Set Up Microphone in Windows 10

Set Up Microphone in Windows 10

Microphones are available on many gadgets. Any device that requires audio input/output has a microphone. Every laptop and PC that releases, comes with a microphone, and most of them are internal microphones. Meaning, they are built-in to the gadget and cannot be seen on the outside. Though they are in-built, some users have to set up microphone in Windows 10.

We all can agree that mics are very necessary hardware in any laptop or computer. Though some people prefer headphones for a better sound experience, that doesn’t mean mics aren’t necessary. You cannot always have headphones/earphones around, so every laptop/PC must have microphones. Whether you are listening to video or music on your device, microphones are a must.

While not the output source for music or videos, they can save one in certain situations when there are no other options. I know that sometimes, the audio quality sucks but that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. As mentioned earlier, it’s not just about the output. Sometimes microphones are also required for the input.

To use voice command using the voice recognition feature available in Windows 10, you need Microphones. Some other uses include voice chat, voice recording, recording sounds, checking the surrounding noise, et cetera. These uses should help you understand the importance of a microphone on a device.

So now that the requirement is clear, one should also know how to set up microphone in Windows 10. We are going to provide one with all the info on this with a simple tutorial, all one has to do is read it carefully. The next tutorial is useful to set up an internal and external microphone in Windows 10.

How to Set Up Microphone in Windows 10?

These are going to be simple steps so that even a layperson can understand them. Follow the next instructions to the point to set up microphone in Windows 10.

  • First thing to do is, connect the microphone to your computer. This is if the device doesn’t have an in-built microphone.
  • Now, open Settings in Windows 10 from the Start menu. You can just search for them.
  • In Settings, head over to System menu and click the Sound tab from the left menu.
  • Then, in that Sound settings, click the “Choose your input device” under the input menu.
  • Here you can choose a microphone or any other device depending on your requirement.
  • With that, a new microphone is installed on your device.
  • The sound settings window also has option to increase/decrease the master volume. Also, the option to choose required output from the top output menu.
  • These steps perfectly explain how to set up microphone in Windows 10.

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Some Common Issues With Microphones in Windows 10

It would be an understatement to say that there are a lot of issues with Microphones in Windows 10. Even though there are many issues, there are solutions as well for most of those issues. All one has to do is find the right solution for a particular problem. We are here for that exact reason, to help find the solutions to the problems.

This section is going to cover some frequent issues with a microphone in Windows 10. Before you jump into this, make sure to check the above section that explains, how to set up microphone in Windows 10.

Microphone Not Working Windows 10 Problem

This common might be common but the reasons for this can be many. So to fix the microphone not working problem in Windows 10, you have to try a couple of things.

  • The first thing to do is to check if the problem is occurring with a specific app. If it is, then make sure that the app has access to the microphone.
  • To check this, go to Settings, and then to the Privacy Settings. In there, click the “Microphone” menu on the left side under the “App permissions” menu.
  • Now check if the “Allow app access to your microphone” is turned on. Also, scroll down a little to check all the apps. Make sure that the apps with the problem has access to the microphone.
  • The other reason for this problem could be the outdated audio drivers. If there are any, then upgraded them either from the Windows Update settings or from the Device Manager. Find the audio driver in the device manager and right-click to select the update driver option.
  • Another way is to use the troubleshooter. Go to “Update & Security” and select the “Troubleshooting” tab. In there, under “find & fix problems”, click the Speech option to run the troubleshooter for microphone.

For more solutions on the microphone not working Windows 10 problem, check this Microsoft support document and maketecheasier guides.

Cannot Record Audio While Playing Games

Set Up Microphone in Windows 10

Naturally, you want to record some of your best gameplay to either show off and just to keep it as a memory of your gaming skills. Regardless, sometimes the while recording gameplay the audio cannot be recorded. The problem could be as simple as the record audio option being turned off. So to fix this, take a look below.

  • From your Windows Start menu, search for Game bar settings, or Game bar shortcuts. Both provide the same result.
  • This open the Game settings window. Head over to the Captures tab on the left.
  • When you scroll down a little, there are some settings under “Recorded audio”.
  • Make sure that the “record audio when I record a game” is turned on. If not, then do it.
  • From the same menu, you can also make changes to the audio quality and different audio levels.

Too Much Background Noise

Some people think that the solution to this problem is simple. Just find a place with no noise, though that doesn’t always work for everyone. Some devices show this problem even though there is no noise in the surroundings. This can be frustrating when you are working or taking an online exam. Well, there are a few workarounds for this issue.

  • Use a noise cancelling mic when you are outdoors at any place that has too much noise.
  • There are applications that help fix these problems. Applications like is Krisp and SoliCall can help with that issue. Both of these applications are compatible with Windows 10 to reduce background noise.

Apart from these issues, if you have any others then take a look at the solutions provided by Computersluggish.

Tips & Tricks to Improve Microphone Quality in Windows 10

We are going to provide you with a few tips to improve the mic quality on your Windows 10, but remember it’s not going to be a huge difference. If you still want to improve the mic output then here are a few adjustments to make.

Adjust Microphone Sound Levels

Set Up Microphone in Windows 10

The first thing that you should check is that the microphone you are using has appropriate sound levels.

  • For this, go to Settings and click the System tab.
  • In there, select the Sound tab from the left side menu. Now make sure that the output and the Input devices are the one that you are using.
  • Then click the “Sound Control panel” option under Related Settings.
  • This opens a small Sound window. On this window, go to the recording tab and select the microphone you are using.
  • After selecting, click properties to open the properties window.
  • On this window, go to Levels tab and increase or decrease the Microphone audio levels.
  • You can also check if the sound is the right amount from the Listen tab by checking the “Listen to this device” box. Remember to uncheck it after the work is done.

Disable Microphone Sound Enhancements

Disable Microphone Sound Enhancements

Disabling audio enhancements can improve the mic quality. This can be done from the Sound Control panel settings.

  • Right-click on the sound icon on the taskbar and click the Sounds option.
  • This open a new sounds windows. In that window, go to recordings tab.
  • In there, double-click the default microphone that you want to make changes to.
  • This opens the properties tab of that microphone. Now go to its Enhancements tab.
  • From the Enhancements tab, check the “Disable sound enhancements” options and apply the changes.

This improves your Microphone quality.

Changing the Bitrate Also Helps

Set Up Microphone in Windows 10

From the same Sound control panel settings of a microphone, you can change the bitrate to improve the microphone quality.

  • Just like we did in the above sound enhancements, open the same settings.
  • Instead of going to the enhancements tab, go to Advanced tab.
  • In there, change the default format to a different bitrate to improve the microphone quality.
  • From the same settings tab, you can prevent applications from taking over the device.
  • This provides you full control over what changes are to be done to a device. Also, changing volume for one application doesn’t make the changes to others.

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Experiment With the Microphone Settings

Every device has a different kind of microphone and users have a different taste when it comes to sound. So the best way to find the right kind of sound quality for your microphone is to check all the microphone settings. Right-click that sound icon on your taskbar and check all the settings. Experiment and explore all the options to find the one that best suits your microphone.

For more tips and tricks, check out these helpdeskgeek, groovypost, and techilife articles.

Steps to Test Microphone for Your Device

Steps to Test Microphone for Your Device

You have seen how to set up Microphone in Windows 10, now it is time you also know how to test microphone. This is a fairly simple procedure to test a mic that has already been installed on a device.

  • To test if a microphone is working properly, first connect the microphone to your PC/laptop.
  • Now, Open Settings from the Windows 10 Start menu and go to System settings.
  • In these settings, click the Sound settings that can are visible on the left side menu.
  • Scroll down a little and you see an option “Test your Microphone” under Input.
  • Now, when you speak with your microphone do you speak see any blue bars that change with your speech pattern.
  • If you do, then congratulations the microphone you installed is working fine.
  • In case, there is something with that then click the Troubleshoot option seen in the same menu.

This procedure is enough to test the microphone in any device.

Steps to Choose a Default Microphone in Windows 10

Steps to Choose a Default Microphone in Windows 10

Users who have more than one microphone(which is pretty common with many devices now) will have to choose a default microphone for their device. Do not worry if you do not know how, we are here just for that. With the help of the steps listed below, anyone can choose a default mic in Windows 10.

  • Open the Sounds control panel. This can be done with a right-click on the sound icon from the taskbar and clicking the Sounds option.
  • This opens the sounds window. Go to the Recordings tab and you can see all the available microphone devices listed there.
  • In case you cannot see your device then right-click on any device there and select the “Show Disabled Devices” option. This will show all the devices.
  • Now select the required microphone device and click the “Set Default” seen below. Then hit the apply button to save the changes.
  • If the device isn’t enabled then right-click on the device to enable it.

With that, your default mic is selected.

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Everything that covers the Setup microphone in Windows 10 procedure along with many other tutorials has been provided here. Use all the info to set up microphone in Windows 10 and make appropriate changes to get the best experience from your device. There are solutions for frequent issues with a microphone, so that’s a plus for every user. Do check them all out, and with that, the “Set up Microphone in Windows 10” article concludes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is my headset mic not working?

Well, you should first check if the cable is properly connected. If it is, then move on to other troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. In case you need help with that, check this article provides different solutions.

What are microphone settings and how to set up microphone in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has various microphone settings to allow users to have options for microphone configurations. Settings like selecting a default microphone, testing a microphone, and many other options are available. To find out how to set up microphone in Windows 10, check the above article.

How to increase mic volume?

To increase the mic volume you have to go to the “Recordings” tab of the “Sound Control panel”. The instructions for this are provided in the tips & tricks sections of this article.

How to test if the microphone is working?

To test if a microscope is working, go to Sound settings with a right-click on the sound icon in the taskbar. Here, you can see the option to test your microphone. More instructions have been provided in the above article.

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