Outlook Email Login

Outlook Email Login

Have you ever wondered how many hours have you spent on your mails, both personal and office mails? A study shows that we spend almost 3-5 hours through the entire day scrolling through our mails. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the kind of email services that we use on an everyday basis. But can you do more with these email services apart from sending and receiving emails? Of course, you can. Using email clients, you can do a lot more than you think you can. One such sophisticated yet modern email client that we use today is Outlook. This email service has been a go-to ever since it has been launched for not just businesses, but also for personal use.

In this article, we will take a look at this email client in great detail, highlighting its features and functions along with how to create and use an account on outlook.

Outlook Email Login

With the increase in the use of different email clients, Outlook never fails to be among the top email services which are accessible to everyone across the globe. Microsoft Outlook is an email client which is developed by Microsoft, which is officially a part of the Microsoft Office suite. An email client is an application that lets you configure other email accounts and also provides email services. By using Microsoft Outlook, the users can not only send and receive emails but also use other features and functions that let them manage their emails in the best way possible.

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So, What Is Microsoft Outlook, and What Is Outlook.com? Are They the Same or Different?

This is the most common question that people ask. Many people think that both are the same, considering the similarity in the names. But turns out that there is a difference in both these services. Before we address the differences, let’s address the similarities. Both these services are developed by Microsoft, and they provide the same function of sending and receiving emails. You probably must be thinking that if both these services provide the same function, then where’s the difference? The difference lies in what these services are. Otlook.com is a website where Outlook is a program.

Outlook is a software program that can be installed on your computer. This program is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This email service is a fully functional program that has many features to manage the user’s email.

Outlook.com on the other hand is a website through which users can create a free account with the outlook.com extension. It is a replacement for hotmail.com and using this website, the users can access other Microsoft email accounts.

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Which One Should I Go for?

Microsoft Office Outlook or simply Outlook is a powerful email tool that is targeted towards vast business organizations with many users, for example, an office or a school. By using this email program, the users can access their email with many significant features. These features let the users create a personalized account for everyday activities.

Outlook.com is targeted towards users who only want a simple, free email service. If you have a Microsoft account, and you wish to access all your email on the web, then go for this service. Using a Microsoft account, you can access outlook and other Microsoft emailing services.

Outlook Email Login

Create an Outlook.com Email

Microsoft Outlook is a great email service provider that lets users manage their information reliably. It’s important to note that this service is not for free. To use Microsoft Outlook you need to buy the subscription plan to avail yourself of all the features that come with this package. However, if you wish to use minimal features such as messages, good storage capacity, and better inbox management, then you can create a free account.

  • To create a free account, go to the official Outlook email Login page given here
  • When you are redirected to the official site, click on Create Free Account
  • On a new page, you need to create an email address that you can use for your account
  • Create any email address that you desire and click on Next
  • In the next step, enter the password for your account
  • Click on Next once you’re done
  • On the next page, you are required to enter additional information such as your Name, country, DOB, and press Next
  • On the next page, you require verifying that you are a person by filling in the CAPTCHA
  • Click on Next

Your Outlook email is finally created and you are welcomed to the email service with the WELCOME display.

Outlook Email Login

  • Go to the Outlook email login page using the link – https://outlook.live.com/owa/?authRedirect=true
  • In the top right corner, click on the Sign-In button
  • On a new page, you need to enter your Email Address
  • Click on Next
  • Then enter the Password
  • Click on Sign In
Outlook Login

Forgot Outlook Email Login Password

  • To reset a forgotten Outlook mail login password, you can click on the Outlook email login page – https://outlook.live.com/owa/?authRedirect=true
  • On this page, enter the email address that is associated with your Outlook login account
  • Click on Next
  • On the next page, click on Forgot Password
  • On the next page, you need to enter the email address of your account and select a verification method either through email or text
  • Click on Get Code
  • Once you receive the verification code
  • Then you require creating a new password and press Next

With the new password, you can log in to your Outlook.com account successfully.

How to Set Up the Free Outlook Email Login Account

Once your free Outlook login account is created, you can start by setting up your account for your use in the following way:

Time Zone and Language

Once you can view the Welcome Screen, click on the right arrow to start setting up your email. The very first step is to select a Time zone and the Language. Once you have made your choice, you can click on the right arrow to move forward. If you wish to back to make any changes, you can hit the left arrow to go back.


On the next page, you can select a Theme from 50 themes that are available on the page. The selected theme will define the overall look of your entire email. After selecting a theme, your theme will be displayed on top of the page.


The next step is to add a signature. Adding a signature will sign off your emails with a custom signature at the end of the message you send. To add a signature, you can either type it in the box or use the templates to create a bold and stylish signature.

Add Calendar

On the next page, you need to add a calendar to your email account. You can select any of the following three options; Local, MLB, MLS. Then you need to click on the soccer team that you wish to add to your calendars.

Add Outlook to Phone

After setting up the calendar, you are prompted to download the mobile app for your phones. You can either download the app by entering your phone number and clicking Get App, or you can simply skip this step by clicking the right arrow.

Once all these steps are completed, a pop-up screen is displayed where you can see your email address. Click on Let’s Go which takes you to your account.

Advantages of Creating a Free Email With Outlook Email/ Features of Outlook

Creating a free email with Outlook.com is very beneficial. Although you may not get access to all the premium services, you can still do a lot with all the free features you get after creating the account. You have access to:

A Better Inbox:

The focused inbox is a feature that lets you manage all your important emails properly. You can use the focused tab to filter the important email from the ones that aren’t important. To turn on this feature, you need to:

  • Open your Outlook email login account on the web.
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Select the toggle right next to the Focused Inbox

All the unimportant emails will be gone to the Other tab. You will be informed whenever an email goes to the Other tab. To organize which message goes to Other and which one goes to Focused:

  • You need to go to the Focused or the Other tab
  • Select the message that you want to move and right click on it
  • To move a message from one folder to the other, click on Move
  • Then select Move to Other Inbox
  • You can select Always Move to Other Inbox if you want the messages from that sender to appear in the Focused/Other Inbox

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The free outlook.com account has 15 GB of storage capacity. If you want additional email capacity, then you need to upgrade to Premium.

Dark Mode

With dark mode becoming the new favorite of every nocturnal being, you can sure try it out by going to the Settings. You can find the Dark Mode option which you need to toggle on.

Reminder for Bill Pay

If you are someone who constantly receives bill-paying emails, then this feature will be very useful for you. When you receive these emails, you will receive bill pay reminders occasionally to remind you of the due date.


The sweep tool is another useful tool through which you can organize your emails efficiently. With this tool, you can move your emails, delete them, and archive them whenever needed.


Microsoft 365

So, what exactly is Microsoft 35? If you are a business owner, then you probably know what this service is, and you might also be using it on a day-to-day basis. Microsoft 365 is a powerful application designed for major businesses. A lot of business organizations use this application to manage their data securely and reliably.

Microsoft 365 is an application that integrates many services in its subscription-based model. In simple words, Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based application that can be used by large organizations such as educational institutes, businesses, or any other corporate or governmental institutions. Through this application, all the users can make use of the vast business tools and services for everyday tasks.

This application is developed by Microsoft, and it uses cloud-based technology to manage all the company’s data. The users need to download the application to their devices and log in with the company’s given email addresses and passwords to make use of all the latest features and tools. Through the Microsoft 365 application, the users will get access to additional cloud storage and can access this platform through any device. Microsoft 365 for businesses brings all the Microsoft services together under a single roof. They are:

  • Word: It is a word-processing document through which you can create any document
  • PowerPoint: It is used to create and share business presentations
  • Excel: It is a spreadsheet through which the users can update, track and manage the records
  • Outlook 365: It is an email client to send and receive messages to anyone within this application
  • OneDrive: A limited cloud storage program to upload, access and share media
  • SharePoint: It is used to share document and reports to anyone within this organization
  • Teams: This tool is used to create virtual meetings
  • Invoicing: Using this tool, the employees can create and manage their involves
  • Bookings: The employees can use this tool to create and set appointments
  • Outlook Customer Manager: It is an add-in through which the businesses can keep a record of its employees

Outlook Email Login in Office 365

Office 365 is the upgraded version of Microsoft Office. To sign in to your business account through Office 365, you need a username with the company’s domain name and a password that is given to you by your company. If you do not have access to your email address or password, then you need to contact the IT services of your company to get to know your login details.

  • To sign to your account, you need to open the Office 365 web browser
  • On this page, you require entering your email address
  • Then enter your password
  • Click on sign in to sign in to your business account

Benefits of Using Microsoft for Business

By setting up a premium plan for your business, your business can save a lot of money through this tool. So many small companies across the world have signed up for this plan due to the many benefits that it offers. Some reasons why you must go for this application is:

It Is Controlled by a Single Entity

Microsoft corroborates all the applications in a single subscription plan that is very easy and convenient to use. It is a trusted organization that provides access to a wide range of applications with a huge collection of tools for all the employees to use. The company keeps adding the latest features and constantly updates the features for better use. Considering that all the applications are used under the suite, it is easy to work without constantly having to navigate to other platforms outside this suite. These applications interact with each other pretty well and offer a streamlined flow of information.


Using Microsoft 365 you can use this suite from anywhere through any device. This offers better flexibility in terms of the information flow. For example; if you cannot complete your assignment at work, then you can log in to the suite from any other device at your home and finish your task.

Collaboration and Communication

The Microsoft suite has many applications that streamline proper communication among all the users. The major aspect of building a strong workforce is proper communication and collaboration. Both these factors are very important to running a business. With the Microsoft suite, the businesses do not have to hold back their tasks because of inefficiency in the communication system. Using these tools, the company can track, manage, update and share information with all the users of the organization

Amazing Tips and Tricks to Use Outlook in a Better Way

Considering the rising popularity of this email client, we can surely say that this email service has the audience hooked on to its exceptional features. Although most people use this service as an alternative to other email clients, Outlook has a lot more to offer than emailing. Here is a list of some features that you may not be aware of, but it’s worth using.

Scheduling an Email

Picture this, you are writing an email to your friend, but you do not want to send it instantly. You want to send the email later at a particular time. It can be after a few hours or maybe a day later. In such instances, you can make use of the email scheduling feature. To schedule an email:

  • Go to the email that you’ve written and go to Options
  • Then click on the Delivery options to set up a date and time
  • Enter the date and time on which you want to send the email
  • Click on close after setting up the date and time

Your email will not be sent before the date and time that you have mentioned.

Quick Parts

Sending the same email invitation to a lot of people? Quick Parts can help you send the same email or even a part of the same email to multiple people. To make use of this feature, highlight the text that you wish to send and go to the Insert tab. Select Quick Parts and then save the highlighted text to the Quick Parts gallery. You can rename the highlighted text for easy reference. If you save the text as Auto-Text, the same text will be referred to you the next time you start writing the same content.

Personalized View

If you want to change the default view of your inbox, then you can personalize your inbox the way you want to by changing the default view settings in the View tab. Simply click on the View tab and go to Change View. Then click on the View Settings tab and then you can select the font, format, add rows/columns, and much more.

Search Emails

For searching a particular email that is lost in the deep sea of unimportant emails, you can use the Search tool. The search tool sorts down the entire list of emails based on the keyword that you have typed in the search bar.

Micorosoft 365

Office 365 Issues and Troubleshooting

No matter which email client you use, you are bound to face issues that may restrict you from completing your task on time. Just like all the other email applications, Office 365 also has a few issues which can become overbearing at times. Some of the basic issues you may come across while using this application are as follows:

Activation Issues

Activation issues are related to the activation of the application. The application needs to be activated before you start to work on it. To troubleshoot this issue you need to check which version of Microsoft Office is installed on your system. You also need to check the expiry date and the subscription name. You need to uninstall the current version of Microsoft Office from your system if it does not match the Office 365 version given in the subscription plan.

Outlook Email Login Issues

Office 365 users face a lot of login issues such as wrong email addresses or passwords, login failure due to changed credentials, etc. To troubleshoot these issues, you need the correct login credentials to log into your account. Most of the time, you might enter the wrong details, copy the passwords instead of manually typing them, forget passwords, etc. Make sure that you type in the correct details manually to log in to your account.

Update Issues

Sometimes you may not be able to access your account if you haven’t updated the Windows and Microsoft Office software. Microsoft releases its updates regularly and each of the new updates adds an extra layer of protection to the application.

Outlook Stops Working or “Failed to Launch Error” Message

Microsoft’s users often come across issues where their application suddenly stops working or the system crashes. Things could get messy if that important email you wanted to send does not even get delivered on time. To troubleshoot such system crashing issues:

  • Go to the Setting menu on your PCs
  • Click on Apps and Features and then go to Office 365
  • Right click on Office 365 and click on the Change button
  • The User Account Control Prompt will appear on the page, and you need to click on Yes
  • On the next page, there are two options to repair your system, i.e., Quick Repair and Online Repair. Quick repair will solve common issues, whereas Online repair will reinstall all the apps on Office 365 to fix the issues.

Alternatives to Outlook

Although Outlook provides a great extent of features to the users, it isn’t for free. Most of the features that you use on Outlook require a subscription, which not many people are willing to pay for. You can still use it for free without having to subscribe, but that will limit your reach as most features aren’t available for free. Here are a few alternatives to go for:

  • Gmail: When we think of email clients, this is the first name that pops up on your mind. This email client offers email services for both personal and business use. Although this service is free for personal use, you need to pay $6 per users for the Google Workspace.
  • Apple Mail: As the name suggests, Apple Mail is an email client of Apple. Although this free email client has a very basic and minimal user interface, you can use add-ons to make it look more professional.
  • Thunderbird: This email client is gaining popularity, considering that it’s always innovating. It has many add-ons that provide a more personalized look to your accounts. This is an open-source application, which means that not only is it free, you can also contribute to adding a different touch to this email service by sending your code designs.

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With more than 400 million active users per month, this email client has surely reached its peak in terms of popularity. Microsoft Outlook brings many services to its users for both personal and professional use. This email client is a part of the Microsoft suite that allows you to manage your email in a safe, secure, and personalized way. We hope that with this article, i.e., Outlook email Login, you have all the information you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the difference between Gmail and Outlook?

The major difference between Gmail and Outlook is that Gmail is an email service provider through which you can access the basic email services. Outlook is an email client that lets you configure other email services.

How much does Outlook premium for a family cost?

For a single person, Outlook costs $69.99 per year and for 6 people, it costs $99.99 per year.

Name some of the popular alternatives to Outlook?

Gmail, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are the popular alternatives to the Outlook Email Platform.

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