ReadWorks, an online portal offering education services for students from kindergarten to 12 grade. This web portal is a boon to many child parents in the country, especially in this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The portals help the students to participate in their classes online, complete assignments and participate in tests. Above all, the site showcases follow the school curriculum employed in the country. As a result, many schools and teachers use the study materials and guide from this portal to teach their students. The tech tools offered by the web portal help the students to earn a better learning experience. Moreover, these tools offer multiple options for the students as well as teachers.

Readwork User Login Guides

ReadWorks Registration Page
Registration Page

Requirements for logging into the web portal.

The users visiting the portal must have the requirements given below to get access to the portal in question.

  • Students accessing the portal must have the official class code, whereas the teachers must have email address and password for their accounts.
  • User must have the official web address of the web portal.
  • Compatible device with installed web browser, updated to the latest version.
  • And lastly, a stable high-speed internet access, for instance, a wifi connection.

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Registration Process for online login portal.

The registration process for the  portal is only for the parents and the educators/teachers. Whereas the students do not require any registration, instead just need an official class code created by their faculty. For teachers and parents to complete your registration process successfully, follow the elaborate tutorial cited below.

  • Click on the ReadWorks web address shown here –
  • Press the sign-up option displayed on the login page.
  • After that, fill your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password into their respective fields.
  • Lastly, press the “Get Started” option.
  • Now enter your personal details, profession details according to the instructions shown in the page.
  • Then choose the security questions and answer them.
  • Click on the submit option.

How to Login to the reading comprehension online portal?

To open your account on the reading comprehension portal, read the listed instructions mentioned here.

ReadWorks Teacher Login Page
Teacher Login Page

Educator/Parent Login

  • Connect to the ReadWorks web address provided here –
  • On the login page, click on the “Login” menu.
  • After that, fill your email address and password.
  • Lastly, press the “Login” option.
ReadWorks Student Login Page
Student Login Page

Student Login

  • Visit the web address given here on your device.
  • Login page is shown, look for the “Login” option.
  • Choose the “Go to Student Login” menu on the Pop-up screen.
  • Another page is loaded, here enter your Original Class Code and press “continue”.

What to do if you have lost your password for the readworks student login portal?

Even if you lost your password for your account on the student login portal, you can still recover your account, by going through the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • Open the weblink on your installed web browser on your device.
  • Click the “login” option at the top of the page.
  • On the pop-up look for the “Forgot Password” menu under the login fields.
  • Press the mentioned button, and enter your email address linked to your account.
  • A password reset link is sent to your device as an email.
  • Open this email and click on the link.
  • After that, type your new password.
  • Re-enter the password as instructed on the page to confirm your password.
  • Finally, press the “Submit” menu.
  • Now you can recover your account by entering your credentials on the login page.

Features of teacher reading comprehension web portal.

The portal offers multiple features for both teachers as well as students. Such as-


  • They can create online classes through this portal for students to participate in.
  • Add assignments for the students to complete.
  • Share their curriculum and subject guides.
  • Conduct quizzes to test the knowledge of students on the particular subject.
  • Conduct online classes for kindergarten to 12 standard students.
  • Access the multiple articles published by the various providers available on the web portal along with audio option.
  • Add comments to the assignments and grades to the tests results completed by the students.
  • Print the provided curriculum and subject guides provided by the portal, to share them with the students.
  • Track the individual student progress in your class.
  • Using the automatic grading tools available on the portal for correction of submitted articles, assignments and tests.


  • The students can particpate in various classes conducted by their teachers online.
  • Access the guides and curriculums suggested by the faculty.
  • Download or print the learning material available on the web portal.
  • Perform assigmsnts and submit them online on the portal.
  • Participate in tests and quizzes conducted by the respective subject teachers.
  • Helps students to impovr their konwledge and also vocabulary skills.

How to delete your account on online portal?

To delete your account on the website, follow the detailed steps mentioned here. For instance,

  • Open your email account linked to the web portal.
  • Write an email requesting deletion of your account from the portal.
  • Don’t forget to add the Title: “Request To Delete My Account”.
  • Send the email to the [email protected] email address given here.
  • Once your account is deleted, you will receive a confirmation mail.

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How to create a class on the web portal?

For creating a class on the portal following the procedure given below

  • Login to your account(teacher) on the webportal.
  • Click on the Class Admin menu shown on the page.
  • On new page, click “create class” option.
  • Now select the class you wanted to add.
  • Choose from the “Google Sign-in” and “Rooster” menus.
  • And add the student names to list by using the above options.
  • After that, click on the submit the “Add” icon.
  • Lastly, A class code and password is displayed on the screen.
  • Students can use the code and password to join the class.

How to assign the articles present on the work for students org portal?

  • Firstly, Open your account on the work for students org portal.
  • Choose the “Find Articles” option displayed at the top of the page.
  • Scroll through multiple available articles.
  • After that, use the filters to find the right article.
  • Choose the articles and choose the class and students you want to share with.
  • Lastly choose the Start Date.
  • Click on the assign menu on the pop-up screen.

How to create assignments for the students?

  • On your home page, choose the find articles menu.
  • Select the article you are looking for.
  • Click on the selected article and add them to “My List”.
  • Now follow the instructions on the my list tab and create the assignment.
  • Select the type of assignment or questions you want to choose from the pop-up screen.
  • After that, add the class, students, and assignment start date.
  • Finally, click on the “assign” option given on the pop-up screen.

ReadWorks Company

ReadWorks Portal

This popular organization is based on the iconic New York City in the United States of America. The company gained popularity with its web portal. Offering learning and teaching services for students and teachers all over the current. The organization was established in 1991 by David Cuilla. Above all, It is used by more than 1.3 million teachers and 17+ million students.

The company is popularly referred to students by more than 94,709 schools across 50+states in the country. Above all, the services offered by the company through the portal are free. In other words, they do not charge any fees from the users, instead, it earns income from the site traffic. Apart from this, the company designed its website to help improve critical thinking, English language, and arts. It is essentially a non-profit organization founded mainly to assist teachers to perform their classes, tests, and assignments. And also track the individual knowledge of each student in this class.

ReadWorks Web Portal Reviews

The ReadWorks web portal received positive responses across most social platforms. The portal has become a necessary item in today’s education industry, especially during this ongoing pandemic. Mainly due to its multiple features listed above for teachers and students. And also due to its ability in helping students and teachers interact with each other from the comfort of their homes. Above all, the web portal is a research-based platform, which continues to transform along with the user needs. In other words, the portal further with its tools improves the student’s critical thinking and English language skills.

However, the educational websites provided articles are found not to be best suited for the students studying 8-12 grades. In other words, the website does not have the best curriculum for this grade students and also the assignments given to them. For Instance,


  • Free
  • Multiple Lesson Plans
  • Quizzes and Exercises.
  • Online Classes.
  • Free articles available for the students.
  • Easy to download and print these articles.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere.


  • Not best suited for 8-12 grade students.
  • Not every published article is accurate.
  • Assigment types are limited.

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The “Roadworks” article provides detailed information about the web portal, its requirements, features, and a review of the platform. We have given necessary tutorials for various processes, such as login, account recovery, changing passwords, assigning articles, create assignments and classes. However, the article also provides comprehensive information about the Company with its history, products and services, headquarters, current management, users, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to open an account on the web portal?

The ReadWorks login portal is only accessible for the teachers who have registered their accounts on the portal, and students who use the class codes to join the classes can create their profiles on the portal.

What are the features of the portal?

The Roadworks portal as stated in the above sections offers various features. Such as English Language improvement-oriented and critical thinking exercises, free online classes, access to free study materials, lesson plans for free, conducting quizzes and tests, etc.

Who to contact if you have queries regarding the Portal?

Firstly, the ReadWorks portal has a designated customer website providing answers to all your questions regarding the said web portal. To visit this web portal, click on the Contact Support web address shown here –

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