OurSainsBurys is an employee-only web portal developed by J Sainsbury’s Plc to assist the employees to improve the work-life balance and provide access to all the company’s details, policies, and daily work stats. MySainsburys is the previous name of the said online web portal. It offers numerous features for the employees of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets. In particular, View Daily Work Schedules, Manage Paystubs, Access Payment Slips Listings & Stats and Working Hours. Even Employee Attendance Sheets, Additional Overnight Schedules Details, and Bonuses. You can even obtain Health and Financial Benefits, Complete Staff Information, Access Employee Discounts with Colleague Discount Card, Receive News and Updates from the company.

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Login Requirements for OurSainsburys Login Portal

The employees of the Sainsbury’s UK web portal must meet certain requirements. They are explained below to get access to the web portal and its many features.

  • Individuals must possess a registered email address/phone number, or Company given Employee ID([email protected]’s.co.uk) and Password(valid National Insurance Number).
  • Secure web browsers, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., with high-speed internet access.
  • Compatible Devices such as PCs, Tablets, Laptops, and Mobile Phones.
  • Individuals must be more than 18 years old and also an employee of the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain.
  • Official web address or web link for the Our Sainsburys Login web portal.
  • Install Antivirus or Firewall protective systems on your device.
  • Save your Login credentials in a secured folder to access on a later date.
  • Add security questions to your account after the first login process. As it helps you to recover your account if you lost your password.

Login Process for oursainsburys.co.uk Login Web Portal


To log in successfully into the oursainsburys.co.uk web portal, follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Connect to the OurSainsburys Sign-in web address given here through your web browser on your device.
  • The Sign-in page is showcased, where enter your Sainsbury’s Username and press next.
  • On this page, enter your National Insurance Number and click the next button.
  • Now answer your security questions(If chosen), otherwise press the “Sign in” option below the credentials section.
  • Finally, you can access the web portal and its many features.

How to Access the Sainsbury’s Employee Portal if You Forgot Your Password?

To recover your account on the OurSainsburys web portal, go through the detailed instructions stated below.

  • Visit Our Sainsbury’s Sign-in web address provided here – https://login.microsoftonline.com/
  • Once the sign-in page is displayed, look for the “Can’t access your account” option under the sections.
  • Click on the above-mentioned section.
  • Another page is showcased, requesting to choose the type of account from work account or personal account.
  • After choosing the option, you are redirected to another page.
  • Here on this page, fill in the official Username or User ID, and answer the Captcha using picture or audio. 
  • Answer security questions(if chosen) or Press the next button, and a mail consisting link is sent to your official email address.
  • Click on the link, and Type your new password and confirm the password.
  • The same instructions are also can be used to change the default password of the account of Our Sainsbury’s web portal.

Features of the Sainsuburys Online Web Portal.

The employee online portal in question has multiple features which can be accessed by the employees visiting this web portal. These features are explained in more detail here in this section.

  • Employees can access their Daily Work Schedules, trade or change these schedules and also access Overtime Night Work schedules if interested to earn extra bonuses.
  • Access their monthly Paystubs, Payslisting with all stats, and payslip forms, and the instructions on how to download these forms.
  • Access their attendance sheets and view their daily working hours.
  • The web portal offers employees all the staff or workforce details and also acts as a medium between the HR Department and the workforce.
  • They can monitor their various Health, Financial, Career, and Other Benefits through this web portal and access them when necessary. 
  • The employees with Colleagues Discount Cards can also access the numerous offers, discounts, and cash prices for themselves and their family members while purchasing in one of the Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.
  • They receive the latest news and updates directly through this online web portal.
  • The portal also offers complete J Sainsbury’s Plc information, achievements, goals, and Policies.
  • They can also apply for leaves online through this portal such as sick leaves, paternity leaves, paid holidays, or personal leaves and also monitor the progress of these applications.
  • Through this web portal, the employees can join various programs offered by the company such as Sainsbury’s Social Association(SSA), Season Ticket Loans, Employee Assistance Program(EAP), and Multiple Share Schemes.

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Problems Faced by the Users of the Our Sainsburys Employee Web Portal.

These are some common problems the users might face while accessing oursainsburys web portal through their device. These issues are mentioned in detail below, along with the solutions.

Connection Errors

These issues are generally caused by inconsistent and low-speed internet connections. Avoid using these types of internet connections and instead use the High-speed internet connections like Wi-Fi Router Service while accessing the web portal.

Trouble-Shooting Problems

These issues occur when you are using an old version of a web browser with performance issues, or when the web browser storage is full. To avoid these problems, update the browser and delete your cache, search history, or storage regularly. Also, accept Captcha and cookies when asked to avoid any troubleshooting problems.

Maintenance Issues

The employee web portal cannot be accessed sometimes when the site is under maintenance, sometimes the “Site is under maintenance” message is displayed on the web page.

Login Issues

The Login Issues tend to occur only when you have filled in the wrong credentials on the OurSainsBurys Sign-in page, which in turn can lead to the web portal blocking your account. To avoid these issues, inspect your credentials thoroughly before the login process, or compare the credentials with the saved login credentials folder on your device.

If the issues persist contact the HR Department: 0800-707-6242 through your mobile phone, or call the DT Customer Service Desk: 0345-603-2282.

Benefits Offered to the Employees of Sainsbury Chain of Supermarkets

Being one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. With more than 111,900 employees, Sainsbury takes great care of their employees as they are one of the key reasons for the company’s achievements over the years. The various benefits offered are described below in more detail – 

  • Annual Bonus Scheme which offers a bonus for the employees every year due to their work performance and profits earned by the company in the very same year.
  • The company offers various Pension Schemes, for their employees to choose from, all of them including the 401 K retirement plan.
  • They offer paid holidays for employees every year, and their number grows with your career growth in the Sainsbury Company.
  • Employee Assistance Program is potentially a short-term assistance program that can help the employees with legal, debt, and counseling advice.
  • Various Health Cash Plans to choose from, and they offer funds for daily life and most importantly, maintaining your well-being.
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity leaves with increasing time periods based on your current working experience in this company and also flexible working options for the eligible employees.
  • Seasonal Ticket Loans offers instant free loans for purchasing a travel card which is valid for 6 months or 1 year, to help employees with their daily work commute.
  • The company pushes the employees to use zero-emission carbon commute by Bicycles and 10% discounts for purchasing bicycles from their stores.
  • Love It feature allows employees to access thousands of discounts and offers from various retail stores, restaurants, and Cinema centers.
  • The Colleague Discount Card given to the employees offers 10-15% discounts for employees and their family members in the Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the country.
  • The company awards the longest-serving employees with the best offers, benefits, bonuses, and gifts.

J Sainsbury Plc

J Sainsbury Plc

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets was founded by John James Sainsbury. That was 152 years ago in 1869 in Holborn District, London. It is currently the biggest supermart in the United Kingdom, after the Tesco Retail Company. The first supermarket front was opened in the Drury Lane District, London in the year 1869. The company gained popularity over the years. It has increased its presence all across the country becoming the best retailer in 1922. It became a market leader and maintained this position for years. The J Sainsbury Plc Headquarters are located in London City, UK, and it has more than 1428 supermarkets across the country according to an official report published in March 2019. 

Lord Sainsbury is the Life President, Simon Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), and Martin Scicluna is the Chairman of Sainbury’s Supermarket chain. The company offers various products and services. Apart from this, the company also operates multiple popular brands in the UK like TU, Habitat, Nectar, and Argos. The subsidiaries under the wing of J Sainsbury Plc are Sainsbury’s Bank, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, Sainsbury’s Energy, and Sainsbury’s Local Stores. The company is making revenue of 28.93 Billion Euros. They do this every year with an income of 152 Million Euros and an operating income of 986 Million euros according to the statistics published in the year 2020.

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In this article, we have given multiple detailed tutorials. Especially for the various process on the “OURSINSBURYS” web portal, for example. How to log in successfully, how to change the default password, how to recover the account, etc. We have provided the necessary information on the online portal in question. Especially with all the requirements to access the portal, features, or functions of the portal. Including the various issues that occur while using the website. The article also provides elaborate information about J Sainsbury’s Company, History, Products, Key People, Employee Benefits, Brands, Subsidiaries, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to access the Sainsbury’s UK web portal?

The employees of Sainsbury’s Chain of Supermarkets can access the web portal by visiting the official web page mentioned in this article through their devices.

What are the compatible devices that can be used for accessing the oursainsburys.co.uk login portal?

The Sainsbury’s employee login portal can be accessed on various devices namely Android phones, iPhones, MacBooks, Pcs, and laptops.

Who to contact if you have queries or issues about the Our Sainsbury web portal?

For queries and issues, the users can directly contact their HR dept through the online portal by calling the Customer Service contact number 0800-707-6242 or Service Desk Number – 0345-603-(2282), (4401), and (5538).

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