Are you one of those people who are in dire need of a market and want to improve and increase your customers? In such situations, you need to hire services that can grow your market and improve your sales. Many firms provide these kinds of services, but one such company that we are gonna discuss here today is Premium retail and its Qtrax login portal.

Premium retail is a company from Chesterfield that offers its customers retail marketing/merchandising, assistance in selling, and many other services. In simple terms, they help your business grow with unique strategies and planning. They help you put your brand on the market and provide continuous selling support and management solutions. This is everything a startup could ask for, and any other business that needs help.

Now the thing that we are here to talk about is their web portal, which is the Premium. Ever heard of this portal? Of course, you haven’t because you never employed their services. In any case, some people did and want to access this portal but cannot. Why is that? Because not everyone has experience with such things. So that’s where we come in, we may not be as fancy Premium retail but we can still help you with this portal. So without any more delay, let’s get down to business.

Premium Qtrax Login Instructions

Premium Qtrax Login Instructions

This portal help users to get statistic and retail data of a company and their progress. An organization can use this portal to manage their team schedules, tasks, etc. Clients will have access to all the data of their performance and market status in real-time. People who have never used a portal before, gather here because we are going to cut down the complex steps and make them easy for you to understand. So here they are.

  • Execute the steps as mentioned in the following order. First, get a device with a good internet connection to access the portal.
  • The portal is Qtrax premium login portal, and when you click this link, you are taken directly to the login page.
  • Here, the design is simple as there is not much to do except to enter the mentioned things.
  • Of those things, one is the username and the other one is the password for the portal.
  • One thing that you should make sure is to check if you are using the right portal. I mean if you are accessing this portal from the USA then select the using site, or Canada site using the options provided.
  • Fill in those two things in the empty fields and hit that Login button.
  • The moment of truth, this will log you in to the Qtrax Premium portal.

Can I Get Some Help With This Portal?


The only anyone would probably need is when they forget their account password. This is something that happens to the best of us, so I wouldn’t stress about it. Just look at the instructions that we have listed below and get back into your account.

  • Are you already on the login page? Then find the “forgot password” option. This is actually easily to find as there is not much on the login page.
  • As soon as you hit that option, the user is redirected to another page. This page has only one empty field where one has to enter their email address.
  • After you do that and click enter, you will receive a mail to the provided email address. This will either contain a link to reset the password or a new password itself.
  • If it’s the former then use the link to provide a new password for your qtrax account.

Features of Qtrax Premium Portal

  • Provide retail assistance.
  • Management solutions for clients and their business.
  • Sales assistance for your brand.
  • Merchandising solutions(display support, maintenance, auditing,etc)
  • Advocating your brand(field marketing, associate training, etc)
  • A great plan always assures success, which why they provide their strategy solution in retail consulting, analytics, program design, etc

These are a few of the services that a client can get from the Qtrax company. There are a lot more things that they can do for your business. All that information can be found on their official website.

How to Apply for the Qtrax Retail Services?

How to Apply for the Qtrax Retail Services?

Before you decide ongoing for their services, the best plan of action would be to know more about them. If that is what you want to do skip this go to the next section where we talk a little more about Qtrax and the company. Assuming you already have read upon them, the following steps will help you get in touch with them to discuss their services. As the company says they will help you “Lead a new era in retail”.

  • Their official website might be a little difficult to find for some because the site is called Premium retail and not Qtrax.
  • In any case, use this premium solutions link and hop to their solution page.
  • This page has all the info on the kind of services their clients enjoy.
  • If that’s something you are in the market for, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom you can see a sort of survey kind of thing. Here, enter all the things that empty fields ask for.
  • Things like your name, company’s name, the service you are looking for, anything else that is mentioned there.
  • When you finish entering the info, prove to the machine running a web portal that you are not a robot by checking the captcha box.
  • Finally, click the submit button which then submits your application to get in touch with them for employing their services.

About Premium Retail

The premium retail company has been here for a while now, and by that, I mean for 36 years. The company was started by the then founder Ron Travers, which was in 1985. Though this was the year the company was established, Ron Traners has been in this business long before that. He worked in the 1950s selling cookies door to door of the store in St.Louis. I know, far from a glamorous job, but that’s how organizations are built.

Later he became the Regional vice president of sales in Nabisco. Later when the company was bought out by some other firm, Ron decided to build his own company using the trust and relationships he built along with his career. That’s how Premium was started, he started it by contacting food brokers and other sellers to improve their brand.

Now the company is led by his sons, Brian Travers and Kevin Travers. The brain is heading the company as its current CEO. The company serves many well-known and already established brands in the country. Companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Lindt & Spr√ľngli, etc. They provide various services to these that include Business intelligence, Strategy, Brand Advocacy, Associate Training, assisted selling, etc.

Premium Retail helped Best Buy improve its fitness category to 64% on days in-store and made more than 230,000 shopper engagements. Similarly, for Walmart, the retail company assisted in increasing their store count to 129% by training 800 new associates for their wireless team through brand advocacy, field sales, quality assurance, etc. This was all done in a tight schedule that lead to 97% of their on-time store openings.

Imagine working at such a company where you can earn so much and grow along with your journey. If that’s what you are thinking then the next section could be interesting to you.

Employee Benefits at Premium Retail

The company provides decent pay to its employee which depends on the role that you work in. For example, a merchandising associate can earn between $12-$18 an hour. Similarly, the pay range changes depending on the role. They also offer their employee many benefits which are based on if you work there as a full-time or a part-time employee. Both enjoy many benefits but the number of benefits for full-timers is slightly better than the ones provided to part-timers.

Full Time Employee Benefits

  • Paid vacation, paid time-off.
  • Insurance for medical, dental, and vision.
  • The usual 401(k) plan.
  • Employee is eligible for rare discounts with premium partners.
  • Benefits that cover accidents, critical illness, etc.

These are some of the many employee benefits for full-time employees.

Part Time Employee Benefits

  • Any health benefit plan that is offered to a full-timer is also applicable to part-timer irrespective of how many hours they put in at work.
  • Cash rewards from referral programs.
  • Similar employee discounts for full-time employees.
  • The company offers career development programs through their career path programs and University of Premium.

These are the benefits one can look out for when they work at Premium retail. Now as for how one can get a job there, the next section will clear that up for you.

Careers at Premium Retail

Found the above employee benefits tempting, I wouldn’t blame you if it did. This might make someone choose a career path at Premium retail, and the good news is that they often hire new skilled recruits. The instruction on how to apply for their open position are given below.

  • On their official webpage, you can scroll down till bottom to find the Careers option or just use this Premium Careers page link.
  • Then when you are on the right spot, click the “Search open positions”, which will then do exactly that and show you all the available empty positions.
  • In there, select the country and type in the job you want to apply for in the keyword field. This will search for the role if there are any empty positions.
  • If you are not looking for anything in particular, then explore all the available open job roles to find the right one for you.
  • Click the one in the desired field and when you find the right position, click on it again.
  • This will then show everything one should know about the role and check if they meet the requirements.
  • Click on “Apply now” to submit your application for the job.
  • There are steps to complete before your application is submitted.
  • First, upload your Resume which can be done with Linkedin and Indeed profiles.
  • The next step is to enter all your personal info, and when that is done, fill in a questionnaire.
  • That should do it, after finishing these steps your application will be submitted.

Contact Support

The website provides its users with an option to get in touch with them when they have any issues or doubts regarding their services. So one can head to their contact us page and enter your details along with selecting the issue that you need help with, and a personalized message if required. Remember to enter your phone number and email address, then you submit the contact request. You will soon hear from them with a proper response that will provide you with the desired solution.


Finally, we have covered everything one can wish to find out about Premium retail and their Qtrax login portal. There are detailed instructions on how one logs in to the portal and access its features provided by Premium retail. Apart from that, we also provided many other tutorials for users when they forget the password for the portal or want to get in touch with premium retail to discuss their services. Make sure to take a peek at their employee benefits which might interest you in joining their ranks. If it does, great because we have provided with appropriate steps using which one can apply for their job positions.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Can you access the premium retail portal on mobile?

Yes, anyone who is a client of Premium retail or working for them can access the qtrax mobile from their mobile browser. Just open the browser and enter their web address to the portal and that will open the qtrax web portal on your mobile.

What are the services offered by Premium retail?

Some of the services offered by premium retail are Business intelligence, Strategy, Associate Training, Digital solutions, Brand Advocacy, Assisted selling, etc. There are so many businesses, strategies, and support services that this company offers which we cannot address here. If you wish to find out more then check their website.

Is Premium retail a private company?

Yes, Premium retail is a private company that was founded by Ron Travers in 1985. It is run by his sons Brian & Kevin Travers, and Brian Travers is the current CEO of the company.

What is the Premium Retail revenue?

Their revenue exceeds $300 million that is generated by the company annually.

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