SDMC Webnet

SDMC Webnet

SDMC Webnet, an online portal designed for the students of the School District of Manatee County, Florida. The portal essentially is an all-in-one website that is useful for the students. Primarily to provide access to their online downloadable books. Secondly, to participate in reading programs to improve the engagement of students with the subject. Thirdly, to get access to the various tools offered by Microsoft 365 such as Excel Sheets, Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and many more. The Lecturers also frequent this website to access online subject guides. To create the exercises, and add assignments due to date, etc. The SDMC webnet portal is powered by the Classlink company. Highly recognized among the school students in the country due to its online student portal services for many popular schools.

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User Guides for SDMC Webnet

SDMC Webnet Login Page

Login Requirements for the Sdmc Webnet Login Portal

The students requesting access to the sdmc webnet login portal must have the requirements listed below.

  • The students must possess valid email address and password given by their institution.
  • Or the QR Code present on your Identity Card.
  • They should have a secured web browser with good internet connection.
  • A compatible device, like Smartphone or Laptop.
  • Original SDMC Webnet website address.

Steps to Login to Your Account on the Mysdmc Web Portal.

To open your student account on the mySDMC Webnet portal without any difficulties, follow the guidelines given below.

  1. Connect to the Manatee County School District Student Login web address given here.
  2. A login page is shown, here enter your user id([email protected]) and password.
  3. After that, click “Sign-in” and you are officially logged into your account.
SDMC Webnet Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

Account Recovery for Webnet Manatee County Login Portal if You Lost Your Password.

To recover your account on the SDMC webnet manatee county login portal, without a password. Follow the comprehensive tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the Manatee County School District Student Login web address from secured browser installed on your device –
  • On the login page, search for the “Help, I forgot my password?” option below the sections.
  • Hit the mentioned option, and enter your User ID.
  • After that, click on the tick mark option.
  • If your account is registered on the portal, a mail is sent containing a password reset link.
  • Then, open the mail and connect to the link given.
  • Now, enter your new password and confirm the password by re-entering once again.
  • Lastly, click submit, and your account recovery is complete.

How to Change Your Password for the Webnet Manatee Schools Web Portal?

The users of the webnet manatee schools portal can change their password for their registered accounts on the web portal, by following the step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • Click on the Manatee County School District Student Login web address –
  • And Login to your account using the login credentials.
  • Now on the dashboard, choose the personal account option in the top right corner.
  • On the displayed menu, select the settings option.
  • After that, select the account settings tab.
  • Scroll through the tab and press the “Change your password” option shown on the tab.
  • Finally, fill in your new password.
  • To confirm the password, re-enter your new password and hit the “submit” icon.

Functions of the Mysdmc Manatee Student Portal.

The mysdmc manatee online portal offers multiple functions through various platforms available on the dashboard for the students and as well as teachers visiting this site. Such as,

SDMC Focus

Checking grades for the written tests, assignments, and exams, etc. through the “SDMC Focus” feature located on the dashboard. In addition, the students & also their parents can learn about the upcoming assignments and attendance percentage of the pupils.


Performing reading exercises, accessing reading materials through the iReady feature on the dashboard.


Participate in Digital learning classrooms offered by the Everfi. And also to access the digital learning videos available on the platform related to your subjects.


Take part in the classes conducted by the teachers through the cloud-based “CloudFlow” lesson delivery software. That assists the lecturers in creating more engaging, easily understandable classes for the students.


The students can register complaints on suspicious activities FortifyFl platform displayed on the dashboard.

TumbleBook Library

The TumbleBook Library is a video and e-book learning platform for elementary students. This application makes the learning experience more engaging.

Writer Score

Write Score program assists the teachers in helping the students improve their writing skills through assignments and exercises. The program offers the teachers a complete writing report of the students helping them identify the weak points and providing suggestions on how to improve.

Destiny Library

Destiny Library is generally a virtual library that stores all the learning materials and guides for the various subjects. And in turn, allows the students to discover and read online.


Raz-Kids platform provides all the e-books related to the subject and more for the students. In addition, helps the students to read at their own pace and record themselves reading.

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning application is an award-winning platform. Which conducts online assessments involving games, fill-in blanks, multiple-choice questions, writing assignments, etc. In addition, it provides personal feedback to the lecturers on students. However, the site is useful for K-12 students.

Footsteps 2 Brilliance

The students can also improve their English language skills through the Footsteps 2 Brilliance app. Above all, they can also learn the Spanish language here, etc.

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More About the Sdmc Webnet Web Portal Applications.

Some applications on the SDMC Dashboard have been categorized accordingly for the different class students of the School District of Manatee County like Imagine Learning, & Tumble Book Library. While most apps provide functions for all students irrespective of their class designations. Most importantly, the applications help the teachers or lecturers to use technological tools for improving the learning experience for the students.

All the above-mentioned applications located on the Dashboard of the sdmc webnet login portal are also available as software applications that can be installed on Mobile Devices. In other words, allowing the students to have more personal access to the features from anywhere easily. For instance, you can download all these applications from the Play store & app store for android & iPhone users for free.

What is ClassLink?

Classlink platform, officially known as Classlink Launchpad is a one-click sign-on web platform. That offers web and windows applications for many schools in the country through its cloud-based services. The platform offers access, identity, and education management for various popular education providers in the United States. Such as Braintree Public Schools, Valley Central School District, Victor Valley Union High School District, York District 1, and many more.

The class link offers services to more than 14 million students across the country along with a dashboard library consisting of 6000+ applications, empowering the learning experience. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic helped us understand the importance of online learning platforms like class links, which helped the students to progress in their education during these continuous lockdown periods. Through the class link, the educational institutions can access reports regarding the engagement & usage data, to make decisions for purchasing or adding new programs. Whereas the platforms, single sign-on feature allows the students to access their educational materials easily in a less time-consuming manner.

School District of Manatee County(SDMC)


SDMC is one of the most popular school districts located in Florida State. Created to manage and operate both elementary and higher secondary schools of Manatee County. More than 50,000 students are currently pursuing their education in various schools in Manatee County. In addition, the School District has more than 3500 teachers and 7000 other staff members. The SDMC receives an annual budget worth 1056 million dollars, to provide education for K to 12-grade students studying across the numerous under the wing of the Manatee County School District.

The School District of Manatee County’s elected members is Gina Messenger, Charlie Kennedy, Chad Chaote, Rev James Golden, and May Foreman. And also Cynthia Saunders is the current superintendent of the SDMC. Above all, the school district operates four types of schools. Such as Middle Schools, Charter Schools, High Schools, and Elementary Schools.

Above all, the SDMC operates its website developed for the students, teachers, and faculty of the various schools. To access this website, click on the School District of Manatee County / Homepage link given here.

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ManateeSchools.Net is the official web portal operated by the SDMC. To help the students, parents, and lecturers to access the info regarding the schools, policies, and various programs. The interested individuals with the right qualifications can apply for open job positions as lecturers, the staff here on this web portal through the careers tab. They can also access all the regular SDMC updates on this portal. Along with the opportunities to join various recognized communities created for several causes. The school transportation for the students can be registered from this website, allowing the parents to identify the various bus routes along with time to reach particular stops.

The users can also download their academic calendar for the particular through this portal to identify the important dates for tests or events. Moreover, this calendar is also available in Spanish for the Spanish students of the county. They can also opt to view the available meal plans or menus offered to the students in various schools of Manatee County. Register your account on this web portal, to receive notifications alerts for the upcoming events and important dates in advance. Moreover, the students can participate in the Assessment Practice Tests to get used to the various assessments given on the portal.


The SDMC article acts as a guide for you to learn about the various processes and functions that a user can perform on this web portal. The detailed login guides will help the users to log in, perform recovery account, change passwords, procedures. Along with a brief description of the many applications providing various functions for Teachers as well as Students. Apart from these, the users can access necessary info regarding the School District of Manatee County, ManateeSchools.Net, and empowering platform Class Link.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is SDMC Webnet portal? Who can access this web portal?

SDMC Webnet is an online portal operated by the School District of Manatee County to offer learning, writing, and reading services, etc through the listed applications. The web portal in question is only accessible to the Students and the Teachers of the various schools under the SDMC.

Name the applications available on the SDMC Webnet portal?

SDMC Focus, Footsteps 2 Brilliance, Raz-Kids, Imagine Learning, iReady, Writer Score, Fortify FL, Everfi, Cloud Flow, TumbleBook, and destiny Libraries are some of the applications that are accessible from the webnet manatee county web portal.

How to access the webnet manatee schools online login portal?

The registered users can access this web portal through the Manatee County School District Student Login web link on their installed web browser on a compatible device –

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