Finding a dream house is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to search for the right place and the right agents to help you in your journey. Finances also play a huge role in finding the best place for you and your family. Be it any phase of your journey, is right by your side to help you achieve the goal. is a real-estate website that primarily functions in the United States. This company is owned by the real-estate media and publishing company Move Inc. was founded in 1995 and since then, it has been providing real estate services such as selling, buying, and renting homes. This website is the most used platform in the United States as the number of active users per month rises to 100 million for their needs.

The primary services that offers are selling, buying and renting homes. Apart from these, people also have access to additional tools and resources to manage their data. Logo Services

Realtor brings forward a wide range of real estate options to its people. Some of the most prominent features and services of this real estate portal are as follows:


With Realtor. com, you can buy the house of your choice. You can look through all the homes that are available for sale. All the recent listings are available on the website to choose from. Some additional features include:

  • Homes that have recently been sold
  • Foreclosure homes
  • Find homes for Sale
  • Senior housing
  • Find home values and property records
  • Home buying guides and tips

Homes for Sale

As a seller, you have access to many tools and resources to set up your house for sale and find the right market price. Some of the most prominent features available for sellers are:

  • Sell your house with the help of an agent
  • Buy a new house first and then sell your old house
  • Sellers can sell their house in any condition
  • Find the right agent with the Agent Pairing Technology
  • Professional support until the seller finds the right agent
  • Financing options
  • Home Remodeling tips
  • Explore neighborhood trends


If you are a landlord who wishes to rent their place or a tenant looking for a place to live, this website has got you covered. The tenants can look for all the apartments in their region that are available for rent. The landlords can access tools such as:

  • Manage Rentals
  • Online Payment
  • Tenant screening
  • Listing a house for rent
  • Create Lease agreement


The buyers can access the following features such as:

  • Mortgage calculator tools
  • Refinance calculator
  • Get pre-approved by lender

Find Realtors

Be it buying or selling, the customers can find themselves a realtor to help them in carrying out the rightful process of buying or selling. The customers have access to personalized support from the agent that they match with. Guides

In this section, we have listed a few guides in detail to help out all the customers and agents that are already using or looking forward to using

Agent Profile

The United States agents who have a professional MLS membership are eligible to create an agent dashboard on that can be viewed by the customers. This is a free dashboard service that identifies the person as an estate agent. The agents can make changes to their profiles and manage their data if needed.

  • To create a professional agent account on, simply visit the Realtor for Professionals link mentioned here –
  • Enter the Email Address that you wish to use
  • Then create a Password for your agent account. Remember that the password must contain 8 letters with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number
  • Now enter the Phone Number as it will be used for password reset in case you forgot the password
  • After entering the details, click on Next Step
Agent Profile
Verify MLS Information
  • On the next page, you need to verify your Agent MLS information
  • Check the MLS Info box on the this page
  • Enter the MLS office in the Location section
  • Enter the MLS name
  • Then enter your MLS Agent ID that was offered to you
  • Enter your name and click on Verify

If you do not know your MLS Agent ID, then you can use the active listing option

  • Click on the Use Active Listing Number to Verify MLS details
  • Then enter the MLD ID of your active listing
  • Now enter the Zip Code of where your active listing is

To activate the account with this process, needs to verify MLS to ensure that it is linked to the right account. Verify all the details and the account is activated.

Sign In to Realtor
  • To Sign in to Realtor, click on Realtor for Professionals link mentioned here –
  • On the Sign-In page, enter the email ID and Password that you created
  • Then click on Login
Forgot Password

To reset your password on Realtor, you need the Phone number that you mentioned during the registration procedure.

  • Click on the Realtor for Professionals Sign In page –
  • Enter the email address
  • Then click on Forgot Password
  • You have the choice to receive the verification code via text/SMS or a phone call
  • Select any option and enter the verification code in the space provided
  • Now, create a new password and save the changes made
  • You can now use the new password to log in to Realtor

Set-Up and Manage the Agent Dashboard

After creating an agent account on Realtor, it is time to set up the agent page for the customers to view. The customers can view all the realtor agents from the Find Realtor page. The agents need to update their dashboards regularly to stay on top of the search results.

To create a better profile, the agents can use the Essentials Toolkit that provides free tools to modify their profile. As soon as one signs in to Realtor, they will have access to the dashboard. Here, one can enhance the profile information:

Personal and Professional Information
  • To enter all the personal information, click on Profile on the left side of the page
  • Here you can enter all your personal details
  • You can also add a video to your profile page that features your work
  • Add your Professional Experience along with Certifications and Designations
  • Also add link your Social Media networks along with the Blogs
  • After making all the necessary changes and improvements, click on Save

The agents can also modify their information on this portal later on. To do so, click on the Profile Picture on the top right of the page and update any information.

MLS Information

To make your agent profile appear on the website, you need to update the NAR ID. You also need to add Brokerage Firm information such as the name, address, phone number, etc. On some profiles, changes to this information are blocked by the firm. The broker admin can make the necessary changes to this field.

Manage Lead Settings

The agents can manage their leads and get notified through text or mail whenever a new lead is generated. The agents are not charged for the leads generated. The Lead Setting must be enabled so that the leads can contact the agents. Simply go to Lead Settings>Select text or email>Enable

The agents can view the lead summary, i.e., the leads generated in the past 30 days, and also check the Lead Performance.

Reviews, Rating, and Recommendations

The reviews and ratings are very helpful to bring traffic to a particular agent profile. The agents can request their clients to rate their performance and write descriptive reviews for more exposure. In addition to reviews and ratings, recommendations from previous clients, friends, or family will also boost the agent profiles.

Manage and Post Listings

On the listings tab, you can update all the listings that you have previously worked with. Here, how to do it:

  • Go the Listing stab on the left side of the page
  • Here you can add the sell, buy or rent listings that you have worked with
  • In the Listings Details tab, add descriptions, open houses and video links
  • Also add enough photos of the listings
  • The agents can also update the information whenever needed
  • After making the necessary changes, make sure to Save them
  • These listings can be found when the customers click the agent profile on Realtor

Apart from updating the listing information, the agents can send Seller Reports to their clients. With the Seller Reports, the clients can know how well their listings are doing and how many views and inquiries it has received from customers.

For sending the Seller Reports, the agents can go to the respective listing and click the Send Seller Report option. The agent can forward the seller report to any contacts in their contact list. The client needs to log into to view the seller report. for Customers

To make use of the features and services offered by, the customer needs to make a profile.

Account Registration

To register an account on, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the homes by clinking on this link –
  • Click on the Sign-Up option given in the top right corner
  • A pop-up opens where you can choose to create a profile by using Google Account, Apple or Facebook
  • Click on the required option and enter the credentials
  • The portal may ask you to verify your identity
  • After the verification process is done, your profile is created online for Customers
Login to Realtor
  • Login to Realtor by going to homes –
  • Click on the Login button on the top right of the page
  • Enter the login details
  • Click on Sign In

How to Buy a Property on

Buying a property for a first-timer is a very difficult process. A lot of investment, hassle, and searching goes into this process. In this section, we have curated a simple guide that can help you understand the basics of buying a home if you are a first-timer. This list has got you covered from finances to making offers and finally moving into your humble abode.


It is probable now everyone knows what the first step towards buying a home is. As a buyer, one needs a down payment to be able to get a mortgage from the lender. The mortgage down payment depends on the home’s price.

Credit Score

A credit score is also required if you are a first-time buyer. This credit score depends on how well you have paid off your debts in the past. A credit score is required as the lender will determine if you are suitable to get a mortgage or not. Based on this information, the lender will decide the loan amount, interest rates, and also your capability to pay back the loan.

So if you have any issues with your credit score, it’s better to get them sorted before you apply for a mortgage.


In the next process, the buyers need to get pre-approved by a lender. Pre-approval is the process in which the buyer will get approved for the loan. Based on the credit score, the lender decides if you are capable of a loan and if so, how much can you afford to pay per month along with the interest rates.

With the overall figure in hand, you can look for homes that are within the price range that is offered to you.

Estate Agents

If you are a first-time buyer on Realtor, then the agent services are free for you. Estate buying agents are very helpful as they usher first-time buyers in every step. They will help you find the right home and at the right price.

If you are looking for an agent that can help in your home buying journey, then you can use the Agent Connector page to find a local agent –

View Homes for Sale

The agents can make appointments with homes and set up meetings. This process involves a lot of traveling and meeting people. Let your agent know what you are looking for in a house, and they will get it done for you.

Make Offer

If you think that you found the right place, it’s about time you make an offer to the seller. Many factors go into making an offer. The purchase offer includes many details and many negotiations are also made in this step. The estate agents take care of the negotiations so that you do not have to worry much about it.


A home inspector is hired to look for any possible faults that might want you to reconsider your decision of moving into the house. There isn’t much to do in this step, as most of the issues found can be fixed.

Home Appraisal

Home Appraisal is where the lender checks the house if it is suitable considering the investment made between the buyer and the lender. This process is done to ensure that both the buyer and seller are not investing in anything that could bring down their finances.


Settlements are the closing deal between the buyer and all the other parties involved. During this phase, the buyer pays off all the extra costs, down payments, and other fees involved. Once the closing is done, the house is officially yours.

The last step after the closing is to move into your new house and take your place as the homeowner. For more information on buying a house, refer to this document from for additional information –

Homes for Sale on Realtor

Selling the house for the first time? Want to know how to carry out the process and what goes into selling a house on This section will give one a detailed overview of what are the basic steps needed to sell a house.

Be Ready to Sell

The first step towards posting your house for sale is inspecting every corner of it. This process is necessary if you want to sell your house for the right market value. The sellers can either hire a home inspector or carry out the inspection themselves. You need to fix the faulty aspects of your house before it is ready for sale.

Find an Agent

Selling a house on your own, requires a lot of work. A real estate agent will simplify the process of selling the house for you. They will post your listing online along with generating leads and setting up appointments and much more. The sellers can make use of the Local Agent Connector on Realtor for their selling needs –

Price Your Home

The next step involves your agent finding the rightful market value for your home. The pricing should be done reasonably. If it’s too high as you may not be able to generate any leads and if the price is too low, you may not gain a reasonable profit in exchange for your home. Although has a few tools that you can make use of for finding the market value of your house, it is better to let the agent do their job in doing what’s best for you.


To get the best leads, you need to advertise your house in a way that drives traffic. The listings are put up on the Realtor website by the Agent, who writes eye-catchy descriptions along with high-quality photos to generate the best leads. It is advised to hire a professional real estate photographer to take pictures and videos of your house. Review the advertisements before they are posted online.

Home Showing

After the meeting appointments are made, the buyers will take a look at the place and decide if it’s worth it or not. Make sure that all the remodeling is done properly and fix every faulty component before the meeting takes place.


The next few steps deal with making offers and a lot of negotiations between the two parties. Remember that as a seller, you do not need to rush things. Just relax and take a look at the offers that are available to you. The buyer may also hire a home inspector to check every part of the house for any damage. In simpler words, this process is time-consuming as there is a lot of inspections and paperwork involved.


Closing is the final deal between the parties involved in selling a house. The paperwork is finalized, and the final walkthrough is done before handing out the keys to the buyer. Make sure that you have done the necessary repairs and finally close the deal.

Move Out

Moving out of the place that you once called home is very difficult. But doesn’t everything happen for a reason? Double-check everything that is needed. Properly clean up and pack all the necessary items that you need before leaving. Make sure to run a quick check before you finally walk out that door.

For more information on how to sell homes, you can refer to this guide –

How to Rent a Property on Realtor?

Are you looking for an apartment on a rental basis? What is the procedure for renting an apartment and how to do it? Here is a simple guide to help you out in finding a place for rent.


The step towards buying, selling, or renting a place is figuring out the price range that you can afford. You need to figure out the broker’s fee, the application fee, and the monthly payment that you are going to make.

Find Agents

Usually, agents are used for bigger projects such as buying, selling, applying for a mortgage, etc. Although one may not need an estate agent for renting a place, agents sure might be of great help if there is someone who has no experience on how to rent a place. Agents and brokers have access to some of the best listings that one can look at and get the place at reasonable prices.

Find a Place

Here comes the best and the worst part. You need to search for the perfect apartment that fits your needs. The location of the apartment also matters. Once you find the right place, you need to set up an appointment with the landlords and take a look at the place for inspection. This process continues until you finally settle down with a few rightful options.

Lease Agreement

Now that you have found the right place that is budget-friendly, it’s time to just sign the lease agreement and move into your new house.

Realtor App

The Realtor app brings a whole new level of comfort that makes searching for a home easier. Customers can search for any home in any part of the city by simply using the mobile app. A few prominent features that come along with the mobile app are:

  • Search, browse and view ever possible listing
  • Virtual home tours
  • Search tools
  • Updates and notifications
  • Contact agents
  • mortgage calculators
  • Crime maps and other search filters

The Realtor app is available for both iPhones and Android devices. Just download the app and register an account if you don’t have one.

Realtor App

Realtor Careers

The purpose of this company is to bring joy and happiness to all those who wish to start a new journey. To accomplish those dreams, the company seeks enthusiasts who are willing to bring the best in themselves. If you consider yourself to be experienced enough to apply for the jobs offered, here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the Realtor Careers page –
  • You can either use Keyword search or click on See All Openings
  • Filter the search results based on location or department
  • Click on the one that suits you best
  • On a new page, fill in the application with your personal details and attach the resume
  • Finally, click Submit

Why Use Realtor?

Now that you’ve read through all the details on how to buy, sell or rent, you must have understood that these processes take way too long. It does not matter if you are a first-timer or not, you do need an agent during your home-searching/home-selling journey.

With Realtor, a professional real estate agent guides you through the entire process. They post listings, generate leads, make negotiations, search for homes based on your budget, and much more. These licensed professionals have the best skills that can make your job easier and worthwhile. Apart from this, they adhere to strict policies and work tremendously so that you don’t have to pay for any unknown consequences.

Realtor History started as the Realtor Information Network which served the members of the National Association of Realtors in 1995. In the next year, a public website was launched that provided the property listings. With Move, Inc as to the parent company, Realtor has its headquarters in California, United States. As of 2021, the company has over 100 million active users per month. is now available in 80 countries and its revenue is based on leads, advertisements, and other selling referral-based solutions.

Customer Support on Realtor

As a customer, if you are facing any issues, then you can always contact your Realtor agent for clarifications. In addition to that, you can call and email Customer Support.

  • Call: 1-800-878-4166 Mon-Fri (6 a.m to 5 p.m) and Sat (7 a.m to 3 p.m)
  • Email: [email protected]

Conclusion is the solution to all home-selling and home searching problems. This company has been in business for very long and caters to every need of their customers.

We hope that with this article, you have a brief overview of how the real-estate platform works and how to make the best use of it if you are a first-timer. Now that you have most of the information that you need, why don’t you just go ahead and try using Let us know how it went…

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Does Realtor have commercial listings?

Yes, has a wide collection of commercial as well as residential property listings that you can look for.

Can a customer create their listing on Realtor?

No, a customer cannot create their listing on Realtor, as the company takes listings from the verified MLS agents.

Are the Realtor commissions negotiable?

The Realtor commissions are negotiable as they are independent contractors. Although they do get paid by their firm, the commission between the customer and their agent is negotiable.

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