The TalkToSonic is a customer survey portal designed by the popular Sonic Drive-in restaurants which are based in Oklahoma City operating at least 3500 restaurants across the United States of America. The said web portal’s primary functions are, to learn customer view of the food, service, and cleanliness, understand customer needs and expectations, to improve their products and services, to identify the solutions for the negative reviews, to help the management to learn about the problems and difficulties at the Sonic restaurants. While the customers visit these restaurants, chains can earn a Free Route 44 Drink by answering the surveys on the TalkToSonic online portal. Unfortunately, the TalkToSonic survey is unavailable for the users as of the year 2021.

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Requirements to submit surveys on the survey web portal.

To submit surveys on the survey and earn a free route 44 drink, the individuals must have the requirements which are mentioned briefly here in this section.

  • The Individuals submitting surveys on the web portal must be 18 years old and more.
  • Recent Food Order Purchase Receipts are given while visiting the Sonic Drive-ins which must be less than 14 days old.
  • The individuals must possess basic language skills in English or Spanish as most employees working here speak either of these languages or both.
  • The special ID is located on the bottom left of your Food Order Purchase Receipts at Sonic Restaurants.
  • The individuals must have visited Sonic Drive-ins once or twice beforehand.
  • The official web address for the Sonic survey portal.
  • A compatible device, namely PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Phone with an installed web browser and high-speed internet access.
  • The web browser must be safe, secure and regularly updated to access the web portal in question and its features.

Terms and Conditions for the TalkToSonic web portal.

  • The candidates must have visited the Sonic Drive-ins in the last 2 weeks or 14 days.
  • The special valid code was provided after answering the survey on the TalkToSonic web portal, to access your Free Route 44 Drink at the nearby Sonic Restaurant.
  • Carry your order purchase receipt with you, while visiting the restaurant to receive your rewards for answering the survey.
  • The Free 44 Route Drink Code is valid for only a period of 60 days and it can be used only once.
  • The code can be redeemed by only one person at a time.
  • The code will only be accessible if you complete the survey on the TalkToSonic platform.
  • The survey generally asks questions about the food ordered, service, products, cleanliness, and other questions related to your sonic restaurant visit and also personal questions like age, sex, customer satisfaction, and your overall experience.

The login process for the Sonic Customer Survey online portal.

To log in to the Sonic Customer Survey portal to complete the online survey and earn the rewards, follow the detailed instructions cited below.

  • Connect to the TalktoSonic – Take Official Survey at web address given here on your device –
  • The “TalktoSonic” home page is showcased, requesting your Unique ID provided on the order purchase receipts.
  • Fill in the Unique ID and press Start.
  • Another page is loaded, where you must enter details such as purchased products, date and time of visit, and the store number and click next.
  • Now the survey questionnaire is displayed, answer this survey completely according to the instructions showcased on the same page.
  • After completing the survey, click submit, and now a valid code is generated that is displayed on the portal.
  • Store this code safely on your device and redeem it at your nearby sonic restaurants during your next visit.

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Functions of the survey code web portal.

As mentioned above, the talktosonic com website offers various functions for Sonic Restaurant management, which are discussed further in more detail here in this section. 

  • Helps the sonic restaurant’s crew and management to understand the customer views of their food varieties, clean surroundings, provided services, and many more.
  • The survey allows the sonic restaurants to meet the customer requirements and needs which increases customer satisfaction of purchasing food products from said restaurants or eating meals at these restaurants.
  • This survey will also help the Sonic company to understand its negatives areas and achieve improvements in these mentioned areas or fields.
  • The survey also helps to improve the quality of the food or products and services offered by the Sonic Restaurant Chains.
  • The crew and employees can directly identify the problems at the different levels and act effectively to resolve this problem.
  • Whereas the employees, can just fill the questionnaire with their heart-felt answers and earn a valid code to earn a free route 44 drink.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Restaurant is a Drive-in American Fast Food Restaurants that was officially known as Sonic Corporation. The restaurants’ parent companies are Buffalo Wild Wings are Arbys Restaurants and it is currently owned by an American Holding Corporation known as Inspire Brands. The Sonic Corporation was established on June 18, 1953, by Troy Nuel Smith Sr, an American Businessman in the City of Shawne, Oklahoma whereas the current headquarters are located in Oklahoma City. The company has more than 3529 Drive-ins and restaurants across the country. 

Different Products that Talktosonic has to offer?

Sonic Restaurant offers various fast food products such as Hamburgers, Breakfast Sandwiches, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Chilli Dogs, Cheddar Peppers, Chicken, Tater Tots, Milkshakes, Onion Rings, Slushes, Drinks and Ice Cream Deserts, etc. Claudia San Pedro is the Current President, Paige Bass is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Lori Abou Habib is the Chief Marketing Officer. The company was historically named the “Top Hat” Drive-In restaurant which was changed to Sonic Drive-in in the year 1959. 

Sonic Drive-in is popularly known for various reasons such as their retro-themed restaurants, happy hours, fast drive-in theme, and most importantly carnival menus which have many iconic and famous dishes or food products such as Chili Dogs, Slushes, Onion Rings, Route 44 Drink, Milkshakes, Slushes and Custom mixing of various drinks. The popular restaurant is also famous for its car hoppers and roller stakes, because of which it usually conducts competition across the various restaurants to award the best roller skaters and car hoppers.

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The “TalkToSonic” article provides detailed descriptions about the Sonic Customer Survey web portal, and Sonic Drive-in Restaurants, Its History, Famous products, Products and Services, Events, Key People, Current Owners, and many more. We have provided descriptive info about the requirements to submit surveys, the terms and conditions of the web portal, and various functions of the web portals. We have also given a Detailed Tutorial is provided for the login process on the TalkToSonic online survey portal.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are the customer surveys on the “Talk to Sonic” web portal available now?

No, currently the customer surveys are unavailable on the “Talk to Sonic” portal for some time, and the company has not provided any details about the surveys features, and if the survey feature will be available in the coming days.

How to apply for jobs at Sonic Restaurants?

If you are interested in working for Sonic Drive-in restaurants, go online and browse through the job openings posted on the Sonic Drive-in Careers– This Is How We Sonic web portal and apply for your chosen job openings or you can also visit the nearest Sonic Drive-in Restaurants and submit an application directly.

What are the requirements for answering the customer surveys on the “TALKTOSONIC” website?

The requirements needed for answering the customer surrey on the “TALKTOSONIC” website are 18 years or more individuals, must have visited the store in the last 2 weeks, must carry Order Purchase Receipts, must be fluent in Spanish or English languages, Special ID stated on the Order Purchase Receipts, Web Address, compatible device, installed web browser and internet connection.

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