Webwatcher Login

Webwatcher Login

Webwatcher is a software that was created by Awareness Technologies to monitor mobile phones and Laptops or PC’s in the year 2002. The software was firstly used by Intelligence, Government, and Law Agencies for Counter-Terrorism Measures. However, Webwatcher is now mostly used by parents to monitor their children’s activities online and also employers to keep tabs on the activities of their employees. The software was first launched as a Windows PC version but in the coming year’s IOS, Mac, Blackberry, and Android versions were also released. Currently, the software version is  for PC, for MAC, and 3.6 for Android. This article features the webwatcher login process and everything that has to do with the webwatcher software. Read on to find out more…

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Webwatcher Login: Awareness Technologies

Awareness Technologies is a private software company based in Westport, Connecticut which is highly popular for its Computer and Mobile Device activity monitoring software. The Company not just provides surveillance software services but also develops, manufactures, and licenses the software on its own. The Awareness Technologies received an investment of 6.5 $ Million from First New England Capital and Brad Miller(Former CEO of Perimeter eSecurity), which turn the tide for the organization as it inverted further into research and development of new surveillance software compatible for all devices. Some famous products of Awareness Technology are –

Web Watcher Controlling and Monitoring children’s activities online by parents and also employee monitoring. This software was available for Android, PC, Blackberry, MAC, and IOS users.

Laptop Cop This Laptop only software is effectively used to retrieve, delete files, and access the geolocation of the device.

InterGuard This software was specifically designed for Employers to monitor the employee’s activities, filtering of web content, prevention of data loss, recovery of stolen laptops and keyboard capturing or logging. 

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WebWatcher Login: How to Log In?

Webwatcher Login Page

Once the registration is complete, the Webwatcher login procedure is quite easy, please follow the complete tutorial given below for successfully logging into the software.

  • Visit the www.webwatcher.com login URL/Link provided here.
  • WebWatcher Login page will be showcased with 2 sections requesting your Email ID and Password.
  • Fill out these sections with the correct password and email ID you used for the registration procedure.
  • After Completion, click the “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions” box.
  • It is advised to go through the Terms and Conditions first.
  • Now Press the Login button, and your webwatcher login process is complete.

Webwatcher Login: How to Register on Webwatcher Software?

The Webwatcher Software is available online for MAC and Windows users. Before going through the webwatcher login, you must first register yourself on the software. For that, you need to download the software through the Microsoft Store or iStore(for PCs or Laptops). After successfully downloading the software, follow the below-mentioned procedure –

  • Open the application as it leads to a new web page.
  • Click on the Try it Risk-Free Menu on the Top Left of the same page.
  • This reloads another page requesting email, full name, and password.
  • Fill into the sections mentioned above and confirm your email and password.
  • Now click on the “I’m not Robot” box and select the pictures requested and submit the complete button.
  • After which, select the create account menu on the bottom of the page.

To sign in to webwatcher login portal from next time onwards, use the same credentials made at the time of registration.

WebWatcher Login: Forgot Password/Username?

To retrieve your account with Webwatcher Login, go through the detailed steps given below.

  • Access the www.webwatcher.com login link or the Application directly – https://login.webwatcher.com/en/account/login
  • Once you open the site or link, you can now view the login page requesting credentials.
  • The page consists of the “Forgot your Username and/or Password” button below the Login menu.
  • Click on this button, which will redirect you to another page.
  • Fill in your username in the requested section and click submit button.
  • Or if you forget your username click on the “Forgot your Username box, now enter your email ID into the requested section and press submit.
  • A new page is loaded where you can enter your new username/password and confirm them.
  • Once you are done filling, click submit option and your account recovery procedure is now complete.

Issues Faced by WebWatcher Users?

Webwatcher users face multiple issues like Service/Product problems, billing problems, Advertising, and Sales Problems, etc. The software subscription is quite expensive, and it creates new problems such as viruses and other issues, however, the virus can be exterminated firsthand by using proper Anti-Virus Software. The Billing problems are usually due to their refund policy which states money can only be refunded only because of product failure, so it is strictly advised to go through terms and conditions and select accordingly. Then, there are service problems which are due to defects at your or company’s end, and are usually solved within a week time or if the issues persist follow the recommendations below. Sometimes users also face webwatcher login problems because of constantly forgetting the login details that at times may lock the account for a while.

  • Use the latest browser version if you are accessing through the link otherwise update the application whenever available.
  • Clear your cache regularly as this can lead the software to slow down or shut down completely.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection while using this software application.
  • As mentioned above use anti-virus and firewall software that puts an end to third-party apps or sites stealing data.

If your issues are still not resolved, contact or email the Webwatcher customer service/webwatcher login centers with the details given below. 

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More About WebWatcher

Using the WebWatcher surveillance software you can get access to many interesting features like Keystrokes Registration, Web Content Monitoring and Filtering, Email and Instant Message Monitoring, Device Geolocation, phone History, and a lot more. WebWatcher Software has an excellent reputation due to its capabilities and its ability to identify inappropriate or risky behavior. During the age of technology and the internet, cyberbullying cases are rising all across the world, which unfortunately causes children to go into depression and suffer from PTSD. This further causes many suicides committed by young children worldwide. This surveillance software helps you to protect your children from Online Predators, Inappropriate Behaviors, and Suicidal thoughts. 

Features or Benefits of Webwatcher Software

The top-rated surveillance software has many interesting and unique features for the users to choose from like – 

  • Monitoring MacBook products used by your children.
  • Monitoring PC activities like Applications and websites visited by children.
  • You can also Monitor Chromebooks.
  • Android Monitoring involves monitoring the Instant Messages, Emails, Websites used by children on their android devices.
  • The software can also be used to track and Monitor iPhone and IOS devices.
  • Tracking the smartphones of the children and the places and sites they visit regularly.
  • Also, Monitor laptops.
  • Can restrict some harmful sites from opening.
  • Can identify risky and inappropriate behavior.
  • Receive notifications and alerts all day long.

Reviews of Webwatcher

The Webwatcher has mixed reviews as it is generally considered as Stalker Software. Although, legal, many users often quit using the sites before accepting the terms and conditions, and they can invade their children’s privacy. However, the software thus helps parents to keep a close watch on their children’s behavior, prevent depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts for their children, and to keep them safe from online predators or cyberbullies. We advise parents to use the software only if extremely necessary. Moreover, there are certain issues like expenses, refund policy, product or service failure, webwatcher login problems, etc. which can only be resolved by contacting the authorities if the problems prevail.

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Pros & Cons of Webwatcher


  • Monitor PC’s, MAC, Android, iPhone users.
  • Monitor Instant Messages, Emails
  • Websites/Apps searched or visited.
  • Keyboard Logging.
  • Call History
  • Geolocation


  • Bad Refund Policy
  • More Time is taken to receive refunds.
  • Product or Service Failure(Sometimes).
  • Expensive.

Similar Products like WebWatcher

If you are looking for other similar surveillance software while comparing them to the Webwatcher software can help you decide which is the best choice for you. These are some of the best surveillance applications or software available on the market right now.

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We have given you all the necessary information about Webwatcher Login and the parent company “Awareness Technology”. Given above are the detailed tutorials on Registration Process, Login Procedure, and Recover Account Procedure. We have also given details about many issues faced by the users of Webwatcher Software and how can most of them be can be solved. The various features and benefits of using this surveillance software are listed above. You can also compare similar software to Webwatch and decide which is the right choice for you. Necessary contact detail and Livechat links are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where to download WebWatcher Software from?

The WebWatcher Software is available for MAC, Windows PC, iPhone, Android through PlayStore, Microsoft App Store, and iStore.

Is the software Legal?

The Surveillance software was designed by Awareness Technologies which manufactures, patents, develops this software and so it is legal to use.

What are the different features of WebWatcher Software?

The WebWatcher Software has many features like recording messages, emails, applications used/downloaded, websites visited, screenshots and pictures taken, and tracking the geolocation of iPhone, PC, Android, and MAC users.

How to install webwatcher on iPhone?

You can download the webwatcher software for iPhones using the app store platform.

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