Ultipro Login

Ultipro Login

Are you looking for a company that provides online cloud-based Human Resources Management(HCM) services? Even for all companies ranging from small-scale to large-scale through an official website and as well as software application contributing countless features for both employees and employers, then, the Ultipro software is the right one. Ultipro Login is one of the best Employee management portals available in the market right now. This HCM service portal is developed by the Ultima software. It has won many award-winning achievements over the years due to its intuitive UI Design. Its secured cloud base storage, and the wide range of features offered by the web portal.

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Ultipro Login

Ultipro Employee Login Requirements

Ultipro Login

The web portal requires certain necessities that a candidate or individual must possess to get access to the Ultipro Login web portal which are stated below – 

  • Registered Company Employee/Employer of the Ultipro Software.
  • Username and password provided by the company you are working for.
  • Employment opportunity, and most likely Identity cards of your company.
  • The official web address of the login portal.
  • Installed UKG Pro(Ulti Pro) software application, for Mobile Phone users.
  • Anti Virus or Firewall protective system must be installed on your devices.

Ultipro Login Procedure

Here we let you know how to successfully log in to the web portal in question. Hence you can access all the many features and services the portal offers, follow the detailed tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the Ultipro Login web address given here.
  • A login page is displayed, requesting your login credentials.
  • Fill in your Username and Password into their respective sections.
  • And Press the “Sign in” button, which redirects you to the home page of your profile.

Most visited Employees portals of ultipro:

Account Recovery Process if You Lost Ultipro Login Password

For the purpose of recovering your account on the Utipro Employee Login portal, if you don’t have your password.

  • Connect to Recover Ultipro Account web address for the Ultipro login portal.
  • Two options are provided for you to choose from. One requesting your username and another requesting username and access code(sent by email).
  • Fill in the requested info after choosing from the options above.
  • Now press the “Go” option under the sections.
  • Another web page is opened, type your new password and confirm the password and click submit.
  • Visit the login page and use the new password and username to access your account.
Ultipro Login

How to Download UKG Pro(Ultipro) Software Application on Your Device?

For mobile users, the Ultipro software application is available for free on App Store as well as the Google Play store.

Features of the Infosync Ultipro Login Portal

The Infosync Ultipro Login portal offers various features for employees as well as employers for the registered companies of the web portal.

  • The companies registered on this software can depend on the Ultipro Login portal for the Human Resource Management services.
  • It also offers Payroll Management services with Compliance, tax deductions & payments for employers, whereas paystubs and listing for the employees accessing the web portal.
  • Talent Management services involve conducting tests, interviews, etc., online for interested candidates.
  • Employers and employees can also access work performance data and stats whenever required.
  • Employers can share their attendance sheets and work schedules online through this portal for employees to access.
  • The benefits offered by the respective companies are displayed in the portal. This is where the employees can access and monitor these benefits namely, Health, Financial & Other Benefits.
  • Use the assistance of the web portal enhanced stats and predictive analytic tools of the projects to help reduce the costs and increase the work performance.
  • Employees can participate in Live Events conducted by the respective companies through the web portal.
  • Employees can download or print the W2 Tax and Wage Form and Payslip forms when required from the online portal.
  • The employees can receive yearly bonuses through the web portal.
  • Application Software for Mobile Phones to improve connectivity and engagement.
  • Employers can conduct training and skill improvement programs for employees through these web portals. They can do this to help employees increase their skills and work performance.

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Some Companies That Use the Ultipro Login Portal

The Ultipro Login portal is quite a popular choice for various companies around the world planning to reduce the expense of operating their own Human Resources Department. These are few companies that are currently using this software application which is listed below.

  • Hersha Hospitality Management LP.
  • Cactus Wellhead.
  • Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation.
  • Glazer’s Beverage and Beers LLC.
  • Penguin Random House LLC.
  • Lorven Technologies.
  • Bojangles Restaurants.
  • Continental Mills.
  • Fanatics Inc.
  • Castle Metals and many more.

Issues Faced by the Users of the Ultipro Employee Login Portal

There are several issues faced by the users while accessing the Ultipro Payroll Login portal. They are mentioned below along with the solutions to resolve these issues.

Login Issues

These issues generally occur when the login credentials that are keyed into the portal are not accurate. This will lead to a locked account. To overcome this issue, it is ideal to save your login credentials in a secured browser to access later. It is also useful to compare them to inspect for the mistakes.

Connection Issues

These issues generally cause the users to not access the portal. These connection errors in your web browser due to a bad internet connection can be resolved by using a high-speed internet connection, namely Wi-Fi Router Connection.

Trouble Shooting Issues

These issues are generally related to the web browsers that users are using to access the portal. As commonly stated, web browsers often slow down or reduce their performance due to the cache. It could also be multiple websites opened, search history, system not regularly updated, etc. So regularly updating the web browsers, and removing search history and cache can help improve the performance of the web browsers.

Contact Details for the Ultipro Login Software

If the issues still persist contact your companies Customer Care Numbers or 

Ultima Software Company

Ultima Software Company

Ultima Software is a private multinational company that offers cloud-based Saas HCM Software Services. They do this through their own licensed product called Ultipro Software. It is spread across 160 countries around the world with offices in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. The company was established in 1990 by Scott Scherr to spearhead the online Management Industry all over the world. Ultima Software has introduced cutting technologies and features into the web portal over the course of years. Thus allowing it to offer other unique services namely, Payroll Management, Talent Management, Time & Attendance Management. Even Succession Management, Recruiting Services, Predictive Analytics, Employee Onboarding, and Performance Monitoring Services.

Aron Arin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Ultima Software Company. It has undergone a merger with Kronos Incorporated in the year 2019 when it was named Ultimate Kronos Group. Later in February 2020, this company was acquired by Hellman and Friedman LLC (Private Equity Firm) claiming the ownership of the company. The widely known company’s headquarters are located in the Weston City of Florida, USA. It has an employee workforce of 5144 people in multiple countries where its corporate offices are situated. The company also earns revenue of more than $940.1 million every year. The company has spent millions of US Dollars in research to assist the companies and its employees to reduce expenses, time wastage, and improve the work performance. 

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In this article, we have provided complete information about the Ultipro Login Portal, its Parent Company Ultima Software, its history, products, services, and registered users of the company. We have given detailed tutorials for Login Procedures, Account Recovery Process with detailed information about the requirements, features, issues for the Ultipro login web portal. We have also provided the web links to download the UKG Pro Application software for various devices through their respective online stores. There are also contact details given here in this article to connect with the customer care representatives for issues and queries.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is the web portal suitable for large-scale companies and their large number of employees?

Yes, the HCM management software is suitable for large-scale as well as small-scale industries with its cloud-based services with multiple offices and service areas across almost 160+ countries around the world.

Name the companies that are currently using the Ultipro employee login portal?

There are multiple companies across the world that use the portal daily. Some of these companies are Hersha Hospitality Management LP, Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation, Cactus Wellhead, Glazer’s Beverage and Beers LC, Lorven Technologies, Castle Metal, Fanatics, etc.

What are the user reviews of the N32 Ultipro Login portal?

The Ultirpo employee portal has high ratings across multiple social media platforms due to its features such as Human Resource Management, Talent Management, Performance Analysis, Benefits Management, Data Security, Attendance Sheets, Work Schedules, Training, and skills programs.

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