Reflex Credit Card Login

Reflex Credit Card Login

Sometimes having bad credit feels like the end of the world. It may not have been entirely your fault, certain situations can lead you to miss loans and other payments. This then leads to bad credit, and we all know how bad it can get if you have bad credit. Banks don’t trust you for loans of any kind, it gets difficult to get credit cards. Though not every bank/company looks down on people with bad credit. The Reflex credit card from the Celtic bank run by Continental finance is one of them. They provide a credit card for people with bad credit that offers certain interesting features which are accessible from the Reflex credit card login portal.

Too much information in a single sentence? Let’s break it down then, shall we? As stated earlier, the reflex card is mainly targeted at people who are troubled with bad credit scores. This card provides a chance to get out from the shadows of bad credit. With a starting credit limit of $300 that can reach up to $1000, it is a decent credit card. I say decent because it can get quite expensive with its annual charges. In the first year, you just have to pay an annual fee between $75-$99. From the following year, this is coupled with a $10 monthly maintenance fee and the annual starts from $99.

This is quite expensive for a Mastercard credit card for people with bad history because the average annual fee for a credit card is $20. So you are paying way more than you have to. Similarly, when it comes to APR rates the card has a 24.99% to 29.99%. This is again a bit much, and if you carry your balance to the next month then it’s troubling.

Features of Reflex Credit Card and Reflex Credit Card Login Procedure


  • Starts with a $300 credit limit and goes up to $1000.
  • APR rate is 24.99% to 29.99%
  • Initial annual fee is $75-$99, which then changes to $99 in the next year added by monthly fee of $10.
  • No minimum interest charges.
  • Penalty fee of $10.
  • Quick approval time for the credit card.
  • No rewards whatsoever.
  • Reflex pay online.
  • Zero fraud liability.
  • Option to double your credit limit in just 6 months, which changes from $1000 to $2000.
  • If you don’t miss the deadlines for payments and make good use of this card then credit score increases well. This is because they report to 3 major credit bureaus.

These are some of the important features that one should know about the reflex credit card Login and the card itself. Now there is one other thing that users should know, and it’s the reflex credit card login portal. The web portal for the credit card is run by Continental Finance and allows users to access all their credit card info.

As soon as one gets a reflex credit card, one can register for an account in this Reflex Credit Card Login Portal. Doing that will allow you to check your credit card history, transaction, credit score, balance, and any other thing related to your card. So you can have every info at your fingertips. To know about all the portal instructions like how one can log in, register, activate their card, etc the following tutorials will help.

How to use the Reflex Credit Card Login?

How to use the Reflex Credit Card Login?

People who use the reflex MasterCard are the only ones who can access this portal to check on their credit card statements and other things which were mentioned earlier. The following tutorial is for users who do not know how to login to the Reflex Credit Card Login. The steps are simple and easy to understand, so take a look below.

  • Visit the Reflex card website and you can see an option to head to the reflex credit card login page. Users can click that option or just use this login page link to head there –
  • When you are on the page, the login section contains empty fields for username and password.
  • Enter the username and password that used while creating this account, and then hit the “Log in to my account” option.
  • As soon as you do that, a request is sent to the portal providing your login details and the server then provides you the access to this portal. In simple terms, you are now logged in.
  • Navigate your account dashboard and check all the available options on the portal to understand it better.

Now there is one other piece of information that might come in handy in certain situations. That situation is when you forget the account password, and the info is how to reset the password to log back into your account.

Resetting your account password for Reflex credit card Login

Resetting your account password for Reflex credit card Login

The troubleshooting instructions for resetting your password are as follows:

  • From the login page which is, tap the “forgot username or password?” option that can be found under the login section –
  • Now you are on a different page which is for users when they forget their account username or password.
  • So depending on your situation which could the password or username(the thing that you forgot), click the appropriate option.
  • Let’s say that you forgot your password, so click that option and then enter the username of your account.
  • After you click the submit button, a password reset link will be sent to your email.
  • Open the link and the obvious thing to do is assign a new password for the portal account.
  • Then you can get back in to your account using the new password.
  • Similarly, if you cannot seem to remember your account username, then select that option instead of “forgot password” to recover your username.
  • The process for the username recovery will require a little more info than it did for the password.
  • Here you have to enter your last 4 digits of your credit card, your SSN last 4 digits, and 5 digit zip code.
  • This will search the database for your account username after you click the “Lookup account” button.

How Do I Activate my Reflex Credit Card?

How Do I Activate my Reflex Credit Card?

Got a new Reflex credit card? Want to activate it, but do not know how? Then you are at the right place Amigo because we got the instructions to do exactly that. The following steps will cover the process of activating a reflex card.

  • The process is really simple because all there is to do is go to the reflex card activation portal and enter some details.
  • One can go to the activation page using this reflex card activation page link.
  • When you open link, the page asks for a few details to activate your card.
  • Enter your new credit card’s last 4 digits along with your last 4 digits of your SSN and your 5-digit zip code.
  • After entering that information, click the “Activate my card” button to get the word done.
  • Remember that the zip code should only contain numbers and not characters etc.
  • This will do the trick for credit card activation.

How do I Register for Reflex Credit Card Login Portal?

The process for registering for an account in the Reflex Credit Card login portal is identical to the process involved in activating your card. The process requires some information, so there is not much left to the imagination. There is only one thing different about the process. Here instead of using the “Activate my card” option from the Reflex Credit Card Login page, click the “Register” button that is barely visible under the other options. This will then take you to the registration page. From here, use the above steps from the activation process to register.

Apply for Reflex Credit Card

Apply for Reflex Credit Card Login

If you are here, then it means that you have read everything that one needs to know about this credit card. Assuming you are fine with their annual fee and APR rates and want to check and apply for the credit card, here are the things you need to know on how to do that.

  • As soon as you visit the website for Reflex credit card which Continental Finance runs, one of the two options that you will see is “Apply now”.
  • Click this option and get on to the page where you can check if you pre-qualify for the reflex credit card.
  • The site is secure and protected from external attack as it uses a 128-bit encryption.
  • There are a lot of things that you have to fill in to check if you pre-qualify. So I suggest you get down to business and start the procedure.
  • First, enter all your personal details including your address, SSN and monthly income.
  • Provide contact info and your type of employment(full-time, part-time, etc).
  • Finally, mark a few boxes that contains yes or no questions and click “See my card offers”.
  • Check the offers available to you based off of information you provided. If it’s something you want then get the credit card after you pre-qualify.

This is pretty much it for the pre-qualification procedure of Reflex Mastercard, any other steps then you can follow the onscreen instruction to complete them.

Reflex Card Login App

The login portal for this credit card is also accessible with the help of an app for smartphones. Using the app one can check their current balance and credit among many other things that are available from the portal. People using Reflex, Fit, Verve, and Surge Mastercards can use this app. It is available on both App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively. Install the app and check/manage your credit card for this card.

Reflex Credit Card Review

One thing everyone can agree upon is the fact that this isn’t the cheapest card when it comes to building credit. The features point is the same direction as well, due to its APR rates and annual fees, it gets difficult to use this card in the long run. Also, there are no rewards, cashback, or discounts of any sort for using this card which makes it way less appealing. Even though the Aspire credit card which is also similar to this card, has a high APR rate, it still provides cashback on purchases and rewards. This on the other hand doesn’t have any.

The only two good things about this card are that it reports to the 3 credit bureaus and doesn’t require a security deposit. That may be good when you just start using this card but not when you add all the annual and monthly fees. There isn’t much left to mention here that hasn’t already been talked about in this article. So you have to decide on your own if this card is suitable for you.

If it was up to us we would suggest getting this card if you have a really bad credit score. Also, if you don’t want to pay a security deposit, expect no rewards, can manage their annual fees, and have no other options. In case you need more opinions on deciding on this credit card, then take a read at these experian, bestcards, and wallethub reviews

Customer Support for your Credit Card

Users who have any concerns or doubts, or even need help should visit their customer support website. The page has a lot of contact options for users where they can use their mail address or phone number to get help with any credit card issues. There are 4 different contact numbers for customer service, lost cards, payments, and automated account information. Use these options to get the desired help you require.


Well if you are tired of constantly getting rejected for loans and stiff, then it is time you work on improving your credit. One option for that is to use the Reflex credit card, as they are well suited for users with bad or no credit at all. While their annual fees can be a turn-off for some, if you can get behind it then you can work towards improving credit. This might not be the best option out there, but it’s available.

So check out every piece of info that one should know about this card from this article. The login instruction, password reset tutorial, registration process, and other instructions will help get a better handle at the credit card portal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you make online payments with this credit card?

Yes, anyone who has the Reflex Mastercard can use it to make online payments and any kind of transactions. Since the card has the reflex pay online feature, all they have to do is use card credentials to make a payment. Also, it is doable by logging in to the web portal to use the feature.

What other card does Continental Finance offer?

Apart from the Reflex card, Continental Finance offers its customers 5 other cards. The Fit card, Verve card, Cerulean card, Matrix card, and Surge card. Each card has its features and conditions. So check their official site to find out more about these cards and the things it offers their users.

Does the reflex card portal have a password recovery option?

Yes, the login page for the portal does have an option with which a user can reset their account password when they forget it. The reset procedure is simple and can be done in a few minutes, and we have listed the necessary instructions to do that. Read the article to find out more.

How long does it take to receive a credit card?

Usually, it can take around 3 business days to receive a credit card. This is after your credit card application is approved and all other requests are met. Some cards require a security deposit so you have to pay before you get the card.

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