ROTC Blackboard

ROTC Blackboard

ROTC is a web-based online application that allows students who are part of the Army’s ROT Corps to opt for the course while they are in graduation. Similar to the Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps), the course aims to develop leadership skills and efficiency in a competitive environment. Since the training is provided by the US Army, every student who registers in the program gets an individual account through which they can access the ROTC Blackboard and the modules provided by Army ROTC. Since, students can opt for it as a parallel program along with the graduation course, by the end of the graduation, the students will receive certification as an officer through which they can join any branch of the US Army. 

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How To Login To ROTC Blackboard

The Blackboard supported by the ROTC curates the learning plans and online resources like books, images, documents required for the course structure, work plans, and storage for the documents after registration into courses. The students are given individual user account and passwords to login following simple steps,-

  1. Start the web browser and visit the official site
  2. Login with your given username and password.
  3. Click on the Login button which redirects you to the welcome page.

Things to remember:

While logging in, the user must be aware that the password is case-sensitive and the Blackboard does not support Internet Explorer. The users can choose between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge web browsers to access the site.

How To Retrieve ROTC blackboard password

In the case of trouble, while logging in, the students can recover the password by using the following two methods.

Method I:

  1. Start the browser and visit the official web address at this site right here, click here.
  2. To change the password, the users must enter the first name, last name, and username along with the linked email address to receive the instructions. 
  3. The password can be reset after the first login.

Method II:

  1. Start the browser and visit reset password at
  2. To change the password, the users must enter the first name, last name, and email address to which the guide is mailed.
  3. The password can be reset following the link.

For further assistance, the users can also mail the Blackboard Administrator to receive the link to reset the password.

How to Request Blackboard Cadre/Staff Account

The Army staff or University Cadre who needs access to the Blackboard Admin account are specifically instructed to follow simple steps, including

  1. Start the browser and visit the official ROTC. Blackboard site.
  2. The users can find the Request Blackboard/Staff account option beneath the log-in.
  3. After clicking on it, the users receive a Form of application with a listed set of instructions.
  4. The form must be filled according to the requirements and returned to the given mail address.
Army ROTC Login Page

About Army ROTC

The Army ROTC was developed by the United States Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, and it is one of the biggest Army Reserve Training Corps programs with a wide reach. Currently, the Army ROTC provides 273 ROTC programs with over 20,000 cadets registered through various universities spread across the states.

Since it is an elective program, the students can still attend the regular classes and follow the graduation courses without any compulsion to join the army. Throughout the course, the users can access the resources provided by the army. There are various benefits for the students who enroll. The course does not only supervise and instill discipline it also gives the students a college tuition fee along with commission as an officer at the end of course completion.

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How To Apply For Army ROTC

There are specific guidelines that you need to be to follow before applying for the Army ROTC, such as-

  1. The candidates may apply for army ROTC by completing the given online application at the ROTC Blackboard official site
  2. Submit all the school transcripts along with the SAT and ACT scores in PDF format.
  3. Submit the qualifying certificate for the ROTC Fitness test. The candidates are provided the required guidance.
  4. Attend the interview at the ROTC listed universities. In the case of an online application, you can request a Skype interview or any equivalent which enables live interaction.

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Things to remember:

The cadets or applicants must remember their username and password to connect to the portal for future access. Every transcript must be in PDF format as listed by the website. Candidates can request the supervision of a PE or a coach for a physical fitness test

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the requirements for an Army ROTC application?

There are different sets of guidelines listed for every ROTC program available. However, the general requirements that are listed are

1. The candidates must be US citizens
2. The required age group is between 17-26
3. The candidates are required to possess a high school diploma or pass any high     school equivalency test
4. A minimum score of 920 and above on the SAT or 19th rank on the ACT
5. Passing the Army Physical Fitness Test

How to recover the ROTC Blackboard password, if I don’t have access to my email?

1. Enter the login name s w9cdt along with the last 4 digits of the assigned student ID (A or B must be added in some instances).
2. This enables the students to log in with the default password as “password”, which can be modified after logging in.

What are the benefits of the Army ROTC program?

Army ROTC aims to recruit the students facilitating advantages like funding the college tuition fees, scholarships, and a channel for early career development.

What to do in case of a forgotten username of the ROTC account?

The username or login is generally the email address that is linked with the account or w9cdt along with the last 4 digits of the student ID. 

What are the various resources that are available for application?

The students can apply to different programs, such as

1. Training program for enlisted soldiers
2.Army ROTC four-year high school scholarship
3.ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship
4.Law programs and Jag corps training program

Who can apply to the ROTC program?

The blackboard ROTC is accessible to every student starting from high school, college, junior, sophomore, and graduate students. The requirements vary depending on the students’ qualifications.

What are the accepted ways to enroll and benefits for different students?

The advantages vary according to the academic qualifications of the students. They include the following. The junior high and high school students can surf through the 1,100 colleges that are providing the ROTC programs in the state and apply according to the individual preference or consultation of the academic advisor. The college students are required to contact the Army enrollment officer, who lists the available ROTC courses along with the 2, 3, or 4-year scholarships.

8. What are the benefits for students who enter the military base through ROTC?

The regular students receive a little aid through faculty after enrolling in ROTC programs. However, there are added benefits for students who sign up for military training after graduation as the program provides funds for college tuition as this requires an eight-year commitment period.

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