Windows 10. You can check that out from the above section.
  • To reinstall a corrupt driver for fixing network adapter issues you have to open the Device Manager.
  • Find your driver under “Network Adapters”, and right-click on the driver.
  • Now click uninstall driver to remove the driver completely from the device.
  • With the corrupt driver gone, you have to install a new one. Again, this can either be done from the Windows update menu or using a third party app.
  • Check the download & install section of this article to install the required driver.

Fix Windows 10 Ethernet Driver Problem

Not everyone uses the wireless network adapter, and the few who use the Ethernet(wired) network adapter may have some problems. Well, here are a few solutions for Ethernet Driver Windows 10 problems.

  • First, check the wired Ethernet connection and make sure that there is nothing wrong with the cable. In case there is something wrong, then replace the cable with a working one.
  • Since we have problem with the drivers, update them. If that doesn’t fix it, then reinstall them.
  • If it is a simple error/glitch then it can be fixed with a simple restart of your computer and network adapter.

The Network Troubleshooter to the Rescue

Network Adapter Driver Windows 10

Regardless of the issue, you have with your network adapter. Most of the times troubleshooting can fix it. The following steps will tell you how to run a troubleshooter for network-related issues.

  1. Go to Settings and search Troubleshoot Settings. When found, click on the option.
  2. This opens the troubleshoot settings. Under the “Find and fix other problems” you will find the Network adapter option.
  3. Left-click and you can see the “Run the Troubleshooter” option.
  4. Click it and the troubleshoot scan your network adapter for any problems and fixes it.

Few Other Solutions for Network Adapter Driver Problems

  • Sometimes all it takes to fix a network adapter driver is resetting the router. This is useful when the device cannot find the network adapter drivers. Turn off the router, wait for 30 seconds and turn it on. This should fix the problem.
  • Disable the network adapter and enable it back again. Open Start menu, and type “ncpa.cpl” to open the control panel for the updater. Now right-click on the network you are using that has a problem and click Disable. Then right-click again to select the Enable option.
  • Try resetting the network from Windows. Open Settings, go to “Network & Internet” and click Status. Scroll down and you see the “Network Reset” option. Click it to reset your network.

All these should help you fix any kind of network adapter driver Windows 10 issues, any issue with the wireless adapter or access point. We have also covered problems with Ethernet driver Windows 10, so do check it out. For more solutions, peek a glance at this Microsoft Support Document and the Techcult guide.

How to Manually Change Network Adapter Settings?

How to Manually Change Network Adapter Settings?

While the default setting for network adapters works perfectly, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t tweak them to the requirements. I love making changes to my Windows 10 settings. One might need help to make changes to the Network adapter settings if one loves making these changes.

  • Open Settings and click the Network & Internet setting. Go to the Ethernet or Wi-Fi tab depending on the connection you are using.
  • Under Related settings, click the “Change Adapter”option. This opens a Control panel window showing your Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection. Let’s say one might want to make changes to Intel Gigabit Ethernet driver.
  • Now right-click or double left-click to select properties for Ethernet connection.
  • Select the one you want to make changes to and click “Configure”. This open a new window.
  • This window has multiple tabs, so check each tab and make desired changes to your network adapter.

Also, check this Dummies guide for more steps and info.


There are many options and settings for the network adapter driver Windows 10, and we have covered the necessary one here. Along with many common issues and solutions for network adapter driver Windows 10. Just scan the above article to find all sorts of info to get the best performance from the network adapter Windows 10. For more info we have also provided other sources, so do check them out as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Nvidia Drivers Update?

Nvidia drivers are for your GPU to increase the performance of your device so that it can handle high graphic applications. The Nvidia drivers update is the new version of the Nvidia drivers which should install.

What are Network Controller Drivers?

Network controller drivers are to provide a device with network features. These network controller drivers control every aspect of your device’s network functions.

Are Network Adapter Drivers for Windows 10 necessary?

Yes, Network Adapter Drivers for Windows 10 are necessary for every device that requires internet connections, and the option to transfer data.

How to fix the problem with a wireless adapter or access point?

For most users, troubleshooting with Windows is the go-to method to mix such issues. We have also covered a bunch of other methods for this. So go through the article for more solutions.

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